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    I live in a small town in Georgia. Population of about 16,000. The surrounding county has about 55,000 total including our town, but it just feels small to me. When I saw my gyno last summer to ask her opinion of surrogacy, she said I was the second in her office. She worked with a surrogate from my previous agency in 2016 and helped set up policy for our local hospital. Awesome! I told my chiropractor yesterday that I'm hoping to carry soon - just to see if there are any strength or stretch exercises I should be doing at this time for my body. He said I would be his third. That's so cool! We're not too far from Atlanta and surrogacy has been around for a while. I guess like-minded people have found the same practitioners as me
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    @traci72 - I'm available. I'm AMA and currently pregnant and I have no idea of my bio history, but that doesn't matter if the IPs choose me, right? You can forward my contact info.
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    Beta is in! Waiting for the Dr to call with her "analysis" of the numbers. I'll ask her when I get the phone call.
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    Oh yes. Stress definitely throws off your blood sugar. It's that flight or fight syndrome. If you have any type of adrenaline rush, your pancreas basically shuts down for a bit to make sure your blood flow is in your arms and legs rather than in your stomach and intestines. Fingers crossed for you that the 3-hour results are exactly where you need them!!
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    I am willing to send you some warm weather, but only if I can keep it too. We don't need to rush fall here... Weather is perfect right now as is
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    Alice is correct. An embryo "hatches" as it gets ready to implant into the uterine lining. I've seen more "non-hatching" blasts transferred than hatching, that have been really successful, but I get REALLY excited when I hear that it's already hatching. Super excited for you guys!!!
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    Hello! Yep, Indiana is friendly and Amanda over at Storks Nest is awesome. I will send a few of her surros over to give reviews for you.
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    I'm excited for you! I'll echo @@Sunrise that it's just a gut feeling. I was suggested a match at first that simply wasn't right for me. I couldn't say why. I couldn't explain it. They simply left me with that "do I have to??" feeling. My next match was the family for me. I loved everything about them and we talked like old friends our first time on the phone. It's a little like dating - or more like interviewing a full time nanny for your baby. If you think you'll have to get a nanny-cam just in case, then ask to be rematched. If you get that giddy feeling like you just got asked to the prom, go with it. Let us know how it goes!!
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    Hi Daysha. We have been waiting for a long time, about 3 months until we finally found our GC. She is unbelievable. We were matched prior, last year with a women who also was wonderful but she didn't get medical clearance so we needed to start looking for another women from the beginning. Now we can say we are the luckiest couple in the world, as she is perfect, she got her medical clearance so quick and we did legal process so so quick also. Now we have the transfer scheduled by July, 19 and we are so excited and happy about this. I hope you will be matched soon as AHOP will work so hard to make this happen really soon. We wish you lot of luck!!! Please, let us know how your process is going. All the luck for you and everyone. D&J