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  1. 14th weeks update

    Congrats! Sounds like everything is healthy and going well. Many OB offices only do one ultrasound the entire pregnancy. I had one ultrasound with my daughter and none with my son. Unless she had a hemorrhage or something specific to check on, it is completely normal and healthy to only hear the heartbeat every 4 weeks. You're 1/3 of the way done!
  2. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    There’s one random sentence in the middle there that is a different size. I don’t know how it happened. I can’t figure out how to correct it. This happened last time I responded to someone on my phone too. Sorry! I don’t know how or why the font is two different sizes.
  3. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Regarding psychologist, I think it is most important that you have a screening to be able to demonstrate that your surrogate is of sound mind and capable of understanding legal contracts. It’s helpful if the psychologist is familiar with reproductive issues and can discuss some of the challenges of taking months of medications for someone else’s baby. The attorneys absolutely need to be well versed in reproductive law, but to my knowledge it is not a requirement that the psychologist specialize in reproductive issues. Regarding clinic location, you can choose any clinic you like. Travel expenses for screening, creating embryos, and transfer of embryo might add up to the point that a local clinic makes more sense. But there is no legal reason to choose one clinic over another. The local state laws where a clinic is located would only be relevant if your baby was born in that state. Regarding donor share programs, just make sure you understand the costs and the risks. Are you guaranteed a certain number of eggs? Are you guaranteed that any of the eggs are able to be fertilized? It may take a little bit longer to get started if you need to wait for a second couple to choose your egg donor. You may not end up with additional embryos to be able to freeze for the opportunity to try again in the future (for a sibling or if the first transfer doesn’t take). Each clinic will have different policies so be sure to advocate for yourself and ask lots of questions. You can do this!
  4. beachalice update

    We had an interview today with a new OB group in Atlanta. I wasn't examined at all - just a chat session to see if they'd be a good fit. D it!!!! This practice is experienced with surrogacy so it will be no problem to handle records and parent access, etc. The IPs are welcome at all appointments, or I may video/ record the appointment for them if they have to miss it. The practice has 6 midwives and 4 OB. I'll see all the midwives in rotation, and one will be present at birth; they don't share with any other practices. I'll see the OBs or be referred for NST or BPP only if baby needs a little extra support. Total midwifery model of care all the way. No need for induction unless I'm past 42 weeks or if a BPP indicates a change in health. No elective induction even if the IPs beg for one. Unmedicated delivery is supported in a number of ways. The practice was just so warm and positive and friendly. We spoke with 5 staff members from check in to check out, and they were all so excited for my IM. No gushing over me at all, which I appreciate. They did refer me to a MFM so we can follow up on the SCH. They only do the 20-week anatomy scan in office, and sometimes a confirmation scan if women are unsure of dates. Their machine isn't strong enough to properly monitor the SCH. So I'll receive parallel care (usually same day appointments) between the MFM and the midwives until the SCH is cleared.
  5. Good for you. Whatever works for you is all that matters. I can relate a tiny bit in a small way. I'm a divorced mama in a small rural town in the bible belt. It's quite scandalous. But I don't care about anyone's judgement. Their opinions don't change who I am. When people ask about my non-existent husband, I say I'm single by choice. I don't need to be pitied nor have I earned a scarlet letter. It's my choice to raise my children alone. However, I don't have to deal with ignorance in the workplace on a daily basis so only you know how best to handle that environment. I will be announcing my surrogacy pregnancy in a positive way that lets others know I am excited for my IPs (while minimizing the rumors down about me because I need to maintain my job).
  6. Help Insurance and NewBorn

    Okay. Here's what I see: $526 premium every month $0 for office visits 20% of the hospital bill up to a max of $6000 if the hospital participates in this plan What I don't see listed is the coverage for c-section. It might cost $0 as a part of prenatal care coverage, or it might cost 20% of the surgery bill as a part of hospital services. Regardless of the surgery c-section coverage, the most you'll have to pay is $6000 total for delivery (in addition to the monthly premium). Check your contract to see how long you need to maintain insurance after the pregnancy. Usually IPs are responsible for medical care after the baby is born for several months. When your contract is complete, you can stop paying the $526 monthly premium.
  7. what are big no for GC?

    That's a hard NO! I'm so glad you can give her some pointers of how it can be with the right agency/ match.
  8. what are big no for GC?

    Nope. Def not true. She needs a new agency. It might take a little while to find the perfect match. But there's someone for everyone. Some surrogates are particular to married couples or singles or religious or non-political or traditional or first timers or international or ..... And that includes some surrogates who prefer to carry for families who already have children. Some surrogates really don't have a preference of ideal family at all. There's someone for everyone. Just a matter of finding them.
  9. Gorgeous child! Congrats, momma! What a warm fuzzy update
  10. Help Insurance and NewBorn

    Jul, Most Americans don't even understand our insurance. I promise. If this is the correct document for your GC's insurance, it looks to me that you'll pay: $526 every month for premium (this is membership into the club whether you use it or not) $0 for doctor appointments (plan on 10-14 visits for prenatal care) $600 per day the GC is in the hospital (plan on maybe 3-4 days if all goes well) $35 for doctor appointments to check on your GC after the c-section (plan on 2-3 visits) This is just my interpretation of the insurance document linked above. It might not be the correct document, and I might have misunderstood the coverage. I hope your agency can help more!
  11. I would say it's entirely up to you and the rapport you have with your colleagues. My IPs are not single, but they do plan on utilizing FMLA time when baby comes so they are preparing for telling their employers. Their close family and friends know their story so it was joyful for them to announce to their close circle. They figure everyone else can find out along the way or not know - not really anyone's business is their point of view. Shout it from the mountaintops and keep ultrasound photos on your desk, or keep it reserved for only those who need to know. It's up to you. Everyone's personality and comfort zone are different. Best wishes!!
  12. Help Insurance and NewBorn

    If the agency suggests this policy, I hope that means it has been checked for surrogacy exclusions. The premium is due in full every month no matter how much care your GC receives. The deductible is the amount you will need to pay in addition to the premium before any coverage begins. $0 deductible is nice! The other two numbers you want to ask about are co-pay and co-insurance. A co-pay is a visit fee that is due either one time or at every visit for prenatal care. Co-insurance is the amount of the bill you are responsible for after the deductible and co-pay. For example: hospital delivery fee of $20,000 for c-section with 20% co-insurance and $100 co-pay: $0 deductible $100 co-pay for surgeon 20% co-insurance = $4000 bill for you The most you would be billed for the worst possible disaster would be $6,000 for your out of pocket Regarding newborn insurance, New Life and Art Risk are the only two companies I know about. You could also negotiate a cash discount with the hospital. Or it might be a possibility to call local insurance agents to see if there are any private companies able to offer a policy in your GC's region. You might also check with your insurance companies to see if they cover infants born abroad - I have heard this is a possibility. Traci has been in some training sessions regarding recent insurance changes in the USA. She may have some more up to date options for you.
  13. beachalice update

    I’m on my phone so I hope this doesn’t post huge. IM made a collage of 2 u/s photos showing how the SCH is changing in appearance. You can see the yolk sac and tadpole-baby in the 6 week image, but Baby was cropped out of the 8 week image.
  14. beachalice update

    Ultrasound from Friday got bumped to this AM. We saw a dancing little gummy bear with a good heart rate. I swear Baby was doing jumping jacks and toe touches. The little one is still measuring 2 days ahead. The SCH is the same size but the composition looks more clotty. The SCH is more beside baby than above and has room to bleed out if need be. RE said she's not concerned anymore. 2 more weeks of meds, and I'm released to OB care. IM and I picked a new OB near a hospital that is in network (for the moment ). We have an interview appointment scheduled for Wednesday to discuss their protocols and see if they're a good fit for us. The practice rotates through all practitioners including 5 CNM midwives.
  15. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    I would check with actual clinics on costs. Kaiser's numbers may be inflated to the max they're willing to cover, or they're trying to inflate the costs so that if the cover anything it makes you feel like you're getting a good deal. I sure hope they're wrong!