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  1. Was just asked by IP's to carry my surrobabe's little sister in a few years. I feel so honored and emotional. <3

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    2. itsonlyk


      That's so amazing <3

    3. Mama-C


      Awwwww! Now THAT is a testament to how great you made their journey! Very sweet!

    4. itsonlyk


      How are you feeling?

  2. Welcome Miss Abigail!

    Got to visit today to drop off pumped milk! Cannot get over her sweet face.
  3. Welcome Miss Abigail!

    Thank you guys!! <3 going to see them Wednesday to drop off the oodles of pumped milk I've collected, I can't wait!
  4. Lab tests for surrogate spouse at HRC

    At the time of screening, my now fiancé was just a boyfriend and we weren't living together, and they still had him do a drug and STD test. The STD test is especially important, they need to know nothing is going to be potentially passed to the baby(ies). I can't imagine any agency or IP would be willing to skip that part, it would be too much of a risk.
  5. Ultrasound Day

    YAY!!!! Congrats to you and IP's!! Healthy, happy pregnancy vibes!
  6. Welcome Miss Abigail!

    Not sure why these are sideways, but it's obvious she wasn't hurting for love while we waited for her mommy and daddy First picture of Abigail and I with her on the outside! DD and Abigail FH (Brandon) and Abigail (this picture is terrible for my ovaries, you'd think having just given birth would turn that off for awhile!)
  7. Welcome Miss Abigail!

    IP's finally made it last night. IM cried instantly and had to sit down to hold her because her hands were shaking. There aren't words to describe the moment I handed her over. As much as I wanted them to be there for the delivery and have the doctor hand her straight to them, I'm glad in retrospect that I got to be the one to do that. It was beautiful. IF was surprisingly calm and collected, I was expecting some "new dad" jitters, but they both kept asking if everything she was doing was normal and IM was very concerned with my pain which was super sweet. The hospital put them in the room next door, I heard Abigail crying once or twice but I hope overall they had a good first night as parents I managed to get six hours of sleep uninterrupted by babies or nurses! Woo! :D going to shower and try to pump again soon and then probably visit with them a bit more before I go home. In the meantime, here's a few pictures, now that IP's have had the pleasure! She is just the sweetest little thing. I can't take any credit for her cuteness, that's all on IP's.
  8. So ready to go home, hospitals are the worst places to try to sleep!

    1. Mama-C


      Just now seeing this...sure hope you're home and still resting!

  9. I did not end up having the "au naturale" birth experience that I wanted, however, in the end, I really don't regret anything. I lost my mucus plug last Saturday at 37w exactly, was dilated to a 3 Wednesday morning, and started having some spotting and sporadic contractions Friday and Saturday. It was a bit nerve-wracking for all of this to start so soon, since IP's weren't scheduled to arrive until today, but Sunday night I decided it was probably safe to bounce on the birthing ball and have some fun times with SO, thinking that might help her come in a few days. Apparently, she had other plans. I woke up yesterday morning at about 7:15 to go pee, stood up, and felt a pop and a nice warm gush of extra fluid down my legs. I thought there was no way it was my water, until it didn't stop coming. And coming. After I soaked through a pad in 20 minutes, I called my doctor, expecting her to tell me I could wait a bit to see if any contractions started- nope, come to L&D! After confirming that my water did, in fact, break, and that I was dilated to a 4 now, I was led to a room and bounced/rocked on a birthing ball for hours trying to get anything to happen. Unfortunately, my doctor okayed a saline lock without an IV to start with, but wouldn't let me get off the continuous fetal monitor because of my broken water, so I couldn't really walk around, but I did the best I could until 1pm or so when I finally agreed to let them start me on a very low dose of Pitocin after it had taken me nearly 5 hours to dilate another centimeter. They agreed not to increase it automatically every hour, but as nothing was really happening, they ended up doing it almost that often anyway, until about 4 or so when I started actually feeling contractions (and my mom showed up since even if IP's switched their flight plan at the last minute they wouldn't make it from Hong Kong in time). At that point,e they were painful but bearable- the worst ones peaked at about a 7/10, and I was getting 3-4 minute breaks in between. I worked through them rocking on the ball and slowly humming the ABC's through every one, because I figured out that once they were over the contraction would be done. I was coping amazingly and could have stayed there forever... but after two hours, I was still at 5cm. I reluctantly let them raise my Pitocin a bit more, and then the real pain kicked in. I stood up and swayed through them with my face in FH's chest, and eventually the last ten letters of the ABC's started to come out in sobs. I might have been able to take it... but after an hour of those, I had gone from 5cm to "almost six". I broke down thinking I was going to have to cope with those for hours on end and that it was going to get even worse and asked for an epidural through sobs. I had been totally convinced I'd be able to tough it out without one and was so disappointed, but in the hour it took to get the epi in I was hysterical and after the bliss I felt when it kicked in I have no regrets. From there, I went from 6 to 10 centimeters in 45 minutes. I really think I needed the epidural to relax! They turned it off so I could feel when to push, I pushed through four contractions, and lovely little Abigail was born weighing 6lb 15oz and 19in long. I had a little tear that needed one stitch, but it's nothing compared to the episiotomy I had with my daughter. My mom cut the cord and cried, and FH was the first to ask if I was sure we couldn't keep her As much as the experience did not go to plan, and all the happy hippie birthing info I devoured got thrown out the window, I still feel great physically, and great emotionally as well. Of course I was worried about how attached I'd feel once she was born, but as much as I love and adore her and am so happy to get some baby snuggle time in, I don't really feel maternal toward her, and I can't wait for her mommy and daddy to meet her and fall in love (they're on their way as we speak!) DD got to come visit and was interested for exactly two minutes, I think she's still pretty indifferent to babies until they get old enough to be a bit more interactive. FH has gone home, saying he wants to clean the house and make a few meals and some padsicles for me and have things ready when I come home tomorrow. This entire journey, especially the birth and recovery have reaffirmed every reason I am so excited to be his wife. :D I've been attempting to pump while we're here, and over five pumping sessions so far I got enough colostrum for two entire feedings! They're supplementing with formula, but I'm still pretty proud that I managed to get so much. Anyway, I am so very pleased and excited to announce the arrival of sweet little Abigail, and my graduation as an official GSx1!! Pictures to come after IP's get to see her, and then sleep, and then the most well-deserved glass of wine (or three) that has ever been had in my house! :D thank you, all you ladies, for your help and support. I really don't know how I would have made it through this pregnancy without you!! <3
  10. Still pregnant! ;)

    1. Mama-C


      How are you feeling?

    2. autumnjade


      @Mama-C been having sporadic contractions on and off, but nothing regular or painful. Not that I want the pain but I wish they'd go somewhere!!

    3. itsonlyk


      Been wondering about you! I hope those contractions start to progress into the big show!

  11. suddenly my cats will not leave me alone, and it's got me feeling like maybe I should quit procrastinating packing up that hospital bag!!

    1. itsonlyk


      Oooo getting the feelings! So excited for you.


  12. 36 week craziness.

    @lovingsurromommy they're in China, so it's a ways! I'm sure they'd hop on the first plane, but it would most likely take them over a day to get here. Of course I wouldn't let surrobabe go unsnuggled and I'd be honored to take care of her as well, I'm just hoping they get that privilege first! @Mama-C I am reading Ina May's book! It's very inspiring. I keep trying to remind myself that with DD I had Pitocin, so my contractions might be very different this time around and how I coped with them then is no indication of how I'll handle it this time. The wedding is in September, our original plan was June but the venue we wanted was booked solid, and looking back I'm a bit glad, that'll give my body more time to be fully ready to work on another little one on the honeymoon
  13. 36 week craziness.

    So in the last week I seem to have learned that there are many issues that can pop up during pregnancy that are either terrible dire emergencies or completely normal and nothing to worry about. I had blood work done Monday due to low platelets to rule out HELLP syndrome (apparently very serious) and was told that I do not have HELLP, my platelets are just low because they are low and it happens during pregnancy sometimes, and I will now have them monitored every week to ensure they don't drop below a certain threshold, because if they do I won't be permitted to get an epidural due to the risk of bleeding (guess I might have no choice but to carry out my intention of a natural labor!). After that narrowly averted heart attack, at our appointment this morning my OB heard a few irregular heartbeats from surrobabe on the doppler for the first time. She called them PAC's (premature atrial contractions?) and said that they're another thing that just sometimes happens- but hooked me up to a non-stress test just in case. Surrobabe and I had a long talk about how this was a non-stress test and if she could please not stress me out, that would be great obviously she listened, because my OB said her heart rate and movements looked beautiful and there were so few PAC's she wasn't worried about it at all and would just keep an eye on it in the future. This girl apparently just wants to keep us all on our toes! I finally discussed IP's wishes for induction with the doctor, and she nixed an early induction right away, which was a relief. She said that at our routine appointment on Dec. 2nd, if I am still pregnant with no indication of being in labor anytime soon, we could discuss it (due date is Dec. 5th). That seemed to placate IP's for now. They said they will begin to make their travel arrangements immediately and plan to arrive Nov. 24th, which feels like cutting it a little close and makes me ever so slightly nervous- we'll be 38 weeks and 3 days at that point- but as of right now I am only 1cm dilated, not at all effaced, baby hasn't dropped, and there aren't any signs she's coming soon, so let's hope she holds off at least two more weeks! My DD was born at 39w3d, fingers crossed SB will follow suit. (Anyone's IP's not make it for the birth? What the heck would I do if that happened? o.O) Anyway. All the insanity aside, baby girl is healthy. I am healthy, other than a b*tch of a cold that has kept me up coughing all night something awful and made me very bitter with FH who has it too but can knock himself out with Nyquil > and I am doing all I can to stay relaxed, read lots of inspiring positive birth stories, and get my hospital bag together- I bought myself a pretty nursing nightgown and robe! 24 days to go according to my little tracker, it will be a 24 days of rest, decaf tea, delicious pasta I can still enjoy before I have to enact my post-baby wedding weight loss diet plan, and NO STRESS!! YOU HEAR THAT, SURROBABE?
  14. Scheduled Induction?

    Blood work came back with platelets still low, but they ruled out anything serious and said sometimes it just happens during pregnancy. They'll be monitoring it every appointment from now on but said it's not low enough to be "clinically significant". Working on packing my hospital bag this week!
  15. Scheduled Induction?

    Finally discussed it with IM. She said their issue right now is that IP's both work for the same company and their leave will be unpaid, so if they come to the U.S. at 37 weeks and I don't go into labor until 41, that's an extra month they're twiddling their thumbs not getting paid for while paying for an apartment/hotel. I get it and I sympathize, but inducing at 37 weeks isn't good for the baby, and if we scheduke an induction for 39 and they plan to come then and then she comes on her own at 38 and they aren't there, what then? I said I would talk to my OB tomorrow morning about it, but I'm going to put it just like that and I have a feeling she'll agree. All that being said, when I bloodwork done last week there was apparently an issue with my platelets being slightly low. I guess this is a thing that sometimes happens randomly, but it can also be a symptom of something more serious, so I'm waiting on blood test results as we speak. It's probably no big deal, but who knows, I may not end up getting a choice in the matter!