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  1. D&J update

    Bleeding is very very common with IVF pregnancies unfortunately. It could have been her body simply adjust to the change in progesterone. It sounds like you received a great update! Fingers crossed for the next 6-7 months!
  2. beachalice update

    Oh and PS - low impact strength training is fine. No aerobics, nothing high impact, no straining to lift heavy. But crunches, lunges, walking are all fine. Yay!
  3. beachalice update

    Hello! Transfer was 10/4 with a single embryo. HPTs started showing positive at 3dpt. Positive beta at 9dpt, 12 dpt, 15dpt. Now the ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now. (Another 2ww ) I'll be 7 weeks at that point so it should be a good one!
  4. Waiting to exercise

    The numbers from Friday to Monday (today) quadrupled and the doubling time was 29 hours. Definitely a sticky one! It was the nurse coordinator who called so she didn't know about exercise. She said she'll email tomorrow.
  5. The Neverending Beta Thread

    Idk what the numbers were but from Friday to Monday (9dpt to 12dpt), my doubling time was 30 hours. Next milestone will be heart beat scan in about 2 weeks.
  6. Finding an Egg Donor

    @traci72 - I'm available. I'm AMA and currently pregnant and I have no idea of my bio history, but that doesn't matter if the IPs choose me, right? You can forward my contact info.
  7. Transfer and Waiting

    Fingers crossed!
  8. Waiting to exercise

    Beta is in! Waiting for the Dr to call with her "analysis" of the numbers. I'll ask her when I get the phone call.
  9. Waiting to exercise

    I guess I'm still in this category. Beta was Friday at a local lab. Waiting on the clinic to get results so I can schedule another beta. I just want to exercise. Nothing intense... I had such a good habit of doing lunges and crunches and small weight arm curls in between tasks as work. I don't want to get floppy during pregnancy, and I don't want to get too far away from my routine. I think my clinic said not until after heart beat confirmation. But I'll check in with them after beta results. I'm not a calisthenics/ crossfit kind of girl. I won't exercise intensely to the point of losing calories. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. 2nd transfer

    Congrats!! Great update and huge
  11. feeling very full

    Close enough for me! Yayy! Congrats!!
  12. feeling very full

    Thank you!! I definitely feel pregnant. I know mentally most of the symptoms like sore boobs are the PIO. But I notice something in my pelvis when I bend/twist like when shaving legs. I'm getting the uterine twinges and round ligament stretching of early pregnancy. I've been caught rubbing my belly. I didn't have any m/s with my previous pregnancies and thankfully none so far but I'm starting to crave/ avert some things. Several people including strangers have said I'm glowing. I don't know if that's progesterone or hCG. Or maybe their imaginations. LOL I'm sooooo sleepy already. I've almost doubled my amount of sleep in the past week. Fingers crossed for doubling beta!!
  13. Agency and Escrow

    Agreed with all that Traci said above. I would bug them, excessively if need be, until an account statement is provided.
  14. Almost transfer time

    So exciting! Congrats!!
  15. feeling very full

    The IM wanted more just in case. Happy to oblige!