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  1. 26 Weeks!

    What a great update! Hopefully the PBO goes smoothly for everyone. I love the idea of recorded voices. I've encouraged my IPs to facetime with my belly when there's some visible kicking going on. We'll just see how they feel throughout pregnancy <3
  2. 4dp5dt Opinions on symptoms??

    If your IPs want you to test, then test If the home test is positive, you can be cautiously optimistic. You still have 36+ weeks to go! If the home test is negative, don't give up hope and definitely don't change your med protocol. Maybe try again in about 2 days. When is your beta scheduled?
  3. itsonlyk

    @itsonlyk - I'm guessing you're in third trimester now. How are you doing??
  4. 26 Weeks!

    I'm glad things are going physically well for you! That's so hard about your IM. She can be as prepared or not prepared for bringing home a baby as she feels the need to be. But the legal process really can't be delayed much longer. I wonder if your agency can appeal to her from a different viewpoint. Not to be morbid, but if anything were to happen now to the baby, whose name would go on the death certificate? Baby is viable now! If you were to go into preterm labor, would she rather be in NICU helping to care for her baby or would she rather be in court trying to adopt her baby? Hopefully you can get a positive gender scan so she can begin visualizing her SON or DAUGHTER. Having a gender might help her connect more. Very best wishes for a smooth third trimester for you!!
  5. finally my turn!

    I've had a whirlwind week! Monday, my IPs got the first draft of the surrogacy contract and they approved it. I received the draft Tuesday, and it was basically a copy/paste of an adoption contract with language for compensation. It was full of grammatical errors - just basic stuff that was easy to correct - and I do appreciate how quickly the attorney got it together for us. But we really needed to address some of the basics of surrogacy. I had a phone chat with my attorney Tuesday afternoon who assured me it was just the framework for a contract and anything could be modified. I won't go into specifics, but I added a bunch of stuff both to protect me and to protect the IPs thanks to the wisdom of the masses and all that's been shared here and other forums over the past decade. My attorney agreed with it all and sent it to IPs' attorney Tuesday night. IPs agreed and I received the final copy Wednesday. I physically drove the original to my IPs so we could all sign and notarize and then hand delivered it to the IPs' attorney. She gushed over how that was unorthodox but she couldn't really say that I had breached anything... So the legal clearance was sent to the clinic and our agency Wednesday afternoon BECAUSE COINCIDENTALLY it was the first day of my cycle. Baseline scan complete and all's a go. I started estradiol today. Two more scans to check progress and a tentative transfer set for 10/4.
  6. finally my turn!

    Thank you! I totally expected contracts to take about a month. I would have never guessed we could get through in less than a week. But our agency really held our hand and we went over so many topics at our joint psych session. We had covered just about everything before anything was sent to the attorneys, so it was simply a matter of adding legalese. I don't know how my IPs managed to get me in Friday for monitoring, but when they said it was possible if the attorneys approved our contract it was a no brainer to hand deliver the paperwork rather than FedEx the contract back and forth across the state. We've had a few lucky flukes along the way
  7. itsonlyk

    That's AWESOME news! Congrats!!
  8. finally my turn!

    Thank you!
  9. Later than usual period after ED

    I've never donated eggs, but I thought I might take a try at responding for you. First of all, Lupron does not trigger a positive on a pregnancy test. If she did not have the ovidrel at all and no other form of hCG, then any positive pregnancy test would be due to something implanting in her uterus. Menstrual cycles are a tricky thing. The most regular woman misses a cycle sometimes and the most irregular woman might have a textbook ovulation on the 14th day with a 14-day luteal phase. She's coming down off a ton of hormones, so I personally wouldn't be worried just yet. Also, Lupron could definitely explain the slower period. Lupron blocks gonadtropins so even though it causes the pituitary to surge the FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to tell the ovaries to produce mature eggs, the uterus is not getting the estrogen which builds the endometrial lining. No lining = nothing to shed for a period. I would reach out to the doctor just to find out what to expect. I know women who receive lupron as part of treatment for endometriosis might not get a period for 3 months or more after the lupron wears off. But they're taking much higher doses. I'm curious to hear more about how this turns out. Best wishes!
  10. 2nd transfer

    REs like to see the hCG double every 2-3 days roughly. So we can estimate the levels you're hoping for are somewhere between 2600-8000. Fingers crossed!
  11. itsonlyk

    Oh yes. Stress definitely throws off your blood sugar. It's that flight or fight syndrome. If you have any type of adrenaline rush, your pancreas basically shuts down for a bit to make sure your blood flow is in your arms and legs rather than in your stomach and intestines. Fingers crossed for you that the 3-hour results are exactly where you need them!!
  12. Newbie here

  13. itsonlyk

    Thinking of you today! Healthy pancreas vibes!!
  14. My IPs want to delay contracts for about a month due to moving. They're looking to buy a house in the same metro area, definitely same state. I asked them to please consider looking through the first draft. By the time they perfect their requests and I have my turn with the contract, maybe they'll be getting near closing on their new home so that the new address can make it in the contract without delaying the whole process. Was that rude of me?
  15. IPs are moving

    YAY! I started signing up for agencies about a year ago... so yeah. It's been a long year, but I feel totally prepared. IPs received their draft of the contract today and approved. They sent it back via email this evening, and their attorney said she'd send it to my attorney same day that she received it so that means TOMORROW for me! I'm thinking it was a copy/paste of another contract because the lawyers just got their retainer 2 business days ago and we're in the middle of a hurricane/ tropical storm.
  16. 2nd transfer

    Fantastic news!! YAAAYYY!!! (Big Fat Positive results) Congrats!! I can't wait to hear next week!
  17. itsonlyk

    Eww yuck! How have you been feeling otherwise? Is this pregnancy progressing the same as your others or have you been more tired/ nauseous? Everything crossed for you that everything will go smoothly tomorrow!!
  18. Mikey112

    Mikey - Any updates? How did your ultrasound go?
  19. 2nd transfer

    Yes. A Home Pregnancy test detects the pregnancy hormone of hCG in the urine. Your fertility doctor will do a beta-hCG test to detect the amount of pregnancy hormone in her blood. It's fantastic news that she is showing positive at home. But the important information will come from your clinic about whether her hCG is increasing correctly for a healthy pregnancy.
  20. 2nd transfer

    Just about everything is normal as far as symptoms. The artificial hormones play tricks on the mind and body. Best wishes for Monday!!
  21. IPs are moving

    Due diligence is complete - closing day is set AND LAWYERS HAVE RETAINER. Let's do this contract!!
  22. IPs are moving

    I am willing to send you some warm weather, but only if I can keep it too. We don't need to rush fall here... Weather is perfect right now as is
  23. IPs are moving

    Inspection complete! If the report comes back positive, we can begin legal. Like a hint of fall on these 80 degree GA days I can almost imagine transfer will be soon.
  24. When To Start The Process?

    The eggs can be fertilized and grown into embryos before vitrification, yes. Again, from signing up with an agency to transfer could be as short as 4 months, but could take a year or more depending on how many surrogates are available and the timing for the screening process. What if your first transfer turns out to be a blighted ovum (embryo attaches and grows an amniotic sac, but no baby) and it takes a few months to be able to transfer again? Would you be okay if it took until 2020 before you have a baby in your arms?