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  1. List of Acronyms

    Since the commenting is turned off for the pinned acronym list, i thought i would post my funny story here. This is my 3rd journey and found myself needing to go to this handy dandy list of acronyms the other day! I saw a picture on one of the FB groups where a surrogate had socks that had "PUPO" on them and i was scratching my head for a solid 5 minutes trying to figure it out, once I gave up i came here and was disappointed i couldn't find it. Luckily for google, i realized i knew the answer the WHOLE time, I EVEN SAID THIS TO THE DOCTOR MY LAST SUCCESSFUL TRANSFER The meds are getting to me! #25daystilltransfer #PUPO PUPO: Pregnant until proven otherwise.
  2. 2nd transfer

    So excited to hear the great update D&J!! I cannot offer anymore support and advice aside from what Tracy provided, as i am not an intended parent and did not have to experience that, but i do know that for the first 30 days, the baby was covered under my insurance and my IPs just paid the bills that i received. Now that you're beyond the halfway mark and getting things prepared for the birth, i sure bet it is finally sinking in and feeling more real. I can only imagine the jitters and excitement you are going through. Please keep us updated, i love seeing your updates :)!
  3. Advice wanted please

    Hi Becky! Personally, my children took it very well and had somewhat of a full grasp of the idea and concept. Our last journey they were 3, 7, and 10 when we transferred and was successful. The entire pregnancy we always talked about the baby in the terms of "___ and ___'s baby", since the IPs were able to visit a few times, they were able to put faces to the names and formed an amazing bond with them.By the time delivery came, they fully knew that this was not going to be their "brother" but simply a baby for another mom and dad. Since birth, we have kept in contact and the kids get to see them through skype. I was personally very surprised how well they actually understood what was going on and that the baby was not related to us. I think you will be pleasantly surprised too :)!
  4. I am new.

    Welcome to the group! I am a U.S surrogate so I unfortunately cannot give much advice, but I know you will find what you're looking for here!
  5. Quick Poll

    Today we started meds for this journey! WOO! I was talking to IM last night and I asked if they would be joining for the transfer, and i learned they will not be able to make it. No big deal to me but was just wondering if anyone has had journeys where they did come and some where they didn't and how they differed from one another? My first two journeys the IPS were there and this will be the first time they wont. Was it less stressful? Did you feel less pressure? Just curious :)! 33 days til transfer and 37 until pee sticks galore!
  6. Need to vent

    Girl, if i could only explain the amount control it took not to lose my shit HAHA! It was seriously SO nerve wracking though, they didn't call until 3:15pm and before that i was getting so nervous because i was thinking "If they haven't packaged it or called for address verification and its already 3:00pm how in the hell are they going to do all that and get it in the mail before it closes for an overnight delivery", and then they called haha! I am still nervous though hoping it actually comes in tomorrow and nothing is missing or broken! Fun times.
  7. Need to vent

    UPDATE: Maybe i should vent more often? Seems like things happen when i finally reach my breaking point! Pharmacy just called and meds will be here tomorrow and first dose of Lupron on Wednesday :)!
  8. Need to vent

    Ladies, and gents! I need to vent for just a moment. We are to start Lupron on Wednesday (IN TWO DAYS) and i still haven't received meds. I contacted my agency last Friday to let them know I haven't heard from the pharmacy for the delivery of meds (although the nurse coordinator emailed me to say she ordered them and they will call on the 3rd for delivery). So this morning i called the clinic and the nurse seemed like she had no idea who i was and needed to open my file and was "shocked" they haven't called yet and was going to call them right away to see what was going on. THEN I texted my coordinator's assistant to ask if they have called them for payment yet, and no response. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND I HAVE TO START MEDS IN TWO DAYS AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN PACKAGED OR SHIPPED THEM TO ME YET?!Trying so hard to hold my composure but i'm starting to get nervous that I am not going to receive them until minutes before I need to take them and something is going to be missing or broken etc.!! Just wishing the communication between the clinic, agency, and the pharmacy was slightly a little more of importance to them as it is to me. I swear if I was a bit more relaxed and not on top of things, NOTHING would ever get done and no one would know what the heck is going on. Every time i call everyone seems clueless as to what is going on. PLEASE tell me I am not the only one?!
  9. Facebook Support Group

    AHH! I didn't even think to look up transfer groups . I am getting so excited for our upcoming transfer! I received the full calendar today and they will be ordering meds this week too! WOO!
  10. Anticipated Transfer date : 02/12/2017

  11. Facebook Support Group

    Hi all! We have recently received our med calendar with our anticipated transfer date, however, the agency I am using no longer has a support group for their surrogates anymore . What are everyone's favorite groups? I would like to find other women with the same timeline as me. Thanks for all your help!
  12. Contract has been notarized, now waiting on med calendar and meds!:clock:

  13. Skype Call with IPs

    Congrats on being officially matched! I remember the nervous emotions hoping they liked me when they were going through the same thing. I'm hoping for a smooth process for you and can't wait to see how your journey unfolds!
  14. Induction! Advice?

    Congrats!! You totally should have posted this in the birth stories section, i completely missed it but so happy you're on your second journey! I am just barely wrapping up contracts for our next one!
  15. More in my small town?

    That's so amazing beachalice! I live in a town with close to 1 million people and when I first started surrogacy and would talk about it with people and doctors, it was like talking about bigfoot, like they have never met a surrogate, even the hospital I delivered at, all the nurses and doctors I saw have never met a surrogate or delivered a surrogate baby, I thought for sure I would find a few here! I am very happy though that you have found experienced physicians to go through this journey with!