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  1. As promised, here is a picture of the boys!! My ❤️ Is full!
  2. Thank you everyone! I'm feeling really good! Mikey112: I'll be thinking about you in July and sending lots of baby dust!!
  3. Transfer #2!!! May

    I'm so sorry that the transfer didn't work. It was definitely nothing you did!
  4. k so I just re-read through the post and I have SOOO many typing errors. the biggest one though is they are NOW home with their parents. sorry about all the typos! Thank you Traci! I was so proud of my husband! if anyone else would have done it they would have been written up, but since he isn't hospital staff they can't say jack. ;-) I will also try and post a picture of the babies! My IPs said it was fine as long as I don't use names.
  5. My husband and I showed up to the hospital at 7:00 AM and the nurses started my IV. My Dr. came in and did a quick ultrasound to verify positioning of babies. They were frank breech (butt in pelvis) and complete breech (feet first). My doctor had told me we are still on track to attempt a vaginal delivery. According to ACOG (American Congress of OB) there are certain guidelines that can help determine a successful delivery of breech babies such as proven pelvis, previous babies weigh more than the current baby, young mother, no previous c sections, Etc.. so I met every single one of those requirements. Well before they started the pitocin, the nurses said they are checking policy and procedure. They came in a little later and said looks like things are good to go and started the Pitocin at 1. 5 minutes later they came back in and shut off the pitocin and said one of the higher ups is weighing in on the situation. So we waited and the higher up said no to the vaginal delivery so they consulted with a high risk doctor. This doctor also said no but he is no longer head of the OB doctors so they consulted a third doctor who is the head of OB and HE said no to vaginal so my doctor and him consulted one another and couldn't come to a conclusion so they got the charge nurse involved. My IPS arrived around 10 and I was really hoping they would have an answer before they got there because I didn't want them to worry about what was going on. I was okay either way. I would have preferred vaginal but I had been prepared to have a C section because my doc had told me there is an 80% chance of c section all along. a little background on my doc is he has been an OB for 28 years. He does a LOT of twin pregnancies and he is a very overly cautious doctor. Most doctors turn of magnesium after 48 hours and he kept me on magnesium in antepartum for 11 days at the end of the pregnancy to help keep the contractions at bay so the babies could stay in. Well the IPs showed up and they still hadn't reached a conclusion so I just decided to fill them in on what it going on. Shortly after her parents showed up (first grandbabies so it was a happy occasion) and still no answer. finally around 1:00 PM my nurse came in and said they have reached the conclusion that I can do a vaginal delivery but my OB can't break my water. I think the reason he probably won was because we are delivering in the OR anyways and so the second anything goes south they would be ready to do an emergency C section. By 3:30PM I was starting to feel the contractions and they were coming regularly so I got the epidural. I had hired a birth photographer for the delivery because whether vaginal or c section, while they were recovering me in the OR once the babies were stable they take them out to the labor room with the parents and so I would miss those first moments. I definitely wanted them to have those moments to themselves but I really wanted to see faces and emotion and then they could do that and I could still see the moments. the photographer had been texting with my husband on my phone and she was asking when the doctor was going to come in. So before this transfer I had a LEEP procedure done to remove some abnormal cells on my cervix and this put scar tissue around my cervix. I had been 100% effaced for a few weeks and only 2.5 cm dialated and even after my epidural when the nurses checked me I was still 2.5 cm dialated. my MD says he believes that was probably the ONLY thing keeping those babies in. so after I was comfortable the nurses were going to the call the MD for him to come in and break up the scar tissue and the photographer i guess wasn't getting the answers she wanted of WHEN the doctor was coming in so she just headed to the hospital. The photographer showed up and she was all pissed off and acted like we were a huge inconvenience. she kind of threw her equipment around and immediately the mood in the room went down. Working in L&D, I have worked with his photographer before with other patients. She isn't very sociable, she things she knows more than the nurses and doctors, she isn't afraid to step on toes and get in the way, but she takes AMAZING pictures! So when I told the nurses at work I had hired her they all joked I was going to have to deliver my own babies. haha! so everytime the IPs would ask the nurses questions (i decided to be the patient that day and let the nurses handle the questions etc) the photographer would chime in and answer their question. It was getting old fast.... well the grandparents (IM's parents) asked me about why it was such a concern in these babies come vaginal or c section and so of course the all knowing photographer chimed in and said "well Breech deliveries are dangerous because they don't know where the cord is, so if it is wrapped around the babies neck it could sever the spinal cord causing paralysis or death" and I could tell the IPs and grandparents were starting to get more concerned (as anyone would have!!) and yes... entrapment is a possibility but what they were MORE worried about was a prolapsed cord because butts don't fit nicely in pelvises like heads do. I just kept my mouth shut which I wish I wouldn't have. I just wanted to avoid conflict and not stress out the parents more. I assured the IM that my doctor is amazing and worst case if anything even starts to head south then he would pull the plug and do a c section. I reminded them there is nothing in it for him. He gets payed WAY more to do a c section and he could be in and out in 2 hours and home in time for dinner. He does c sections all the time so he knows I would be fine and he could avoid all the conflict and heat to just do the c section. what he REALLY cared about was the babies. he wanted them to get the squeeze to get the fluid out of their little lungs and the flora into their digestive systems that helps them process food. So the Dr. came in around 5:15 PM and brought this tool to break up the scar tissue (looked a little like salad tongs). He started breaking up the tissue (which thank HEAVENS for the epidural) and immediately I went to 6 cm. I told the nurses historically once I hit a 6 its about half an hour and I'm complete and ready to push. so they left and came back in half an hour and sure enough I was complete. At this point my IPs were in scrubs and my husband also. I am only allowed one person in the OR and I had told my IM if its going to be vaginal I would love her to be in there if she wants to. if it was going to be C section then I wanted my husband in there. So the photographer gave my IM a second camera she had brought and told her one of the nurses would take it from her in the OR. my nurses were like "uhhh no they won't. everyone has a job in there and no one can take it" then they left and the photographer said" yes they will..." so we are wheeled down to the OR and the boys are outside the door but there are two windows that look into the OR that they can watch from. Of course as expected, no one took the camera from my IM and so she was stuck taking the pictures. she wasn't really even paying attention to where she was shooting though, she was just spamming pictures. Hahaha!! I really didn't care though because the OR pictures weren't as important to me.The plan was my IM would be in the room for baby A and she would cut the cord, and then they would switch out and my IP would be in the room for baby B and he would cut the cord. the doc was maybe 2 feet away from me putting on his second glove on and the nurses told me to go ahead and start pushing. The baby started to fly out so the doctor had to jump forward to grab it and it was literally one push and baby A was out. They clamped the cord, IM cut it, stimulated the baby, and the first NICU team took it to the warmer to check lung sounds and do a quick assessment. they said we are going to start pushing for baby B, so I looked at my IM and asked her if she wanted to swap out my IP and she had a huge grin on her face and said "No... I'm ok!" and I could see the poor IF looking through the window ansy to come in so we started pushing for baby B and when baby B was halfway out my dear husband opened the OR door and pushed the IF in and said "You look like everyone else! just go!!" so after 2 pushes baby B was out so the doc handed my IF the scissors and he was able to cut the cord. then they took baby B to the second warmer for evaluation and now both IPs are the in the room taking pictures of babies etc. Baby A was born at 6:24 PM weighing 6.4 lb and 19 inches long and baby B was born at 6:27 PM weighing 6.2 lb weighing 20 inches long. I had a 1st degree tear but everything went amazing!! the babies did have to go to NICU for observation because they needed a little help breathing at first and then they had problems keeping their sugars up. They were only there for 5.5 hours and my Doc said if it was a c section they would have been there for a few days. I was able to pump colostrum for them and the IM had been inducing breastmilk so she had a big stash of frozen as well as fresh breastmilk to feed them right away. She has never been pregnant and very skinny and she gets around 13 oz per day!!! seriously amazes me! and she was able to breastfeed in the hospital. the boys and I were released 2 days later and the are not home with their parents. everyone is great and I couldn't be happier. They send pictures and updates all the time and it was an amazing experience I will never forget. P.S. some of the pictures the photographer did take (everyone before delivery and IPs walking with babies to nicu with BIG smiles) were precious so she is slowly redeeming herself.
  6. Soo close!! Babies are being evicted on Monday!

    Hey! I am so sorry it took me literally a week to get on here. Both babies are doing amazing!!! There was quite the controversy about delivery but everything turned out amazing at the end!! We are going to a soccer game today to see my niece play and then I will get on an actual computer and write it out for you all. It's a pretty interesting story! But babies are home with mom and dad now and they are just over the moon happy!
  7. Soo close!! Babies are being evicted on Monday!

    Thank you!! Today is the day!! Hooray!!!!!!!!
  8. Soo close!! Babies are being evicted on Monday!

    Thank you ladies! I am sooo excited!! I went to my doc appointment yesterday and I have gained 7 lbs in ONE WEEK! 😱 A lb of that is probably the babies and 6.5 lbs of that is water retention all in my feet. They are really swollen with pitting edema and all! No protein in urine though and BP is good. At the last appointment baby is still butt first but doctor was more confident that vaginally will work! Hooray!!!! Please keep me in your good thoughts and prayers. This will be a new experience for sure!
  9. Sorry I have been MIA. Kind of a lot has happened. At 31 weeks with the twin boys I was put on modified bedrest because my cervical length went from 4.2-2.0. Well then at my 33 week appointment I had an NST test and I was contracting pretty frequently. I could talk through them but they were crampy feeling so they sent me over to triage where i was admitted and put on magnesium for 11 days. That was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. those of you who have been on mag know what an awful drug it is and how awful it makes you feel. That accompanied with not leaving my hospital room accompanied with things happening at home that I had no control over- it was not an easy hospital stay but I made it! They released me at 35 weeks and the IPs came because we were all sure the second they turned off the mag I would go into labor because I was still contracting ON magnesium just not painful. Well here I am 36.3 weeks pregnant and everything has gone quiet. I still get crampy But almost no contractions. So IPs are here and the IMs parents are here as well as we all are trying to wait patiently. At this point it is looking like a c section because baby A is frank breach (butt in my pelvis) and the dr said he would be willing to try a vaginal delivery because I have had 9 lb babies and these will be little 6 lb babies but he said it's still about an 80% chance it will be c section because the stars have to align just right. As of right now baby a has his butt in my pelvis but he isn't straight up and down. He is transverse-ish kind if going up my side so all the contractions and cramping in the world won't do anything because he isn't putting pressure on my cervix. But they switch constantly. Baby B will be on the right then the next appointment he is on the left. He has been breach too but as of last week he is back to head down. I don't understand how he has so much room! So Monday is the day!!!!!! Not sure whether it will be vaginal or c section at this point but I'm counting on c section and will be sooo excited if it's vaginal. I have never had a c section and they kind of scare me. Everyone I have talked to who has had them though say they aren't as bad as you think and I've been reading all the forums on recovering from c sections that I can find. This has been a great journey but I am so ready to get back to me and to just be a mom and a wife again because my family has been on the back burner the last few months at least. I will keep you all posted!
  10. itsonlyk

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent news! I am a surrogate with "the gift of Surrogacy". It's an agency based in Idaho and I have really enjoyed working with them. All of the women in this group are based out of Idaho (except a few due to recent moves) but Alicia the agency owner meets with every single one before matching them to make sure they are a good fit for the agency. The agency is more about relationships and having that long lasting relationship between IPs and Surro's so we generally don't have many international IPs. I'm currently pregnant with twin boys and my IPs are from Montana. It has been such an amazing experience! There are many agency's here in idaho and many have Surro's all over the US. The website is This agency isn't for everyone but I can tell you personally I have had an amazing experience with them and I believe my IPs would say the same because we were matched based on believes and personality rather than convenience. I hope you find what you are looking for! I look forward to following your journey!
  12. itsonlyk

    Yah I'm pretty over this twins thing. I felt term starting 2 weeks ago and I still have 5 more weeks to go! (If I make it that long)
  13. itsonlyk

    Amen adoubleux57!! I'm 32 weeks and feel the same. It's like the saying when raising kids that that years are short and the days are long... every day feels like a month in itself yet the pregnancy has somehow flown by!!!.... until Now... 😜
  14. Just checking in... :-)

    Even though I haven't been commenting a lot I do lurk a lot and read all the posts! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys. So far the pregnancy has been smooth sailing with no complications. Last week, however, at my OB appointment my cervical length went from 4.2 cm two weeks before to 2.0 cm so the doctor told me I need to do something different because if I keep doing what I'm doing I will be in labor by next week. I was still working three 8-hour shifts a week (previously I have always done two 12-hour shifts but he didn't want me working that long if hours) but my job is very physical. I'm a float nurse at our hospital and so I do med/surg, rehab, antepartum, labor and delivery and so I'm on my feet almost the whole shift and very active. So now I am on modified bedrest and time has seriously become sooo slow. The doc says if I can just make it to 35 weeks we are in the clear. The weird part is I haven't really had any signs of preterm labor. I get braxton hicks but I have had those since 24 weeks. I have a hard time gauging if I'm doing "too much" because I don't really have things that tell me to slow down and i really don't want to end up in antepartum in magnesium. I had that with my last pregnancy because I fell at my sons school and i had preterm labor/hospitalization for one night. Also baby A who has been head down the entire time has decided to stick his butt where his head is suppose to be! There is lots of fluid in there and I'm told he still has time to flip but c Sections scare me! Maybe because I have never had one but I have seen them from the outside (helping out in the OR) and they look terrifying! Anyways... the good news is babies are doing great. They are still exactly where they need to be weight wise and Baby B has even been measuring bigger than a singleton at this point. Next OB appointment is this Thursday... praying baby A quits being a "butt head" and buts his head where his butt is and also that my cervix stops shrinking!
  15. Mikey112

    I'm so sorry Mikey. :-( definitely don't give up! It is very true what Jewls5 said that sometimes not so desirable embryos make the most beautiful babies. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.