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Guidelines and Pricing for placing your
Professionally Represented Classified Ad

Thank you for choosing to utilize the All About Surrogacy Classifieds for your matching purposes! 


While we do offer these classifieds for a minimal fee ($5.00 USD) for each ad for surrogacy professionals* such as yourself, they are not intended to replace our banner advertising program.  Therefore, we can not accept generic advertisements which simply seek to recruit surrogates, intended parents or egg donors.   

Our guidelines for placing your ad are as follows:

1.  Your ad must reference a specific surrogate or intended parent, either by name, initials or account number

2.  You must select "Professionally Represented" as your ad header.

3.  Payment can be made via PayPal to sponsorship@allaboutsurrogacy.com, Please included all Ad Numbers in the additional information line. PayPal payments are due within 10 days of ad placement or the ads will be deleted and future ads will not be approved until payment has been received.

Professional Ads

4.  Checks can also be mailed if you don't have a PayPal account. Check payments must be received within one week of ad placement or the ads will be deleted and future ads will not be approved until payment has been received. Please email admin@allaboutsurrogacy.com to get the address and to inform us of your payment intentions.

5. You can pre-pay for future ads to save money. If you have only a few ads now, you can order more (up to 10 at a time) for future use. Each new purchase starts the price out at 5.00 for each professional classified ad.

6. By posting your professional ad on AllAboutSurrogacy.com, you agree to promptly submit the payment for your ad(s). Once your ad has been approved, you are financially responsible for it. Please do not delete your ad(s) after it has been approved and expect to not have to pay. Payment is due within 10 business days after your ad has been placed. Payments not received within 10 business days of ad placement will be assessed a $2.00 late charge per ad. By posting your ad(s) indicates your agreement with the Pricing Guidelines and Restrictions outlined.
Any credit card payment disputes will not be challenged by allaboutsurrogacy.com. Any disputed payment will need to be repaid by another method and will incure a charge back fee. This fee is determined by our credit card processing gateway, Paypal. No other fees on top of their fee will be added to the new invoice.

You are more than welcome to link to your website and provide your phone number and/or email address in your ad provided that the above guidelines are followed. 

In addition to our classifieds, please consider
our sponsorship program to help build your client list!


Thanks so much for choosing to place your ad with All About Surrogacy!





* Any agency, lawyer, matching service or any business or individual that places an advertisement on behalf of another person and will profit financially in any way, directly or indirectly, from the match resulting from the advertisement is considered a Surrogacy Professional.

All About Surrogacy reserves the right to edit or refuse submission of any advertisement at our discretion.

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