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Acronyms Used in Surrogacy

Due Date and Beta Calculators

Q&A:  Ask a Gestational Surrogate Mother

Q&A:  Ask a Traditional Surrogate Mother

Q&A:  Ask a Parent-via-Surrogacy



Sample Contracts:


Surrogacy Contracts

The Essentials of a Good Surrogacy Agreement

Our Sample Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy Contracts


Surrogacy Articles:


Exploring Surrogacy 
What you should think about before you proceed in your journey


Traditional Surrogacy 
A summary of the traditional surrogacy process


Gestational Surrogacy 
An overview of a typical gestational surrogacy IVF cycle


Surrogacy Laws by State

Find out what the current laws are in your state


IVF Meds used during a Gestational Surrogate Cycle

So, how many meds could I take and why?


Out of State Birth

Points to consider



Our Personal Stories:


Why We Turned to Traditional Surrogacy

One mother's story


My Experience with Amniocentesis

As a Surrogate Mother



Birth Stories:


Michelle, First-Time GS
The birth of Clara Louise Philomena


Debbe, Mom via TS
Anya’s Birth Story from Her Mom’s Point of View


Click Here for More Inspirational Birth Stories



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