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  1. Baby girl delivered at 40+2 on Sunday, 27th

  2. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    I just updated my post. Baby girl is delivered! Good luck to those remaining, not long now!!
  3. Things got started for me Tuesday 22nd. I was currently 39 weeks+4 so I thought this was it. I never went over with my own babes, so I was ready. The little lady didnt let me sleep all night, She was all over the place, I was having contractions, although none were painful it was annoying. Every movement I kept waiting for more signs. I called my doula around 6am and let her know my symptoms. After that I got in the tub and took a lavender bath so see if this was real or not. Everything stopped! UGH, I was so bummed! After this, it was hard to relax as I and hubby were "on alert" for any little signs. Saturday 26th I went to bed about 9 because I could sense something was going to happen in the early morning. I laid in bed tossing and turning until 12 because of contractions and she was very active. After getting up several times to go pee I wondered if my water was breaking because I only felt little sensations, but had to pee anyway. Finally, at 3 I got up and felt a dribble before I even got to the toilet. I called my doula to let her it was breaking and let her know there weren't really any contractions going yet, just crampy. At 5, I had a larger contraction and called her back letting her know we were heading to the hospital, knowing it was going to go fast. Get to the hospital, get checked in but still no contractions were happening. This is unusal for me as I generally don't feel anything until my water breaks and then contractions come hard and strong. There was debate as to whether I should go home and wait it out until something started, or let the doctor check me to see if there was any progress. 11:00AM I let her check me and was still at a 3 and 40%effaced. She discovered my water wasn't fully ruptured, so she ruptured it and almost immediately I started contracting at 6 min apart. Called the doula and she was going to arrive within the hour. Thank god since things were getting intense. My husband was amazing at getting pressure where I needed it on my back since all I had was back labor, again. After my doula arrived they got me into the tub with hot water to soak in. I was finally able to relax even when contractions were one on top of another. I eventually got out of the tub and wanted to straddle the toilet backwards. After a few hard contractions on there I had the uncontrollable urge to push....so i did. Almost immediately upon getting pulled from the toilet, to get to the bed, I had another contraction and with that the head was out! A bunch of nurses scrambled to get the doctor and I was told to "run" with the babys head between my legs to get to the bed. As soon as I laid on the bed the rest of the baby came flying out. Unfortunately, the daddies missed the birth because she came soo fast, but one got to cut the cord upon walking into the room. 2:08 PM their sweet baby girl arrived at 7lb 10oz and 19.5in long. This was my longest pregnancy and my shortest labor. First time unmedicated labor as well. I'm back home doing well now and daddies are just in awe over their bundle!
  4. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    Beachalice- oh yes! It's been so wonderful with my IFs. We've definitely had a couple setbacks, but the final outcome is all that matters. My IFs have already mentioned a sibling journey, so we'll wait and see when they want to do that.
  5. Joining the twins club

    Congrats surromom360! You've got this! How did you last appt go? Hopefully everything is looking good and that it is an uneventful pg for you
  6. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    Wow I've missed a lot! Sld, we are 1 week apart! I'm 37 weeks today and was just checked and im also 1 cm dilated and cervix is starting to soften. I've generally gone right up to my due dates with both my boys. I fear that I'll test positive for Group B Strep. I had it last time as well. b-2...I can't imagine having that many contractions alraedy!! That's ALOT. hopefully the bedrest will keep little girl growing just a bit longer! My IFs are in the states and will be making their way to MN early next week...hard to believe that my first journey is almost over
  7. New surrogate

    In the forum under "New to Surrogacy" off to the right side of the screen you should see a "Start a New Topic" button. Click on that and you can make your own post. There are some red flags that you posted here that concern me. First off, it's pretty common to have IPs, especially if they're International, to not be available for transfer for many reasons. Also, it sounds like you don't have a good enough match in the first place to even be considering moving forward!! If you're having any doubts, I would take a step back and really evaluate your match. You mentioned your transfer is Oct 10th...have you gone through any psychological screenings, medical screenings, contracts? All of these things take time and along the way they let you find out a little more about yourself and your IPs and what YOU"RE comfortable with. On a side note, some IPs are just distant in nature and don't want a personal relationship, which is totally okay, but you have to be okay with that as well, otherwise it's not the right match for you. There is a match out there for everyone- don't feel bad not picking the first couple that is offered to you. If I were you, I would take a step back and really think about what your're doing because there is no turning back after transfer has happened.,
  8. New surrogate

    Welcome Netters!! You'll find that surrogacy is a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait. It tested my patience multiple times throughout this process. Our contract took quite a long time, longer than average, and then I was stuck waiting on my IFs to find their perfect ED. It will vary from clinic to clinic and IPs to IPs. Good luck in your journey!
  9. 24 Weeks - Been MIA

    Hi sompathb - I don't know if this is too late to help, but have you tried seeing a chiropractor? I've been seeing mine since 20 weeks I barely have any more pain. Its amazing the results of a chiro and my YL oils have done for this pregnancy.
  10. 1st beta is in

    Awesome news!! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction!!!
  11. First Convo Scheduled with Potential IPs

    If you are working with an agency they sold mediate the call. Like the previous payed said, you can look up specific questions you may have pertaining to the couple or things in general. Congrats on making it to matching
  12. Looky who's in 3rd Tri already

    Grrr, I can't figure out how to edit my post and delete the other photos on my phone that I didn't know posted....sorry
  13. Wow! The past 28 weeks just flew by. It's hard to imagine that my IFS will be here in just 10 weeks and I'll be giving them back their little girl in almost 12 weeks! I've been feeling really good yet. Not sure if it's due to seeing a chiro 2-3 times a week or what, but I'll take it!
  14. How did you explain your journey to your own kids?

    Like the other ladies have said, my husband and I talked to our kids looong before ever getting pregnant. We have 2 boys 6 and 3 and although the 3 yr old doesnt understand much about it, we've read The Kangaroo Pouch and they have met our IFs in person. That made it all come together. I take my youngest to my appointments and he's unphased, but loves hearing the heartbeat. Both my kiddos know that they are NOT getting a little sister. It will be interesting to see how they react to future journeys when they are a bit older.
  15. 10 Week Ultrasound

    Congratulations and hoping for an uneventful next 30 weeks!! :)