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  1. Had the ultrasound with the IP's yesterday. Everything went perfect. Embryo was measuring bang on 6w4d, and I was 6w5d with a nice heart rate of 126 bpm. We had a follow up appointment with the doctor and he was very pleased with everything, he said the ultrasound looked "freaking awesome". This has been a natural cycle, so the only meds I have been on have been the Crinone since the transfer which I will continue with until Im 9 weeks. He said typically there is less than a 5 % chance of miscarrying after 6 weeks but because we had a genetically tested euploid embryo transferred there's even less of a chance but he still wants to get to that magical 12 weeks, then he will release me. I have another ultrasound in Jan
  2. Thank you!! I hope so 😍😍
  3. Hello everyone, I had another beta test yesterday, went up to 1957. The ultrasound was rescheduled from today to next Monday Dec 12. I will let you know how that goes
  4. Fingers and toes crossed we see anything 😊😍
  5. That would be awesome if we were able to see anything 😎
  6. So exciting 😊😊
  7. Thank you. I am so happy for my IP's
  8. Thank you for all the positive vibes. 😊
  9. I will be 6 weeks, its a vitality ultrasound, is that not normal?
  10. Thank you 😍😍
  11. Today's beta was 702. I will be 6 weeks next Tuesday, the day of the ultrasound. Its a vitality ultrasound.
  12. I go for the ultrasound Tuesday 😊
  13. Beta #3 done 42 hours after beta #2 is 341. Yayyyy
  14. I am super excited!! I go for my next beta on wednesday
  15. Thank you!!!! I am so happy