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  1. Thin lining

    Good luck to you earthmamma! Can't wait to read updates about your journey!
  2. Thin lining

    They had me increase the dose 3 days before I had the ultrasound and I am still at that dose. I was just upset because my first cycle worked perfect and then this time around not so good. But I guess our bodies do what they I am trying not to blame myself.
  3. Thin lining

    So, unfortunately my May 8th transfer is a no go. My lining was only at 5.15mm yesterday. The way it sounds is the cycle is getting pushed back by a week. I have another ultrasound and blood work this coming Friday and we will go from there. Praying for some good news. This is my second cycle (different clinic) and my first attempt everything went great, except the transfer failed. Has anyone been through this before? Do you think there is a chance this cycle will work out? All I can do is be positive and patient...which is kinda hard. Haha.
  4. Transfer #2!!! May

    Sending sticky vibes! I too am traveling beginning of May for a transfer. Can't wait to see how it goes for you! Keep us posted!
  5. itsonlyk

    Just now read this post...congrats on the heartbeat! So exciting!!
  6. Second FET

  7. Giving this another try!

    Thank you for the responses! ☺ I did notice I have to ask a good bit of questions to find out information. This site has helped me a lot as well! So thankful for everyone on here!
  8. Giving this another try!

    Hey! This is my second attempt being a GS. I was matched with a set of different IPs this time. Praying for them that everything goes smoothly. My transfer is next month. This time around I won't be taking Lupron but will be taking Progesterone Ethyl Oleate daily so I am not too excited about that. Anyone else take this type of Progesterone? Also I am curious, would it be ok for me to ask about the quality of embryos? Last time I had no clue what quality the embryo was. And since it did not take I would like to know this time around. Is this something I can ask before the transfer?
  9. Keeping in contact

    That is neat Traci! I'm sure it makes a big difference you having been a GS and all of that experience. I ended up contacting my coordinator and turns out since it is the Chinese New Year things are going to take a little longer. No need to rush but I was just curious about what was going on. I am always wondering about what is going on but don't want to be too impatient. I am praying this transfer works. Last time I was so bummed. But I know if it doesn't happen it just wasn't meant to be.
  10. If you are going through an angency, how often to you contact them to see if there is any progress? Or do you just wait on them to contact you? This is my second attempt as a surrogate (first time ended with a failed transfer). Last time I would occasionally e-mail my coordinator to see if there was anything new going on. I was matched with a new couple a little over a week ago. How soon is too soon to ask for an update?
  11. poas stories?

    Thanks ladies! Definitely not giving up! ☺
  12. poas stories?

    Well, it's a negative. But I believe what's meant to be, will be. Waiting to hear back from my coordinator to see what the next steps are. Praying for my IP's. I feel so heartbroken for them.
  13. poas stories?

    Sorry I didn't update. I went for blood work yesterday and waited around all day to hear my results. I called last minute to see what's going on and here they never got the results. So now I get to wait around another day. What fun! Lol. I don't feel too good about it though, so not getting my hopes up.
  14. poas stories?

    I'm not too worried about it. I am just glad I don't have any more in my house because they seriously drove me crazy!!! Haha!

    Sticky vibes!!!