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  1. July Transfers

    Thank you Mikey!! I agree! Come on July!!
  2. Congratulations!! Holy cow what a fiasco!! Sounds like it was a very chaotic but amazing day! Glad all went well!!
  3. July Transfers

    I'm transferring July 2nd too! How awesome!!
  4. Transfer #2!!! May

    Sorry to hear about your bad news!! 😕
  5. May updates?

    That's AWESOME! how exciting!!
  6. May updates?

    1st clinic~ 7-7 1/2wks for a fresh transfer. 3-3 1/2wks for a FET2nd clinic~ 7-8wks for a fresh transfer. 7-8wks for a FET 3rd clinic~ 4-6wks for a FET. (never did a fresh transfer there) For my surrogates using 2 different clinics on the West Coast, it's been 3-4wks for a FET. (none have done a fresh transfer at either clinic) Thank you!! I signed and returned my final contract and we are just waiting for the IPs to sign theirs now. It's getting close! I'm so anxious!!
  7. May updates?

    Okay, thank you!
  8. May updates?

    Yes! The next step is medication and then transfer. So hopefully in the next few weeks I will be headed out for transfer. How long do you typically have to be on medication prior to transfer. I know every clinic is different but what's a ballpark time?
  9. May updates?

    My May update, I haven't been on here much and am new to this, but I am just waiting on the final draft of the contract so that I can sign and we can officially be done with legal. I'm anxious about what the next step is going to be like and how it's all going to work. I can't wait to move forward!
  10. May updates?

    Beachalice: My Ob/Gyn office was the same way when I had to start back over with a new Agency and have similar paperwork filled out again. The front desk woman even coped an attitude with me, but when I explained the situation her attitude changed and she apologized. Hopefully they can start to understand for you and get you everything you need soon.
  11. Back to the beginning!

    Awesome! Glad things are moving right along!!
  12. Wow!! That's a lot to have happen is such a short period of time! I'm glad all is going better and delivery will soon! Excited to hear updates!!
  13. Transfer #2!!! May

    Sticky thoughts! I hope all goes well and you have good news coming soon!!
  14. Back to the beginning!

    Sending some positive thoughts your way! I hope all goes well with the eval!