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  1. My IPs want to delay contracts for about a month due to moving. They're looking to buy a house in the same metro area, definitely same state. I asked them to please consider looking through the first draft. By the time they perfect their requests and I have my turn with the contract, maybe they'll be getting near closing on their new home so that the new address can make it in the contract without delaying the whole process. Was that rude of me?
  2. Just be honest and up front. There's someone for everyone. Don't feel like you need to settle either. Some surrogates want only heterosexual married couples; some want only homosexual males; some prefer single parents or international parents or parents with Jewish heritage... There are as many surrogate styles as there are parenting styles. If you intend to work with an agency, you can ask them how many surrogates they usually approve per year and how long they anticipate the wait will be. I don't think you'll have any trouble at all based on only marital status. If you also want a vegan single mother within an hour of your home, it might take exponentially longer Best wishes!
  3. I've always been the type to enjoy volunteering and helping others in meaningful ways. I heard about surrogacy when I was trying to conceive my own firstborn. I thought it was wonderful that there was a way to help families have a baby without the same stresses as adoption. Now that I'm a mother to two amazing children, I know how much my life has improved by me needing to be a better person for my children. My kids are all potty trained now and I'm financially stable and good in my career. It seems like a good time to get started. I joined an agency last October, but I haven't made it to transfer yet so I cannot comment on how the experience has been. I look forward to experiencing pregnancy again. I look forward to when my job is done and I can sleep peacefully knowing the little one I worried about for so long is safe in his/her mom and dad's arms!
  4. Hello and It can be difficult to find accurate information on the internet, but this website has been great for me to learn. There are many US states that allow the intended parents to go on the birth certificate, so that part should go smoothly with the right match. I saw in another post that you already have a child. I think that's wonderful! You'll be able to find the right surrogate for you. Even if the majority of people you talk to would rather carry for IPs who do not yet have a child, it only takes one person who is right for you. From my perspective, you already having a child might make it easier to work with you because you already kinda know (whether through your own pregnancy or adoption or previous surrogacy) that flexibility is the key. We have stats and best practice to guide us, but there is no one-size fits all answer to questions and concerns throughout pregnancy. I hope you're able to find the answers you need to all your questions to be able to move forward with a positive journey!
  5. I hope so!! What's meant to be will be...
  6. Just an update on me. (I'm on hold for a phone call so may as well share my waiting with you while I wait ) New Clinic accepted my screening results from my previous clinic on July 27. We picked our attorneys on July 31. The IPs and I agreed on everything and filled out a bunch of pre-legal questionnaires with our agency to help the contract process move smoothly. Based on who we were using and the legwork that had already been complete, our agency estimated that we could maybe be done in 2-3 weeks. IPs sent in retainer payment on Aug 11 so now we're waiting on first draft. If the 2-3 week estimate is correct, we might have a contract by the end of the month
  7. Mikey - Any updates? How did your ultrasound go?
  8. Lisa - congrats to your sister and congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I hope everything goes smoothly for her. Your local doctors decide what procedures you might need throughout pregnancy based on your own medical records. Typically, pregnancies using egg donors are more healthy for an older woman due to the health of a younger egg. But the health of mother or gestational carrier can change at any time, so working with a competent midwife or obstetrician is the most important factor in all pregnancies.
  9. I remember not being able to see signatures until I had a certain number of posts. But maybe the new technical update changed that requirement.
  10. Regarding showing up at the clinic, I know.... Good to hear there's a possibility her saline sono on the east coast might be accepted on the west coast. I'm just going to start responding to her texts that she should ask the RE. The less I know about this situation, the better.
  11. Other than the clinic's website, I can't find anything about their clinic with the CDC or SART or other online reviews. I think I'm going to have to simply shrug my shoulders on this one. There is literally no info I can provide her to help the journey go well.
  12. I've seen where surros are able to get local monitoring. Do any REs approve of local screening? Someone local to me has decided to become an independent surrogate. She drove out to the IPs' clinic a few months ago (2200 miles away) but didn't have an appointment with the RE, so the RE wouldn't see her when she showed up unannounced with her kids. Yeah. So now she's calling around to find the best price on saline ultrasound within an hour drive of home. I'm sure there's more to the story but I can't make heads or tails of this situation. If she is successful in randomly getting a saline sono at a local clinic, what are the odds the RE 2200 miles away will accept the results?
  13. I'm so excited for you! Sticky stick thoughts!
  14. Woohoo! Hatching is even better than expanded. Just like a bird hatches from an egg, this baby is ready to grow ♡
  15. Hi and I don't think it's uncommon for agencies to pass along your file to an attorney that they have had success with before. If there is no exchange of money between the attorney and the agency, that should be fine. But, like Traci said, you definitely may chose a different ART/ surrogacy experienced attorney if you prefer. Regarding escrow, is the attorney licensed and bonded? Does the agency have access to the account? Are you doing a set monthly stipend or reimbursing for actual expenses as they are incurred? I would think having the surrogacy agency look over expense reports to make sure everything is legit before sending the request to the escrow agent is a nice value add. A set monthly stipend instead of receipts for all vitamins and pregnancy supplies is a nice way to keep the books clean. Again, you should have the right to pick any escrow agent, and the surrogacy agency should not have access to the account. Best wishes!