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  1. stop breast milk from coming in...

    I think as long as you pump regularly you will be able to get a decent supply going. Though every body is different of course. With my first baby, I had problems nursing and was able to pump to keep my milk supply up while we figured it out. So it's totally possible. Good luck!
  2. 37wks 3days

    That is so nice of you to go out of your way like that! The IPs are lucky to have you.
  3. Good agencies?

    Hi JenRitter - I am a lawyer that represents both surrogates as well as intended parents in this journey. I have worked with Extraordinary Conceptions with success. I have never worked with Miracles in the Making. There are lots of good agencies out there. I think the important thing is that you are comfortable with who you choose and feel like they are on your side/provide you support in the process. Meet with them, interview, compare. Good luck in the journey ahead!