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  1. 2nd transfer

    We are due March 18th. Everything has been going great. We have out mid-pregnancy appointment in a few weeks which is very exciting. Our GC and her kids came out this weekend and we spent the whole day with them at a Fall pumpkin festival. it was really great! Cant wait to hear about progress on your end. :-D We are due March 18th. Everything has been going great. We have out mid-pregnancy appointment in a few weeks which is very exciting. Our GC and her kids came out this weekend and we spent the whole day with them at a Fall pumpkin festival. it was really great! Cant wait to hear about progress on your end. :-D
  2. 2nd transfer

    That is such great news and sounds perfect! Congratulations!! :-D you must be so excited! what's your due date?
  3. 2nd transfer

    AHHH. That is so fantastic!!! Congratulations to you guys!! That is a great number. Now you get to watch it keep going up and up. When does she do her next beta? :-D
  4. When To Start The Process?

    Again, this was just my specific IVF clinic but as part of the full IVF fee, they include the actual process of freezing as well as a full year for the embryos in frozen storage. After that first year we can opt to pay $750 to keep them frozen another year or if we decide we no longer need/want them, we can opt to donate them to science or have them destroyed. I know it sounds like a lot of money but in the grand scheme of the process as a whole, it really amounts to very little.
  5. Mikey112

    Yes, definitely watched that show too. I heard it was cancelled though?! :-( And of course I never miss Modern Family lol.
  6. When To Start The Process?

    I have to agree with beachalice - I would probably get started with the egg donor ASAP. When we started researching our surrogacy agencies they told us they would prefer that we already have our embryos formed and frozen before even contracting with any surrogate. Otherwise you may be stuck in contract with the GC and then have to wait months and months to even get your embryos. Every story and timeline is going to be a little different but I can share with you my personal timeline which was that we started our agency search early July 2016, formed our embryos in early August 2016 and contracted with our GC in late November 2016. We are now expecting our baby in March of 2018- so from very beginning of researching agencies to the brith, our process will end up being about a year and 8 months. Again, take it with a grain of salt as there are so many variables. Best of luck to you though in this exciting and crazy process!
  7. Mikey112

    Hi!! I hope you had a great long weekend! I had to shorten this video quite a bit so I could upload here but this was our last ultrasound a week ago. I could not believe how much she was moving around in there!! Cant wait for our next one in 2 more weeks! We finally did our reveal to friends and family this weekend. It was so crazy. I still am in shock. :-D Do any of you watch Flipping Out on Bravo? This season is about the dads having a baby via surrogacy and in the last week's episode the baby is born. I was freaking out because thats going to be us in less than 6 months!! hahah. Baby1.mov
  8. 2nd transfer

    That is so exciting. The 11th will be here before you know it! Are you going to have her to a home test agin? My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys!!
  9. Gift for RE

    Thanks beachalice!! We sort of figured it out. In the end nobody really came out getting what they wanted but fortunately our RE, who is new to the clinic, came in a little after all that so she wasn't even privy to that drama. I am so on cloud 9 about everything else going on that I completely forgot about all the bad stuff haha. Thank you for those suggestions! I do feel like our RE has gone out of her way for us on a few occasions. She actually gave us her personal cell phone number to call her day or night, and has even called us on weekends or her days off just to talk and check in to make sure everyone was doing well. She knew we were a bit traumatized from the 6 week loss the first time so she wanted to hold our hands for this round. The previous RE never would have done that- we go so lucky. Lilies do sound appropriate and fitting for the situation though! I think ill probably go with something like that. Thanks again for the recommendations! :-D I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
  10. Gift for RE

    I am not sure what topic this would fall under so hopefully you don't mind it here.... I am looking for a bit of advice. I want to get our RE a small gift to give her at our graduation ultrasound next week as a "thank you for putting up with all our craziness and millions of questions". Like a token of our appreciation sort of thing. The things I DO know about her in terms of her personal life, don't really lend themselves well to coming up with a good gift idea, so just curious if you all might have some fun/cute/creative ideas? I could always do some flowers or an office plant but I feel like maybe thats a bit too blah? Thanks! :-D
  11. Mikey112

    Thanks to you all for the well wishes! :-) ill keep you all posted when we get more pictures. I cant wait to see her again next week!!
  12. 2nd transfer

    I just got caught up on this thread. Im so excited for you guys!! Its coming up so soon! This one that took was a hatched as well so I know you guys will have great luck with this. :-) Please keep us posted on the progress. Sending sticky thoughts your way!! :-) xo
  13. Mikey112

    hi!! I hope you are doing well. Its been a while haha. We have our "graduation" ultrasound a week from this upcoming Monday. We will be at 11 weeks 1 day at that point. Things have been going great ::Knocking on wood:: Out GC is still on PIO + estrace + progesterone suppositories, but hopefully she will be taken off (or at least decreasing the amounts) next week. She has had REALLY bad nausea the last couple weeks but we're hopeful that will subside very soon. For your viewing pleasure (from two days ago)..... I still cant believe it. She..yes SHE...was wiggling around and waving her little arms like crazy. :-D
  14. List: Cycling, TTC & the 2WW

    Hi all!! Happy wednesday. Beta # 3- 16DP6DT - 6,732 yay!!!!! 1st ultrasound will be in just under two weeks hopefully. I think Im in shock lol!!! :-D but fingers still crossed. Wont be able to breath until 12 weeks. Out of curiosity, have any of you had to use PIO? Our GC still is staying on daily injections for another 5 weeks but she is crazy sore despite switching off sides. She laid off the right side for almost a week but is STILL sore. If you have gone through this, anything you can suggest for her to help alleviate some of that soreness? Thanks y'all! xo
  15. List: Cycling, TTC & the 2WW

    Hey D & J, congratulations to you as well. Its such an exciting and nerve wracking time lol. 19th will be here before you know it and then the real fun begins. Were still incredibly nervous as we miscarried at just under six weeks last time, so we never made it to our heartbeat US. I wont be able to take a deep breath until we get there this time, but fingers crossed. Cant wait to hear how your transfer goes!! Best of luck to you and sending lots of sticky vibes your way! :-D