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  1. I did my first transfer January 12 and I'm pregnant !
  2. Good luck!
  3. New surrogate, are the numbers you're talking about the hcg level ?
  4. Yay! Great news!
  5. Ok thanks. Next blood test is 1/31
  6. What were your numbers on first blood test
  7. Thank you!!
  8. Results are in ....pregnant!!!!! Yay!
  9. Thank you !! I'll let you know
  10. Thanks for asking, it went well. I had some spotting this morning which made me even more stressed. But it was just a bit and stopped. Had a good shift though. Work again tomorrow. But each day that goes by I feel less worried.
  11. Beta test is Tuesday. We transferred 2 embryos. I know. And I never worried about this with any of my own pregnancies. But yes more worried nd it a someone else's. Can't wait for the news Tuesday!
  12. Ok thanks. They had told me to take it easy for 2 weeks after transfer so I was just worried. But I know God has got me covered🤗
  13. Had my transfer on January 12! Blood test Tuesday!!👣❤👣
  14. I start back to work sunday, which will be nervous. I am a server and I walk a lot. How long does everyone usually stay off work after transfer?
  15. Hahaha so awesome ! Congrats!