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  1. I am in the draft phase of my contract and it says that I will get a monthly payment and within 3 days of delivery I will receive the final balance amount if I carry the pregnancy beyond the end of the 30th week for a single or 26 weeks for a multiple. So if I only carry lets say 29 weeks for a single I would only get paid what I had mad thus far and no final payment for the remainder. That is the difference of almost $7000.00. Is this normal? What is a good amount of weeks to put on the pregnancy? Could I put a stipulation on if the child is alive at time of birth that I would get the remainder dispite the amount of weeks carried?
  2. Adding to the contract, HELP!

    Thank you. It was the psychiatrist they had me meet with that put the idea in my head. I asked around and found out that some surrogates had asked for that.
  3. I am starting the contract this week and I am very excited. I have heard of surrogates putting in the contract that the IP's should cover the cost of a gym or personal trainer for during/after the pregnancy. I really want to add this to my contract but I feel bad because I know the IP's are already paying A LOT of money as it is. Is it acceptable to ask for the cost of a personal trainer/health guide to be covered? If so, is an additional $4000 to cover that to much to ask? Please help!
  4. Starting the contract.

    I did sign some about the cost of medications and everything. It is very basic and says the parents are responsible for the cost. You have made me feel better about waiting for the contract. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting pushed into something that should have been done after the contract.
  5. I am new to surrogacy and am just wondering about the contract. I have been matched with out of town parents. I have gone to see them and have been checked out by their fertility clinic. I have recently taken out my birth control and am told that once I get my period I will start the mock cycle. I asked about contract but was told that it will be drawn up once the mock cycle is complete. I thought it is sort of strange that I am going to be injecting something into my body before I even sign a contract. What is a typical time the contract should be signed?