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  2. Not rude at all!! I think that makes total sense. There could be wording or just any little thing they want tweaked and if they can look at the draft now, I think it could help them be a bit more timely for you to see it, and by the time they've bought the house, it could be done and ready to be just signed. There still might be a slight delay, but it wouldn't be as long. Instead of a month or more, it might only delay things a couple of weeks.
  3. My IPs want to delay contracts for about a month due to moving. They're looking to buy a house in the same metro area, definitely same state. I asked them to please consider looking through the first draft. By the time they perfect their requests and I have my turn with the contract, maybe they'll be getting near closing on their new home so that the new address can make it in the contract without delaying the whole process. Was that rude of me?
  4. I don't know what societies it's taboo in, but it's not uncommon or taboo in the US, Canada or the UK. I've seen more over 40 pg ladies in those areas in the last 10+yrs to offer evidence to the contrary.
  5. The ONLY reason that I'm approving this post, is to be as crystal clear as absolutely possible to you and any other "person" out there that thinks this is even remotely anything like surrogacy. IT IS NOT!! Not in any sense of the word and to even try to give this an attachment to the surrogacy community does more of a disservice to those that understand, value and care about surrogacy. Those that understand the LAWS that are present in many, many states that clearly spell out what surrogacy is. If you're husband is nearly as intelligent as your claim of Mensa is supposed to indicate, then he would have been smart enough to even briefly take a look at the laws where you live. Would have given an ounce of effort to at least GOOGLE what surrogacy it. At NO TIME does surrogacy involve co-parenting. NEVER! This board does not exist for people to try and skirt the laws of where they live or try to put people in questionable situations. This is an absolutely PERFECT illustration as why psych evals are REQUIRED, and the red flags that would eliminate people from being able to move forward. This takes a Lifetime movie to a whole new level. This is def. not the site for you if this is what you think you're going to try and do.
  6. I've passed the age of being able to have a child so my husband I are looking for a young woman who: - wants to have a child while still in her prime reproductive years - prefers to enjoy her prime years free of the responsibility and expenses of raising a child - doesn't want to end up going through the expenses and lack of results that we have This would be a co-parenting arrangement where my husband and I can absorb the bulk of the heavy lifting (diapers, feeding, daycare, etc.) but you could visit and care for the child whenever you like. We are an educated, professional, Caucasian couple who can provide for the child(ren). We're currently in the DC area. We would use my husbands sperm. He's a former professional athlete, a member of Mensa, and passed the Counsyl family genetic history test with no issues. If you see the value in this arrangement, we're available for a no-obligation virtual or in person meeting to answer any questions you may have.
  7. Depending on your specific matching criteria, you could be matched in as little as a few days or a week, or it could take you much longer. Being single is not an issue at all. A great many surrogates that I know (both online and IRL) have carried for single IP' and women. And sexual orientation hasn't made much of a difference either. Surrogates tend to know who they are comfortable carrying for and their profiles aren't shown to IP's that don't meet that particular requirement. The bigger points are number of embryos to transfer, if the IP is intentionally wanting to try for multiples, how both parties feel about termination or selective reduction. If there is a geographical requirement, etc. While surrogacy is generally a "hurry up and wait" game, it can and has moved very quickly for some, once the process is started. You can figure that it'll take about a year to match and move forward, then find you match in a matter of a couple of weeks and then what? If you're not prepared to move forward at that time, you have to hope that the surrogate is willing to be on hold for however long, and depending on the connection, there are surrogates that aren't willing to wait an extended period of time before cycling. Other's are just fine waiting until you're more prepared. My 1st IP's were told to expect 6mos-1yr to match because they didn't have many surrogates available at that time, and the ones they did have weren't comfortable working w/same-sex IP's. I joined the agency and was told to expect at least 3-6mos min. to be matched because there were other surrogates ahead of me waiting to be matched. I was good w/that. Less than a month after I signed w/my agency, I got a call asking how I felt about same-sex couples. I had marked on my application that I was open to it and reminded them. They sent me the IP's profile and I just fell in love w/them! We had a 'matching call'the following week and that was all it took! Significantly less time than both sides were told to expect, but we each met the requirements of the other and it just clicked. We were officially matched the end of April and transferred that Sept. In between we had contracts, them picking out an ED, syncing cycles and then ready for transfer.
  8. Just be honest and up front. There's someone for everyone. Don't feel like you need to settle either. Some surrogates want only heterosexual married couples; some want only homosexual males; some prefer single parents or international parents or parents with Jewish heritage... There are as many surrogate styles as there are parenting styles. If you intend to work with an agency, you can ask them how many surrogates they usually approve per year and how long they anticipate the wait will be. I don't think you'll have any trouble at all based on only marital status. If you also want a vegan single mother within an hour of your home, it might take exponentially longer Best wishes!
  9. My father walked out on my life and he didn't care about being a parent. When I had my children I just couldn't understand how you could ever hurt your child. I think that I mostly became a surrogate because I felt for people that actually wanted to be a parent. It was almost a healing processs for me. I took an ugly part of my life and turned it into something beautiful.
  10. Please search in this forum (the egg donation forum..... to help educate yourself a bit more. The legal aspect will rely on the state in which you reside. I would suggest you looking into/Googling "egg donation in FL", "egg donation laws in FL", etc, as well as speaking to an ARTA/3rd party reproduction attorney in FL to get any legal questions answered. That will help you the most, as we are not attorneys that specialize in this. There are generalizations that can be passed along, but specifics need to be addressed for your state.
  11. I've always been the type to enjoy volunteering and helping others in meaningful ways. I heard about surrogacy when I was trying to conceive my own firstborn. I thought it was wonderful that there was a way to help families have a baby without the same stresses as adoption. Now that I'm a mother to two amazing children, I know how much my life has improved by me needing to be a better person for my children. My kids are all potty trained now and I'm financially stable and good in my career. It seems like a good time to get started. I joined an agency last October, but I haven't made it to transfer yet so I cannot comment on how the experience has been. I look forward to experiencing pregnancy again. I look forward to when my job is done and I can sleep peacefully knowing the little one I worried about for so long is safe in his/her mom and dad's arms!
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  13. Hi Powerdgr19! I don't know if I am eligible to answer your question, as I am not going through all these stages myself. I just know that my sis has been searching for the donor egg for a while. And their final decision, as far as I know, was to turn to a private fertility clinic. Good luck for you in your search!
  14. Thank you, girlies! For the congratulations and for your support! I really haven't noticed the signatures before. Maybe because I was not that much attentive, as I am new to this kind of forum talks. So, you say that age is not the main indicator? I know it's been a taboo in many societies to give a birth after 30. And even with all those advanced technologies we still think the female body is too weak or not smart enough... Thanks for proving the opposite!
  15. Hi. Welcome to the forum. I'm new here too, so hello everyone. I'm Alice. Congratulations to your sister and for you also for such a good decision. It must be exciting to live the whole process so closely. I'm looking for information on donor eggs. Has anyone ever been through that? Or have some kind of information that can help me.
  16. Hello everybody. My name is Alice. I have been fertility problems. The thing is, that I cannot produce eggs with very good quality. My doctor recommend me use a donor eggs. I do not know much about this. So I have so many doubts. The firts thing that I would like to know is the legal part. How does it funtion?
  17. Hello all, Single male here and currently budgeting my surrogacy journey to become a single father. I'm trying to get a realistic sense of how long this process will drag out. My greatest concern is how long it will take to be matched with a surrogate being that I'm a single male? I don't know how reluctant surrogates are to working with single parents, particularly of the male variety and whether or not that should get factored into the wait time. Ideally I would like to start the arrangements a year before any transferring of embryos takes place, due to anticipation that it will take a year to get matched?
  18. Hi lovely people I hope you are having a nice day / night. We are in the very early stages of considering surrogacy as an option for us. Working through all of the many random thoughts I'm having about the daunting process, I can't help but be drawn to thinking about those surrogate mamas out there who were gracious enough to help people become parents, or help families expand their families. What was your reason for wanting to be a surrogate and was the journey how you thought it would be? Also, what were the things that you were looking for with the IP's you were considering. Were the people you chose to work with just families that struck a chord with you or were there certain things that you were looking for? Did you have a checklist per say? LOL does that sound odd? XX
  19. Thanks Traci I've found your post so far really informative and helpful and the link that was passed along above, is fabulous. Yes, it's knowing where to start. We have three of our own little ones who we just cherish so much. Unfortunately after our last one was born, I had lots of complications and can't carry children anymore. I would actually love to be a surrogate myself and help other families because I think it's just such a sacred and special thing to do. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to do that either and we are currently trying to work out if Adoption or what we call Fostering (In Australia) or surrogacy is the best way for us to expand our family. And yes hon, you are so right. Your best laid plans are sometimes left at the door aren't they. Pregnancy and bringing little ones into the world can sometimes be a complex business even if it is the most natural thing on the face of the earth. Much love to you and thanks for the warm welcome :D XX
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  21. 15 more days!!!
  22. Hello and It can be difficult to find accurate information on the internet, but this website has been great for me to learn. There are many US states that allow the intended parents to go on the birth certificate, so that part should go smoothly with the right match. I saw in another post that you already have a child. I think that's wonderful! You'll be able to find the right surrogate for you. Even if the majority of people you talk to would rather carry for IPs who do not yet have a child, it only takes one person who is right for you. From my perspective, you already having a child might make it easier to work with you because you already kinda know (whether through your own pregnancy or adoption or previous surrogacy) that flexibility is the key. We have stats and best practice to guide us, but there is no one-size fits all answer to questions and concerns throughout pregnancy. I hope you're able to find the answers you need to all your questions to be able to move forward with a positive journey!
  23. Thanks so much hon! I really do appreciate that The only reason I ask is because I think applying for visa's and having adoptions recognised in our country would be difficult purely because we don't currently have an agreement in place with the US. We have certain countries that we are able to liaise with and adopt with through our own government agencies and most of the countries that do have an agreement in place, have restrictions where you can't have your own biological child, which we have been so blessed with Thanks again lovely X
  24. Thank you so much! Fingers crossed this time it sticks. Long waiting still for 31st but so happy.
  26. Hi and welcome!! Several states will allow you to go on the birth certificate. I am in Indiana and all 4 of the moms have gone directly on the birth certificate. First couple was the only one that used her eggs and the other three used donor eggs. There is a link that has information for each state that I will find for you.
  27. Your post made me smile hon. How special is it that some of your IP's met by chance IRL. It also gave me hope that even though we have our own children and are looking into surrogacy that there are people open to being available surrogates for couples who do already have children. I've feared that perhaps we might get judged because we are already so blessed. So thank you :D
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