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  1. Transfer is on Wed the 12th!! I'm so excited, but not looking forward to starting the PIO today :D

  2. July Transfers

    We're working on contracts now and have a tentative transfer date of July 5th! I'm so excited to finally be getting somewhere.
  3. Back to the beginning!

    Thank you! Screening is scheduled for Thursday. They said there's another eval in the morning (I assume with my couple this time), adn then a lunch break, and then the medical portion, so we're moving along just fine for now!
  4. Psych eval went well, now screening on Thursday!

  5. Back to the beginning!

    Eval seemed to go well, now I just have to wait to hear about the psych sending her report and then when the clinic wants me to come up.
  6. Back to the beginning!

    Yes, I will NEVER go back to that clinic, it was terrible. The people were nice enough (especially the GC coordinator) but it seemed like nobody had any idea what anyone else was doing, and one of the drs basically implied that I was on BC for some condition (like PCOS) and that I might lying about it. No trust whatsoever. Thank you for the vibes! It is the best thing for us, honestly, I feel 100 times better than I have in ages. I just hope it doesn't mess up the psych eval in any way, since the clinic is insisting that they still need to do it with him. The IM couldn't care less, haha! She said that if I say he's out of the picture, then she doesn't need to deal with him, but they're adamant. I can't wait to really get going again. Wasting over 6 months was NOT in my plans.
  7. Psych eval friday!

  8. Back to the beginning!

    Hello again! So the match I'd started this post with finally fell through around the end of March. The IPs seemed great, but they were very insistent on going by whatever their clinic told them, and had me go there for a total of 7 trips for 'monitoring' because my lining never got as thick as they wanted, which is confusing because it was all ONLY for the medical screening. I had to finally put my foot down and tell them that if the clinic didn't approve me i was leaving the match, which is exactly what happened. It took over 2 months of 'screening' appointments for the clinic to decide I wasn't 'a suitable candidate'. I have a new couple now, and I talked to the IM on Friday, and she seems wonderful! The clinic finally approved my records last week, and my hubby and I have an appointment for the psych eval on Friday, mostly because just after our last eval (in January) we decided we're getting a divorce (all amicable, of course!) so that eval won't count, so to speak. Hopefully everything goes well and we can get this show on the road again. The clinic is in CT, which is at least an hour from me, depending on how we get there, so I'm a little excited for that. My best friend is such a great support, and she's been going with me to every appointment. I hope you all are doing well!
  9. Still waiting for this new clinic to review my records. Said it would be 2 weeks, we're on 3.

    1. itsonlyk


      So annoying!


    2. ryekamasaki


      It is! Luckily they finally told us we need one last read over on Tuesday, but they don't see any issues right now, so hopefully we'll be moving soon!

  10. Hospital Bag help!

    I brought my own pillow and a throw blanket (and even a stuffed chicken cause I'm a baby :D ), and I was really glad. It was a little relaxing to have my own pillow, something that didn't smell like straight up hospital. I also brought my laptop and a portable hard drive with movies on it (which was good cause I hardly slept at all, but when I did the familiarity of the movies helped). The extensive cord is a good idea too, especially since you don't know how far the outlets will be, or if you'll have someone with you you might need more slots. Honestly that's all I can remember that I actually used (besides my outfit to go home). I'm so excited for you!
  11. so 2nd journey finally fell through, so now im waiting on a new profile.

    1. itsonlyk


      Darn it! Any news?


    2. ryekamasaki


      I was supposed to get a new profile today but haven't gotten it yet. My agency rep did say she already sent my records along to the new clinic though, so hopefully it won't be much longer.

  12. Screening and psych done, now the hubby has a blood draw and more waiting!

    1. itsonlyk


      YAAAS! :) Bring on Journey #2 :)

  13. Woman's Gift - Any recent Experience?

    That seems strange, usually Fran is very good about getting back to people, as far as I've experienced. I wish I could give you some advice other than to try to contact them again.
  14. Medical screening and psych eval on Monday! We're moving along now. :)