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  1. beachalice update

    Hello! Transfer was 10/4 with a single embryo. HPTs started showing positive at 3dpt. Positive beta at 9dpt, 12 dpt, 15dpt. Now the ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now. (Another 2ww ) I'll be 7 weeks at that point so it should be a good one!
  2. beachalice update

    The IPs asked for the Panorama test at 14 weeks - one healthy little boy with minimal risk of trisomy! After 2 months of bleeding , the SCH finally tapered down to spotting at 16 weeks. At my 17 week check up with midwife, I was measuring 2 weeks ahead and baby's heart rate was good. 18 week ultrasound with the MFM and the SCH is completely gone so I'm finally off restriction. I had hired a housekeeper to come twice a week so I gave her a week notice that I'd be able to handle my own house now. Baby Boy is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead in various spots and is estimated at 9oz now. The MFM recommends a routine echocardiogram for all IVF patients, so that is scheduled for February. I'm pleased so far with the midwives, and I have an interview tomorrow with a doula. My IM has been able to make it to one appointment. I video call her for all the other appointments, and send her any baby development news from the Ovia app to try to keep her included. I'm moving to a new city hopefully next weekend. I'll be much closer to the IPs and within 5 miles of a top notch hospital. I'm looking forward to this new chapter, and I'll try to not overdo it with moving now that I'm off physical restrictions.
  3. I am new.

    My only advice is to read, read, and read some more. There are so many varied experiences shared here from challenges with IPs to wonderful birth stories, from complications of IVF to dealing with the postpartum experience after Baby has gone home. Feel free to ask any questions. Best wishes!
  4. 2nd transfer

    Congrats on such positive news that your baby is growing well. I hope your agency can find a solution for insurance. If there is truly no option for insurance, I hope your agency can help you negotiated a pre-paid discount for your baby's wellness care.
  5. (Almost) 12 week update

    Aww. Yay for a boy! Healthy healing vibes to you!!
  6. Facebook Support Group

    Best wishes
  7. Facebook Support Group

    I don't use facebook much but you can probably do a search for February 2018 transfer group. There are probably 1-2 groups already established. If you're in the larger surrogacy forums, they might have a list of transfer groups as well.
  8. 4dp5dt Opinions on symptoms??

    When is your beta scheduled?
  9. I would ask if you intend to be a surrogate OR a mother to the child. These are two mutually exclusive roles. If it is your intent to become a parent with your co-parent partner, I would suggest a parenting agreement for child visitation and child support much the same as if you have just gotten a divorce. This would be the only way to protect yourself, your child, and your child's father. This agreement would not be considered surrogacy in any form. If it is your intent to be a surrogate, it is a requirement in most situations to wait until your family is established and you know whether your body is capable of handle a healthy pregnancy. There are gestational surrogates in their late 30s to early 40s so there is time to complete your family. Your psychological evaluation and legal contract need to be complete before contacting any clinics.
  10. On II Trimester

    That's exciting that you get to see your baby again! Do you know your baby's gender yet?
  11. Birth Plan - Delivery

    Congrats on an easy labor! I hope you're able to rest and heal quickly. I'm so sorry your IM had a change of heart. I know it hurts. You were trusted for so long, and all of a sudden not at all. Will you be able to see the baby before she goes home?
  12. On II Trimester

    Sounds like great results! The numbers are related to the age of the egg donor and how far along the pregnancy is, so I can't say what normal ranges for any of the numbers are. But you have very very little risk for Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18. Congrats!

    Best wishes!
  14. beachalice update

    That sounds completely normal to me. Some women gain a lot in pregnancy, and some women do not. As long as the OB is pleased with her health and your baby is growing well, that's all that matters! Pregnancy is similar to trying a new diet or going to the gym. Each person is different, and the exact same routine will have different results for different people. Hopefully your GC starts to feel better so she can enjoy some holiday meals with her family
  15. beachalice update

    Sorry - I used abbreviations and I forget that we have members from around the world. BH ctx = Braxton-Hicks contractions. They're little practice contractions that do not hurt the baby or start labor. It's like doing bicep curls at the gym. They can sometimes be triggered by dehydration, but I drink about 80-100oz (2.5 - 3 liters) of water per day so the Braxton Hicks are simply my uterus trying to tone up for labor and birth in June. Merry Christmas to you @D&J2017! How is your baby doing?
  16. beachalice update

    13 week appointment with the midwives today. I'm measuring 15 weeks and already having BH ctx. My uterus likes to be nice and toned for fast labors IPs elected to do NIPT testing so we should have the results next week. Onward to 2nd trimester!
  17. Anyone Use WeChat?

    Are you maybe setting up a business account instead of individual account?
  18. Should I Change Surrogate?

    Hello and welcome! It's too bad to hear you're getting frustrated this early in the process. Here's a question for you. Obviously you're hoping for a baby. But are you hoping right now that this transfer didn't work so that you have an excuse to cancel the contract? If it doesn't feel right, then follow your gut. But be sure to check the language of your contract to be sure you can terminate the relationship after 2 transfers. Best wishes
  19. Skype Call with IPs

    Timing sounds perfect! Congrats! Hope everything goes smoothly for you
  20. @itsonlyk - How are you doing? Restful healing vibes coming your way! I can't wait to hear about the final chapter of this journey
  21. Anyone have problems at work?

    My guess, without knowing how competitive you local market is, would be that even if you get passed over for a promotion while pregnant, it would be hard for any one person to ruin your overall trajectory. If you're a good, hard worker with a strong ability to network with colleagues, it should all work out fine. Best wishes!
  22. Advice wanted please

    Kids that age don't really understand yet the traditional way of conceiving a baby, so it just makes sense when you tell them the doctor put someone else's baby in there. Best wishes!
  23. beachalice update

    I saw the MFM today and was able to FaceTime with the IM while she was out of state for a family emergency. 12 weeks tomorrow. Baby measuring on target. SCH is still there. The MFM said to not worry about the numbers because it doesn't change the outcome. The SCH appears coagulated. No blood blow in the area. Continue pelvic rest and no exercise or straining of any form or anything that raises heart rate. I forgot to ask about baths... but I can't really fit in my kids' bathtub anyway so I'll skip baths for now. OB next week; follow up with MFM in 6 weeks.
  24. I was matched today !

    and Hopefully you have some more info from your agency as well by now. But like ad57 said, there's a physical exam by the IPs' fertility clinic (you'll have to travel to whichever clinic they are using) as well as a psychological exam. Sometimes the clinic can review your previous medical records for a pre-qualification before you travel for the exam. After you're cleared mentally and physically is the legal process. All this together can take a month or 6+ months.... just depends on the schedule of the clinic and the IPs' desired timeline. After all medical and legal clearance is complete, you move on to the medical process. You'll probably go in for a baseline scan on during the first few days of your period - blank slate so to speak so they know what they're dealing with. Then either that cycle or the next cycle you'll start your meds. You'll have 1-3 ultrasounds during that time to monitor your response to the meds. Meds can take anywhere from 3-7 weeks before transfer. After embryo transfer, you'll have a few blood draws to verify pregnancy and increase in hormones, then 1-3 ultrasounds to check on growth if the embryo sticks. You'll be on meds until 10-12 weeks pregnant, then released to standard care with your OB. The protocol for meds and times and frequencies for everything fertility related varies widely among clinics. I'm always interested to hear people's journeys because it really seems that no two are alike! I hope your Skye calls goes/went well
  25. beachalice update

    Thanks for checking in I live about 90 minutes from IPs, and we picked a provider and hospital in the middle. I'll be moving to the area in January. Ultrasound tomorrow to check on the SCH. It's been 4 weeks since last scan. I feel much different, so fingers crossed. I really really REALLY want to get back to my exercise routines and normal daily life if possible.