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  1. what are big no for GC?

    That’s exactly what I thought, on top of that they told her that she had to pay the whole $100,000 upfront!!! I couldn’t believe it! I told her to run!
  2. what are big no for GC?

    I’m friends with this couple who have 3 incredible kids, and they desperately want to have a 4th. However, my friend can no longer have kids due to her health risks. She went to a surrogate agency that told her that she won’t be able to find a surrogate who would want to have a child for her because my friend already has 3 kids.. is this true? I was flabbergasted to hear this. Is this true?
  3. I might be a little late with birth announcement, but I wanted to make sure all was good - health wise with our little boy. Our surrogate had vasa previa at 22wks and was on bed rest at the high risk ward at the hospital from 29wks til 35wks (which was the planned C-section). She was amazing the whole time. We were so lucky to have met such a beautiful human being and beautiful family. After what we all went thru together we will forever consider them family to us. So for our son’s first bday nxt month we cant think of any other person to share that special day with than with her and her family. We are looking forward to flying to Fl and reunite with the woman who gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for, and for our son to officially meet her and her family. He was born 35 wks, but has hit all of his milestones of a full term baby and is no longer being monitored at his adjusted age. He is 33” and weighs 27lbs. Very healthy, social, and a loving child with a strong will haha..
  4. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Wow I can't believe this. I'm so glad u don't have to go thru any blood transfusions or get a hysterectomy. So do you remember when they first discovered the Previa? At How many weeks did u end up having csection? What led up to that? I think I missed it if u said that part.
  5. So I'm told it's common, but it still worries me that it doesn't fully move by 36wks if it hasn't done so by 28. How common is this and how often does it end up moving completely away from cervix by 32 wks? What I'm also concerned with is that the dr doesn't do csections past 36 wks with this condition. She doesn't want to chance it and will Not do it past 36wks.. My surrogate fully trusts her dr and I really can't make the dr do anything. I have to allow myself to trust... But geez Louise 1 mnth before the due date??!!! That's basically a premie. Isn't it?! I'm trying to not worry, and hope that the placenta shifts over. If it becomes 32 wks and there is stil partial Pervia then should she also get a high risk dr?
  6. What to ask during hosptal toir

    Thanks! She plans to pump and has her own madela pump so how does that work does she bring her own?
  7. What to ask during hosptal toir

    Ok thank you makes me feel better
  8. What to ask during hosptal toir

    I'm not a fan of the hospital that she will b delivering from and they seem very slow. Our agency sent the questions in advance and has been trying to get answers for me ahead of time but they haven't responded yet, so they may just send the questions to me for me to ask. They don't do appt for hospital tours.. U just go and they will show u around.. We are suppose to have a private tour so let's see if that happens. They seem unorganized at this hospital. So a bit annoyed. The problem is that her ob only delivers at this hospital not the one that's an 1.5 hr away that also has a nicu unit of 3.
  9. I'm flying out this Friday for our hospital tour and not sure what to ask during the tour? Any suggestions?
  10. Is it common to induce

    Wow thanks guys good to hear. And traci72 u are a rock star at delivery!! Haha and thank u for letting me know alternative options for inducing. My Gc has induced both times at 40 wks so we will see how she does this time around. I'm hoping and assuming if all goes well that is being there 14 days prior should be fine.
  11. Is it common to induce

    2 of my friends who are having babies via Gc are having pregnancies induce because they want to be there for birth. Is this a common practice for surrogacy? How soon is too soon to induce? My Gc induced on both her kids when she was 40wks, so not sure if we have to do it again. I would prefer if she goes into labor naturally when baby is ready, but it's up to dr and how Gc is feeling. We plan to be there 13 days before due date so that we don't have to induce to accommodate to our work schedule. Am I crazy to not want to induce because I feel that maybe baby is developing still and isn't ready yet? Of course if it's over 40 wks then inducing would be an option and probably a must.
  12. Anyone used pregnancy headphones?

    1amdF congrats on ur new baby. I remember u from when I started my journey 7mnths ago. Nice to hear from u again! I just bought the buds and dont know if it really makes a difference when baby is born He is more relaxed and comfortable because he recognizes ur voices, but I like the concept.
  13. Anyone used pregnancy headphones?

    Oh wow that's awesome! Did u record ur voices for him to hear? How did u do it, or did she only play music for baby what brand did u get
  14. Hey guys I'm an Ip and I would love our little one to recognize the sound of me and my husband once when he is born. Has anyone used those earphones made for pregnant women to be placed on the belly so it's safe for baby? Or did u ever just use regular headphones. If so any fhow was the experience for u? Was it annoying, how often did u play it on ur belly and for how long at a time?
  15. IP Updates

    Hi mellowcat! What's the update?