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  2. 28 week update

    Hello to everyone, how are you all doing? Hope your process are going good. We reached 28th week yesterday and both, our GC and our little one are doing good. We are having a 5d US next week and we will able to see our baby girl on live, so that’s exciting! Also this week our GC has her OB control and they are doing her the Glucose test, so praying for a good results. Regarding the process we started the parentage process last week so that’s exciting because we will obtain a prebirth order so, hopefully the parentage will be done soon after our baby girl is born, what really helps us. Our GC is feeling good, she is having a little bit of pain on her leg, she thinks it is related to a ceatica or hernia and she is going to the dr for to have this rewieved but so far everything is looking great. We are a little bit worried because she doesn’t have a big belly and she hasn’t gained any weight up to now and, as we don’t have any experience, we are getting a little bit nervous about that. But she says she is feeling good and the baby is growing also good. It looks this has been completely normal on her previous pregnancies but we just would love to see a big belly and that she is starting to gain some weight. Have anyone had any pregnancy with small belly or not gaining any weight? When she goes to her OB controls, her OB says everything is normal and her OB has no worries about. On the other hand, we are so ready to come to USA and meet our babygirl. We are traveling one week prior to her ‘induction’ date so that we will be there in case something happened, but hope everything goes like up to now. Hugs d&j
  3. Base compensation

    There really is no "normal". Comp is as individual as each surrogate. I know quite a few surrogates....1st time AND experienced...that have their comp at less than $15K. 1st time comp I see, on avg, between $20-28K, but some that have asked as much at $45K (and still aren't matched). Things such as if the surrogate has surro-friendly insurance, if they work or are a SAHM, if they require childcare (younger children) or not, etc can all come into play when considering comp.
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  5. Base compensation

    We already came up with the figure before everything was said and done. I was just curious to what is the normal. We have fee schedule set up.
  6. Base compensation

    I didn't have insurance and mine is $30k Base plus expenses and they enrolled me in an insurance plan. Pretty much every agency I inquired with was around the same. I met a girl at my medical screening who out right told me she was getting $40k plus expenses (I did not ask her this lol ) Now that seemed like a lot for a first time surrogate I guess it depends which state? I am going out of California which I believe compensates more than other states.. Did your agency not give you a fee schedule before contracts?
  7. I'm really sorry for your experience. I've tried reaching out to try and get an idea of the experiences of others, though mostly surrogates are who have left reviews, which other than 1-2 of them, they were positive. Only 1 IP responded to me and stated that they had a positive experience. I don't know if it matters whether the IP's are US or international at all though. I would appreciate if you could update as you move forward w/whether or not things have improved w/her or her agency or if you do indeed sue her.
  8. Base compensation

    This is something that should have been discussed and decided on long before you ever get to contracts. You don't wait until this point to come up w/something. Comp is a HUGE part of the decision for the IP's to choose to agree to the match w/the surrogate. Whatever you told the IP's or agency prior to this is that you need to stick with. For a 1st time surrogate, $30K WITH good insurance is pushing it, but a surrogate should ask for what she feels is fair to her and her family. I will say that if I were an IP at contracts and this just now came up or was more than what was presented to me during matching, I would be incredibly upset and potentially walk away.
  9. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! Congrats to BOTH of you on those great betas!!!!! Love me some knocked up surrogates!!!
  10. Base compensation

    Hey everyone! I just received my draft contract. I was curious as to what is a normal base amount. I've seen $25,000-$40,000. I was thinking $30,000.
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  12. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    surreal: Our transfer was on 02/12 too! just one little guy :)! you?
  13. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    Congratulations!!! When was your transfer? Mine was the 12th. I got 1st beta at 8DP was 75, second on Thursday at 10dpt was 183! Your numbers look SO good! How many embies?
  14. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    BETA IS IN!! 11dpt: 563 PREGNANT!
  15. I come from china,I want to let every one know this is the worsest agency,and not honest,cold heart agency.the owner is four time experienced surrogate,we are fooled by that,we think she is full of love,but we are wrong.we find she is cold heart and not honest.after first surrogate did not passed medical screen,she promised free rematch,but never give us a surrogate to see,every time we ask her to get new surrogate,her reply always is sorry I have no surrogate now,after half year,she even did not reply my email .until now it is nearly one year,she still did not reply me.our english is not good,so it is hard for us to deal with this case.please help us ,we want to sue her,I wish she go to hell.she said she believe god,I hope she did!I post my experience on china social media,I am suprrised that at least 3 couples contact with me ,they have same experience.all chinese clients,if you see this review,please do not work with this company,we are trying to sue her.later I will post our sue documents here.
  16. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    Holy wow those are so nice and dark!!! Woot Woot!!
  17. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    ME AND YOU BOTH!! Lol I took my last test last night, husband offered to go buy me more but I felt guilty! Haha I was also very tempted to ask to move beta up, but I'm a chicken haha! 2 more days!! Here is my 8dpt test
  18. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

  19. just to introduce myself

    WELCOME :)! Excited to hear about your journey!
  20. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    Cant wait to get home tonight and take another one!
  21. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

  22. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    I will post my pee sticks and betas here got my first squinter at about 4dpt! Beta on Friday the 23rd!!
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  24. Hello to all of you, This post is just to introduce myself. I am an international IP (single male) of 47, living in Europe. I am father of a 13 yo boy (adopted, born in Africa). After a few years of hard thinking, and after the worse experience 10 years ago with surrogacy in the UK, I have decided to start a new journey with surrogacy in the US. I have been matched with the best GS. We have such a great relationship, and fluid chat every day or so. I am so glad. My clinic is in California (San Diego), and all the initial (and key) phases are behind us (medical clearing, contract, mock cycle...). We are now heading toward our first FET, at the end of March. (1 embryos out of 4). That's it for now. Best,
  25. Contracts

    A retainer fee is not something that's common to see, but it can serve a couple of purposes. If you are just matching but the IP's need time to move forward, it is an incentive to wait until they are able to move forward. Sometimes it's to find a new ED, maybe create more embryos, they could be moving/new jobs/etc and need to get settled, there could be a family event/death that they need to hold off temporarily. If you're matched and have already done a transfer, it could be that they need to create more embryos, or maybe one was laid off/lost their job and have to get finances back in order. Typically the monthly allowance would cover this type of delay, but it could be changed and referred to as a retainer fee maybe.
  26. Contracts

    Thanks for tips. I definitely don't want to be tied down to my home. My IP'S are pretty good so far but they are from China. They moved to the US several years ago so I will definitely keep eye out for food restrictions. The payment is setup monthly. What is the retainer fee for? I'll be sure to read everything extensively & ask questions. Thanks again!
  27. Mum to 9 and looking to be a surrogate

    Yes, you are correct. When I started in surrogacy, the ASRM guidelines were not what they are now. Over the last couple of years they have become more strict, and for good reason. In all honesty, I should NOT have done the last surrogacy that I did, but there were specific reasons why the RE approved me and why I moved forward w/it. There are rules, requirements and guidelines for very good reasons. It doesn't make a bit of difference that you're other pg's have had no issues or been straightforward. That goes for every surrogate out there or they wouldn't be approved by the RE to be a surrogate. "Doing this well" is also kind of a requirement or those women wouldn't be able to be approved. This is not about *you (general you) no matter how much someone wants to do this. This is about the IP's, their potential baby/ies, their financial/emotional/legal risks that they are taking. If you had already been a surrogate previously and this was for a sibling, then I could see you possibly being approved to carry one last time, however, that is not the case. Having delivered 9 babies already is a huge risk to expect IP's to take on and it doesn't seem like you're open to hearing that or grasping that it is incredibly unlikely for any reputable RE to approve you.
  28. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Am I right in thinking that you have 4 of your own children and have had another 4 pregnancies as a surrogate, which resulted in 5 babies? Im obviously aware of the risks that come with each pregnancy, whether it is your first or your ninth. I have had no issues with my previous pregnancies and my deliveries have all been incredibly straightforward, 4 of my babies have been home births. It’s something I do well and to have the opportunity to grow a baby for someone would be amazing. Thank you again.
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