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  1. The waiting game sucks

    Thank you Traci! I can't wait to share this journey with you all! Still not understanding what the delay is but I got an email today to confirm our Benefit Package, so i'm hoping that means the contract should come soon! BeachAlice, They have embryos ready to go :)! Babz, I completely agree with keeping my health priority and the rush of surrogacy can sometimes get in the way of that, but rest assured, I have faith my medical professionals have done everything possible to make sure I am physically and psychologically prepared.
  2. Hi all, as many of you know, I delivered Baby E on April 29th, 2017. I was on such a high from all the emotions seeing Baby E with his parents and seeing their dreams coming to fruition, that I have been soo excited to start another journey. On 9/29/17 I had my medical clearance appointment and they took until 10/19/2017, almost 3 weeks, TO GET THE RESULTS TO THE AGENCY, there goes my hopeful end of the year transfer. But nonetheless, I am medically and psychologically cleared. So now i'm ever so patiently, or not, waiting for our rough draft of our contract. I feel like everyone is poking around and i'm just ready to start! How is everyone else doing?!
  3. List: Cycling, TTC & the 2WW

    WOO HOO MIKEY! That's an amazing number! I was on the PIO shots until I was 9 weeks pregnant, unfortunately, there was nothing I could do that would keep the soreness down but the nurse at my clinic gave me some numbing patches to use for the injections so at least it didn't hurt getting them. Also I had the progesterone in the ethyl oleate which is slightly thinner than the oil based one and was able to use a skinnier needle. Just keep supporting her and letting her know how wonderful she is doing and the injections will be over soon. If it gets too unbearable for her, have her ask her doctor if there is another injection site she can use like her thigh. D&J: July 31st is my daughters birthday! I hope that day will bring you extra luck and sticky baby dust! Find things to keep you busy, like sporting events or concerts or festivals. The waiting is the hardest ! Hang in there, before you know it, it will be labor&delivery day !
  4. Birth of Baby E

    Thank you, K! I'm excited to be on here again and share my next journey with you all, it's already in the works ;)! Traci: I still have zero clue how this was missed. My doctor was like shoulder-deep in there scraping and digging around for what seemed like an eternity. Maybe he was letting me keep it as a keepsake? They wouldn't let me take it home in a jar though HA! it was very fascinating and still blows my mind, and of course after I passed it, I got a little more special treatment from the nurses, so that was a plus ;)! My IM however, did not find this as fascinating as I did, she was demanding the nurses to get the doctor on the phone so she could tell him how disappointed she was that they did that to me and caused me more pain than I should have gone through, it was very sweet of her but felt terrible for the Doctor.
  5. New here! Psych eval next week

    Welcome to the group Mandy! I just delivered my first womb mate 10 weeks ago and this group is such a great support through the whole process! I have children similar in age to yours (8 and 10, and i have a 4yr old), they were so excited about the whole process and to be honest, their minds were blown! I was very lucky with amazing IPs and they formed a great bond with my children which helped them understand more who the baby was for. Good luck on the psych eval, if you're taking the MMPI2 test, be prepared to set aside like 2 hours for it! I think that's how long it took me. Over 500 questions of true or false statements. If I wasn't "crazy" before that, It certainly made me that way after it! HA! Can't wait to follow your journey, and who knows, I might be right behind you with my next ;)!
  6. Birth of Baby E

    Thank you so much Traci! It was seriously a magical journey from the beginning to the end, I am so happy for my IPs, and Baby E is just so stinkin' sweet. Below is a picture of the lobe. Results from biopsy: A fully intact lobe that was empty. I still can't believe that happened and very thankful my body knew what to do by passing it.
  7. Birth of Baby E

    It was completely crazy! There were like 10 nurses surrounding it staring at it confused hahaha! I would post a picture but it is quite disturbing looking! There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I was made to do. I am so excited at starting a new journey soon!
  8. Gave birth to Baby E on 4/29/17!

  9. I'm sorry this is 10 weeks overdue, but every time I have sat down to write about our birth, the words I was writing could not do the experience justice. Now that we are 10 weeks PP and my life is back to "normal" I decided to give this one last chance! It started with an idea, a google search, and an application. What I didn’t know is how much the next year and a half would impact my life. After being matched to the most wonderful couple, our lives consisted of loads of paperwork, meetings, and many, many shots and medications. But this wasn’t all for nothing. After 32 days of strict medications it was time to transfer M&E’s last and final embryo, no pressure, right? After 10 grueling days of waiting and many home pregnancy tests later, the news came in. We’re pregnant! I cannot tell you the feeling of being able to tell the mother on the phone that her fighter embryo stuck around and to hear the joy in her voice, and yes loud screaming and tears. The bond we were creating with the parents is something that is indescribable and the next 9ish months seem to have flown by. At 37 weeks gestation, M&E arrived to El Paso to wait out the arrival of their sweet baby boy. They decided to come then because that's when my son came naturally and during this whole pregnancy, baby E was measuring 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. Little did we know that at our 38 week appointment, we would be told that I was already 5cm almost 6cm dilated and we would be admitted that day. I had been struggling with prodromal labor for weeks so I was relieved to hear the news! I rushed home to get my bags and the parents went to their apartment to get things they needed and we met back at the hospital. I arrived before the parents and my son and I got checked in. At this point, it seemed we were at the “hurry up and wait” point. Since my son is 3 years old, they told me they weren't allowed to hook me up to any machines or start my IV until there was another adult there. So we sat on the bed and watched some cartoons until my husband, who was at work, or the IPs could get there. Within the next 10 min my husband arrives and our AMAZING nurse wastes no time getting my IV started and monitors on. Since baby was measuring around 8 pounds according to the ultrasound we had that day, I told the doctor to have the anesthesiologist ready with my epidural, and as soon as the nurse was done with hooking me up, he was knocking on the door to start my epidural, the IPs haven't even made it to the hospital yet! When he was done, the IPs arrived and brought the whole crew! The IPs brought the moms dad and the dad's mom with them and we were one big party in the room, luckily L&D was kinda slow and were understanding of the situation and let everyone stay. After the edpidural started to kick in, the nurses checks my dilation. I am now at a 7. With my son, once I hit 6, it was all fast faced from there and so I thought I would be delivering within 2 hours so I had my husband bring our son to my mom since the hospital wouldn't allow him in the room during delivery. He hurries back and everything seemed to come to a screeching halt. They upped the Pitocin since baby E was doing well with it and we waited, and waited, and waited. After about 9 hours into it, they brought out the peanut ball since my water hadn't broken on its own yet. By this point I was exhausted and hungry and had fallen asleep. after what seemed like 10 minutes of rest I felt two giant pops and knew it was my water. After seeing the looks on my IPs faces when I woke up suddenly out of my sleep with a panicked look on my face, they were all giddy and excited to know it was my water. We called in the nurses to be checked again, and surprise, IM ONLY AT 8!! so they upped the Pitocin again. I have never puked so much in my life. My IM was getting worried that I was throwing up every 30 minutes and was so touching that she was genuinely cared about me. I was even more exhausted at this point and had fallen back asleep. My epidural wore off at one point and had to have the anesthetist come back in and give me another dose, those contractions were NO JOKE and I have no shame in not wanting to go through that. I must've been out of it when they checked me the last time before calling my Doctor because the next thing I remember was my doctor and a whole team of staff barging into the room and turning on every single light possible, all I was thinking was "damn, can you let a girl get some sleep". At this point I knew it was go time. In a blink of an eye, before I could finish puking again, my legs were up and my doctor was gowned up and we were ready to push. I don't know what was wrong with my epidural but I could feel when the contractions were coming so I knew right when they were going to tell me to push. We pushed for 1.5 hours and baby E was still kind of high up and wasn't wanting to come down so my Doctor consulted with the IPs and they decided to use the vacuum, I felt defeated but knew I was giving it my all. The doctor told me we would try 3 pushes with the vacuum and if it wasn't successful we would look at a cesearean, something I have been wanting to avoid. Luckily, I gave every ounce of energy I had left those 3 pushes and 13 long hours Baby E took his first breath at 4:49am April 29, 2017 at 8 pounds 8 ounces. Yes at almost NINE pounds (my son was 7lbs). The feeling and the look on his momma’s face is something I can never put into words, but know that is was one of my proudest moments and something I will forever cherish. I am sure I missed some details, but like I said, this journey was so incredible, It's impossible to get it all out. I was fortunate that IPs let me breastfeed while we were in the hospital and for two weeks after, until they left for home, I was able to pump for them. Which was amazing because I was able to get some baby snuggles in! This experience was so amazing and I know as soon as I am cleared. I will be hoping on the wagon again and doing another journey! ***SIDE NOTE*** Later that day I was experiencing terrible pain in my abdomen and the nurses were passing it off as PP pain. After a few hours I decided to do a sitz bath and felt the urge to push. Something giant had came out so I called the nurse in and turns out, I delivered an accessory lobe placenta! Let me tell you, I felt like a million bucks after that was out! It was a crazy situation.
  10. itsonlyk

  11. 37wk appointment coming up on Thursday, hopefully the IPs will make it in time to come!

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    2. itsonlyk


      You're just warming up!!!! Getting ready for the big show ;) Have your IPs arrived?

    3. beachalice


      Not much longer now. I bet a membrane sweep would do it for you if you're ready.



    4. adoubleux57


      YES:)! They arrived late last wednesday and have been soo busy getting everything prepared..Im hoping for a sweep at our next appt on Friday, if i havent popped yet!

  12. itsonlyk

    Oh my goodness, where do you find all of this patience?!?! And can I have some?! Im 36wks now and time seems to be going in slow motion.. I cant wait for your ultrasound!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hospital Bag help!

    I want to bring little snacks because i get hungry all the time haha, with my son they wouldn't let me eat anything and went 30+ hours without food, then binge ate once he was born, my doctor was probably mortified! I AM GETTING SO EXCITED! and then I remember I still have approx 5 weeks to go which seems like an eternity! But then again there is still so much to do before then! Like 1) finish the nurses goodie bags 2) Take an L/D tour when IPs get here and meet with the L/D director to talk about our birth plan 3) get a photographer 4) pack a hospital bag 5) finish refinancing our house 6) WORK! 7) kids' sporting activites 8) doctor's appointments. The list could go on and on...I'm already ready for some time off just thinking about how busy the next 5 (or less) weeks are going to be.
  14. Hospital Bag help!

    Oh my own pillow is a perfect idea! When i went into labor with my son, 5 or 6 other women also went into labor the same day so pillows and blankets were scarce! I want to bring a tablet for entertainment, but I would feel rude being on it while my IPs were there, although i'm not quite sure how much hosting I can do while in labor, but we will see!
  15. Hospital Bag help!

    I have decided that this weekend I am going to force myself to pack a hospital bag ( I never got the chance with my son since he came at 37wks and i'm a terrible procrastinator!). What're some of the "outside of the box" things that're usually left behind but could've been useful? All I can think of right now are the basics; clothes, extra underwear, phone charger and shower stuff. HELP, my brain does not want to work anymore!