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  2. D&J update

    Thank you for your comments. Ww spoke yesterday to our GC and told us the bleeding had stopped and the pain was sore but said normal, so we are so happy to see that both look like are in good conditions. Lets cross our fingers for a good rest of pregnancy. Thanks a lot for your help, always. d&j
  3. D&J update

    I know it doesn't make it any easier or less worrisome, but as mentioned above, bleeding is quite common, especially in IVF pg's. It's called an SCH...subchorionic hemotoma. Basically it's a bruise somewhere in the uterus. It can be located just about anywhere. Sometimes it's small enough or high enough up that it is reabsorbed and one might never notice or realize it and sometimes it's a bit larger or placement makes it being expelled more likely. If it's located closer to the cervix or is slightly larger, it's more likely to come out vs be reabsorbed. Often it is not a reason to be concerned and resolves just fine on it's own w/no adverse effects. Other times there can be pain or cramping associated and longer bleeding/spotting, in which case she would be monitored more closely, put on pelvic rest, possibly bed rest until it resolves. The problem w/bed rest is that it doesn't do anything to help and depending on the length of time, can be more detrimental in the long run. It's a GREAT sign that they saw baby and she was doing so well. Also, if they weren't able to visualize the bleed, it may be gone now, which would be great! I know it's always easier said than done, but deep breaths and try not to worry too much. Fingers crossed that it's resolved and your GS and baby will be well.
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  5. D&J update

    Bleeding is very very common with IVF pregnancies unfortunately. It could have been her body simply adjust to the change in progesterone. It sounds like you received a great update! Fingers crossed for the next 6-7 months!
  6. D&J update

    Hi to everyone. Just few lines to update our process, Yesterday our GC had some bleeding spots and some uncomfortable pain and came in to our fertility clinic, though she had been graduated last week, (she asked us if we wanted to first, and of course we agreed). They did her an ultrasound and our little baby was really good, we were 9w6d and she measured 3cm and her heartbeat was 178bpm. They didn’t find out any rest of blood inside her uterus and everything looked just normal. Our Dr told her just to take this weekend easy and, if the bleeding didn’t stop then come back to the progesterone injections, but they said everything was looking normal, just our baby was starting moving a lot and also told us that movements were just good signal and normal. We were so worried about this, as most of you know, we are international IP and we are so far from where our GC lives, but we want to thank her not only for all her accurate care of our little baby but also because she is really involved and giving us all the information, thanks to God we found her because is the best mate ever wanted. Now we will try to keep calm and breath deep and take it easy but would like to ask you if someone has had that situation along their process. Today we are starting 10week. Thank you so much for your help always. Take care, d&j
  7. beachalice update

    Great update!! Can't wait to hear how the U/S goes....gonna be a long wait! LOL! Glad to hear you got some good feedback/instructions on the exercising too.
  8. beachalice update

    Oh and PS - low impact strength training is fine. No aerobics, nothing high impact, no straining to lift heavy. But crunches, lunges, walking are all fine. Yay!
  9. beachalice update

    Hello! Transfer was 10/4 with a single embryo. HPTs started showing positive at 3dpt. Positive beta at 9dpt, 12 dpt, 15dpt. Now the ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now. (Another 2ww ) I'll be 7 weeks at that point so it should be a good one!
  10. Looking to be a surrogate

    I have removed most of your post, as it is in violation of the TOU that you agreed to when joining this site. I will address the above though. In many states, this is a LEGAL requirement as well as a CLINIC requirement, not an "agency" requirement. In the state in which you live, it is a legal requirement. There is no getting around it, and frankly, while I think your heart is in the right place, there are rules and requirements for a reason, and surrogacy is not about 'you'. (general you as in all surrogates, not you specifically) It is about the parents and their children, mitigating as much risk and cost as possible. By trying to get around these things, it puts the parents and children in legal jeopardy, as well as huge financial costs that are not necessary, when it's not necessary.
  11. I have tried applying for agencies and been denied, due to me giving my baby up for adoption. As a requirement to go with an agency, you would have to have given birth and have raised a child, but I feel that with the nine months of pregnancy of taking care of Ryan while inside me that I would be able to take care of another baby and still be of sound mind. **edited to remove the TOU violations**
  12. Waiting to exercise

    So great number!!!!
  13. I did a sibling journey for surrobabe#2's parents and we all agreed that we wanted to use our same original contract. We had been very happy w/what was included on it and were all on the same page. When we got 1st draft, I noticed that there were a LOT of wording changes, some additions of things we had not discussed (nor wanted) and a number of things that had been removed. This was not due to my IP's, but rather the agency had made changes to the basic contract. (they have a general contract that is used, but it is customized to each surrogate/IP) I didn't realize this at the time and called my IP's rather concerned. We went over it (over 50pgs!) line by line and changed it back together to what we wanted. I'm assuming, since this is a sibling project, that we're on pretty good terms w/your IP's? I'd be open/honest and mentioned that you noticed these changes and are they ok w/changing them back to what they were the 1st time. This would include the lost wages. You may find that you don't want/need to take the full 6wks off (sometimes an employer won't allow you back until you have a note from your Dr clearing you) and that's fine. You wouldn't claim for that additional time. From experience though, depending on your line of work, 2wks may not be nearly enough.
  14. Waiting to exercise

  15. I was blessed to be a surrogate for a family approximately 2 years ago. We have decided to go forward with a second journey. We are through an agency, WWS. This time around, I have already noticed a difference in the pre-contract phase. I was given a document to fill out with all fees I am expecting, to make drawing a contract easier. Well, they basically listed the transfer fee and multiples fee...then wrote maternity leave would be paid for 2 weeks with vaginal delivery. This concerns me. I know this is a new form, but last time I was paid for 6 weeks. I feel like I didn't ask for a lot of money. I was planning to keep our contract from last time, relatively the same. Is this odd to ask for? 6 weeks leave? Or can I just make up the difference and place it in the "whole amount" Same requests as last time, for example: loss of organs, mock trial, monthly allowance... etc New requests: I require physical therapy during pregnancy because of migraines, well I have been healed of them! YAY, so something I regret is not asking for housekeeping, would it be okay to ask for it now? Other than that, I have no changes.
  16. Past surrogate

    Hy Lisa, Welcome here. I'm living in Italy also (where surrogacy id forbidden) and I'm a IIP. Now we have had transferred two embriuos to our MS and we waiting for the first blood test.
  17. Past surrogate

    Hi Lisa, I'm new here, I started my first Journey on May 2017, now after all the screenings, papers, meetings, etc. I'm on the final stage of legal and then finally moving to transfer related processes. My IPs are also with a lovely couple from Italy. I would love to know more about your Journey.
  18. Waiting to exercise

    The numbers from Friday to Monday (today) quadrupled and the doubling time was 29 hours. Definitely a sticky one! It was the nurse coordinator who called so she didn't know about exercise. She said she'll email tomorrow.
  19. Waiting to exercise

  20. The Neverending Beta Thread

    Idk what the numbers were but from Friday to Monday (9dpt to 12dpt), my doubling time was 30 hours. Next milestone will be heart beat scan in about 2 weeks.
  21. Finding an Egg Donor

    @traci72 - I'm available. I'm AMA and currently pregnant and I have no idea of my bio history, but that doesn't matter if the IPs choose me, right? You can forward my contact info.
  22. Transfer and Waiting

    Fingers crossed!
  23. Waiting to exercise

    Beta is in! Waiting for the Dr to call with her "analysis" of the numbers. I'll ask her when I get the phone call.
  24. Waiting to exercise

    I was always told to use common sense and nothing too strenuous until after HB, but light exercises were ok, and only if there were things I had already been doing. No "new" exercises or routines until after the U/S.
  25. Transfer and Waiting

    I can't even imagine how scary that had to have been!! Fingers crossed and praying for a successful transfer!!!
  26. Transfer and Waiting

    Hy All, after about 6 months between we choice donor egg and I came on US for donor my sperm we transferred two embryous last Tuesday. Now waiting the first test this Wednesday... In the middle last 10 days was a big fire in northern California and our clinic are in the center of Santa Rosa County and we had some apprehension about the transfer and especially for the MS that drove on place where was a fire. Now just keep waiting the first step (the embriuous was two blasto in 6 day after fertilization). Keep your fingers crossed for us.
  27. Finding an Egg Donor

    **This is your LAST warning. If you do not and cannot follow the TOU as well as the 'tips' I gave you previously, you WILL be removed**
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