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    I live in a small town in Georgia. Population of about 16,000. The surrounding county has about 55,000 total including our town, but it just feels small to me. When I saw my gyno last summer to ask her opinion of surrogacy, she said I was the second in her office. She worked with a surrogate from my previous agency in 2016 and helped set up policy for our local hospital. Awesome! I told my chiropractor yesterday that I'm hoping to carry soon - just to see if there are any strength or stretch exercises I should be doing at this time for my body. He said I would be his third. That's so cool! We're not too far from Atlanta and surrogacy has been around for a while. I guess like-minded people have found the same practitioners as me
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    Thank you all so much, so many good ideas. I compiled a list and sent to my IM at week 30. Hopefully we can decide on an "estimated plan" so I know what her wishes are for her baby. Neither she nor I have any strong objections or religious beliefs that would pose a problem, but birth is such a sacred, special event and end to this journey, I want it to be special for her and baby and meaningful. There is a lot to consider!
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    @traci72 - I'm available. I'm AMA and currently pregnant and I have no idea of my bio history, but that doesn't matter if the IPs choose me, right? You can forward my contact info.
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    Beta is in! Waiting for the Dr to call with her "analysis" of the numbers. I'll ask her when I get the phone call.
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    Oh yes. Stress definitely throws off your blood sugar. It's that flight or fight syndrome. If you have any type of adrenaline rush, your pancreas basically shuts down for a bit to make sure your blood flow is in your arms and legs rather than in your stomach and intestines. Fingers crossed for you that the 3-hour results are exactly where you need them!!
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    I am willing to send you some warm weather, but only if I can keep it too. We don't need to rush fall here... Weather is perfect right now as is
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    Again, this was just my specific IVF clinic but as part of the full IVF fee, they include the actual process of freezing as well as a full year for the embryos in frozen storage. After that first year we can opt to pay $750 to keep them frozen another year or if we decide we no longer need/want them, we can opt to donate them to science or have them destroyed. I know it sounds like a lot of money but in the grand scheme of the process as a whole, it really amounts to very little.
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    Your post made me smile hon. How special is it that some of your IP's met by chance IRL. It also gave me hope that even though we have our own children and are looking into surrogacy that there are people open to being available surrogates for couples who do already have children. I've feared that perhaps we might get judged because we are already so blessed. So thank you :D
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    Alice is correct. An embryo "hatches" as it gets ready to implant into the uterine lining. I've seen more "non-hatching" blasts transferred than hatching, that have been really successful, but I get REALLY excited when I hear that it's already hatching. Super excited for you guys!!!
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    Hi All, Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!! So were back in the 2WW category again! YAY! We had our transfer on Monday the 3rd. We did a 6 day fresh transfer - PGS normal, etc etc. Very excited. Our GC has been taking it very easy since Monday and said she is feeling really good. No cramping at all which I suppose is neither here nor there but I will just assume its good news haha. 1st beta will be one week from today. Cant wait!!
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    Indiana is very friendly, you just need to know how to move. I highly recommend The Storks Nest. Amanda is amazing and takes her job seriously. She matches people perfectly and walks hand in hand with everyone the whole time. I started with her but found a couple and went Indy to help in their low comp journey. To say that indiana isn't friendly shows you haven't done enough research and talked to enough surros and ips from the state. Please reach out to the owner at storks nest for tips and pointers as well as some of use in the state. We never had any issues with the ips getting a pbo and taking the baby home from the hospital. My name went on nothing of the baby's and we never had an issue once with the hospital or clinics I was seen in. The ips had total control the whole time. Bills were paid and we are all happy.
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    Hello! Yep, Indiana is friendly and Amanda over at Storks Nest is awesome. I will send a few of her surros over to give reviews for you.
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    I think that you need to follow your gut. If you don't feel like it's a good idea to move forward, then pull the brakes. I read that you're really concerned about making her dream of motherhood a reality and reconciling that with the idea that she may not live long enough to raise this baby. And while it is true that any of us could die without warning, most of us do no have a diagnosis of incurable cancer. Long story short, it's not your responsibility to make sure that she has a child, even if she's your very good friend. If your conscience can't reconcile moving forward, then you have to do what you feel is right.
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    It is not the most common to have local IP's to be able to attend appt's, etc w/you and not all IP's WANT to attend birthing classes (or even the appt's for that matter). While it can be nice, there are plenty of ways for IP's to be involved w/out having to be physically present. I'm sure your agency included termination/selective reduction, as those are pretty standard. I would ask about any specific dietary requests/restrictions (some have some pretty out there kinds of requests, other's trust that you know what you should/shouldn't eat and don't request any specific restrictions) and if so, if it's not how you normally eat, are they planning to supplement your monthly allowance (or a separate stipend) to cover the additional costs. Going organic or vegan when you don't normally eat like that can get pretty costly.) What kind of contact to they want/prefer? Phone, text, email, Skype? How often? Daily/weekly/only after appts/etc? Do they want to be present for the birth or are they more comfortable staying in the hall until baby is out and you're covered? (while this is something that's important for me, to have them in there and present, there are some IP's that just don't want to be in during the actual birth and choose to stay out until you're cleaned up a bit) It was important for me, that they have the support of their family. I didn't care if their friends, co-workers knew or not, but I felt it was hugely important for their families to be involved/supportive, because surrogacy is a hard thing and can be emotionally challenging, even at it's best. I wanted to know if they had thought about who would get baby if something happened to them (death/divorce/traumatic accident) and if they were not able to make it to the birth, did they have an idea of who they wanted to step in and care for/make emergent medical decisions for baby until they got there. Do they want or expect BM? If yes, just from you pumping or do they want you to nurse in the hospital or just pump? Are they covering cost of the pump/supplies and are you gifting the BM or expecting them to pay you for it? OH!!! Do they want to know the gender or not. I never thought much about this one because my IP's always wanted to know. HOWEVER...I've seen a set of IP's that did NOT NOT NOT want to know, the GS found out and unintentionally let it slip. The IP's were really upset about it, and while they dealt w/it, it did change their relationship a bit. What kind of contact do THEY want after the birth? Keeping in mind that it really does not matter what we might want as surrogates, it's their baby and their family, and this might be (for many, many different reasons) something that they really do NOT want. You will see more times than not, IP's that "promise" to KIT after the birth, only never to be heard from again. This can be because the relationship went south and is now toxic for them, and not something they want to continue, maybe they just never intended to KIT but promised just to tell the GS what she wanted to hear. Some only want a business relationship and once baby is born, the business is over. I know I have more questions in my head, but this is what popped into it right now....
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    A couple of things. #1 is that it IS A REQUIREMENT for a surrogate to have had AND be parenting (or raised/child is an adult on their own now) at least one child. That alone disqualifies you. You have zero idea if you can even get pg, let alone carry a pg w/out issue. IP's are spending 10's of THOUSANDS of $$$ and sometimes HUNDREDS of thousands of $$$ when they get to the point of surrogacy, and to expect them to spend that kind of money on someone who is a risk is selfish, quite frankly. #2, to say that you would be "crushed" if you didn't qualify is a HUGE red flag that you are nowhere even near ready to pursue being a surrogate. You need to remember that surrogacy is NOT about *you* (this means ALL of us in general, not just you specifically) and what you want or that you feel you *have* to be a surrogate, etc. This is about the IP's and their child/ren. This is about creating the least amt of risk for them, the baby and the surrogate. This is about putting someone else's NEEDS before your WANTS, and knowing and being respectful enough to step back if you're not qualified at this time. Trust me, surrogacy isn't going anywhere for a long, long time, so have your family and complete it 1st, then look back into being a surrogate. If you are emotional enough that you'd be "crushed", surrogacy really isn't for you until that has been dealt with. #3, I think your Dr is spot on about talking to someone now, HOWEVER, another REQUIREMENT of surrogacy is that you have to have a psych eval done, and not just by any psych., but by one that is familiar and knowledgeable about surrogacy/3rd party reproduction. You take either the MMPI-2 or the PAI assessment test and meet w/the psych, potentially alone and w/the IP's. (DH and I only had our individual psych evals and did not have to do one w/the IP's as well) Based on your post and the fact that you have not had any children, you would not pass this part right now. This isn't meant to come across harsh (which many people take things wrong when it's not what they want or hope to hear) but to express the seriousness of surrogacy and the importance of meeting and FOLLOWING all of the criteria when looking at becoming a surrogate. You also have to be 21 or older, financially stable, can NOT be on any type of govt assistance (Medicaid, food stamps, housing, etc), have a strong support system in place in addition to the requirements of having given birth/raising that child, psych eval, background checks (some do financial background checks too), medical screening, drug/alcohol/nicotine screening, etc. I would strongly encourage you to take the next several years to do lots of research and have your family, so that when you are qualified to move forward, you'll be a huge asset to the IP's you match with, and be informed enough to help answer some of their questions as they arise. Also, start becoming familiar w/your states laws regarding surrogacy and how they handle things legally, to ensure the parentage is handled appropriately. (there are states out there that don't have specific laws...MN is one...but there ARE legal precedents out there for how the courts handle it. Some states have very limiting laws, borderline making it illegal to be a surrogate, some have incredibly restrictive laws)
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    I'm excited for you! I'll echo @@Sunrise that it's just a gut feeling. I was suggested a match at first that simply wasn't right for me. I couldn't say why. I couldn't explain it. They simply left me with that "do I have to??" feeling. My next match was the family for me. I loved everything about them and we talked like old friends our first time on the phone. It's a little like dating - or more like interviewing a full time nanny for your baby. If you think you'll have to get a nanny-cam just in case, then ask to be rematched. If you get that giddy feeling like you just got asked to the prom, go with it. Let us know how it goes!!
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    Hi Daysha. We have been waiting for a long time, about 3 months until we finally found our GC. She is unbelievable. We were matched prior, last year with a women who also was wonderful but she didn't get medical clearance so we needed to start looking for another women from the beginning. Now we can say we are the luckiest couple in the world, as she is perfect, she got her medical clearance so quick and we did legal process so so quick also. Now we have the transfer scheduled by July, 19 and we are so excited and happy about this. I hope you will be matched soon as AHOP will work so hard to make this happen really soon. We wish you lot of luck!!! Please, let us know how your process is going. All the luck for you and everyone. D&J