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  1. @D&J, I wonder if its the same clinic that our NP just transferred here from. lol. That would be funny. Krys and MrsReed how exciting!! Sending tons of your way!!! July cant come soon enough. :-D
  2. Anyone transferring in July? It looks as though we finally got our donor and our GC coordinated and our new NP has calculated us at a July 2nd transfer date. YAY! This will be our first fresh transfer but third transfer in general....third times a charm right? Still going to be able to do PGS so were just going to have them select the best looking emby and go for that one (we chose not to find out gender until its visible on ultrasound!). I cant wait for July to get here already!! Just really praying for some fantastic embryos to come out of this. Our donor seems to be absolutely amazing (from what we heard from our RE) and we have a new nurse who is absolutely fantastic. She just moved out here from a major clinic in Idaho and we couldn't be more excited to work with her. Sorry for just blabbing on .... I just can't contain my excitement that we finally have our next attempt in sight. I've been craving the thrill of the 2WW. hahaha. And our GC said she can't wait for the thrill of PIO shots in her tush everyday. lmao. Anyway, hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing if anyone else is transferring in July!
  3. So sorry to hear of this news Hope you're doing ok though!
  4. Such an amazing story!! It gave me such butterflies just trying to imagine myself finally being in this situation! So glad to hear everything went so well and i hope youre still feeling great!
  5. We have the attorney all lined up and ready to go with her info, but they wont send over the contracts until after the screening. I believe they will be putting our ED on birth control so we wont have to wait another month. Traci, im so sorry to hear about your families. This whole process can be so heartbreaking. Just got to keep up hope that it will all be worth it in the end and everything is meant to be. :-)
  6. Just got caught up on all this. Congratulations!!!!
  7. This are ok. Still playing the waiting game. At this moment we are waiting for our new donor to have her monthly visitor so she can do her medical screening etc. They are guessing it will be mid-may. Once that happens our GC is going to be put on Lupron so they can sync her up for a fresh transfer....our RE is guessing it will be late June..possibly even early July. Waaaa. Trying to stay patient over here lol. :-)
  8. Awe, Im sorry to hear that beachalice! Im totally behind on all the latest posts over the last couple weeks so not sure if you went into more detail about your situation...but im really sorry to hear it didnt work out with you all!! Thats one of my biggest fears in this process now, that things will continue to work against us and we will have to break up with our GC. I really cant imagine continuing our process without her! Hope all is going well with you otherwise though!! xo
  9. Hello ladies and gents. I hope you have all been doing well. Just a little update.... So we are still waiting for GC's HCG level to bottom out and for her Aunt Flow to come for a visit. Hopefully it should be soon. HCG was down to 10 last friday so theoretically, it could be any day now. Once that happens our RE wants to do an HSG to rule out any problems there. They also did a clotting test which seems to be normal...as we figured it would be but he suggested it, so we did it lol. In the meantime, we decided to get a new egg donor, which we did and it looks like they will do a retrieval in May, so the hope is to cycle the donor and the GC at the same time and do a fresh transfer. Fingers crossed. It has been a trying couple of weeks but Im really trying to take it one day at a time and not get too caught up with how long this whole process is going to take until we even get to try again. :-) Sooo hopefully, if all goes well, ill be back in the 2WW category in a month or 2 . :-) xo
  10. Thank you all again so much for all the support and encouragement. Unless the doctor tells us that our GC's uterus might be incompetent, and assuming she is still willing to give it another go....we are definitely now in the mindset of giving it a go with the last emby. I've always been one to root for the underdog so it would seem only fitting to have this one be THE one. I am feeling better today...less emotional, but certainly still disappointed. I think I needed a good boo-hoo moment and some rest from all the anxiety of the day. So Beachalice- please don't apologize haha. Your trigger was actually a great help to me :-)
  11. Thank you all so much for all the love and support. I know I haven't been on here very long and of course don't actually know any of you but for some reason I find such a great comfort being part of this forum. beachalice - I was holding together pretty well on the outside, but reading your message....I totally lost it. I was trying to keep it together for my DH even though inside Im a wreck but reading that I totally lost it haha. I took a look at that article and I was totally hopeful too that perhaps there was lab error or maybe what the article said could be true for our case, however upon further conversation with our NP she said there wasn't just one blood clot, there were two surrounding the placenta. The first was 19mm and the second 14mm. I heard anything over 7mm is bad news so unfortunately I think were out of steam. I am actually really surprised at how hard I am taking this. I don't know why Im surprised, but I am. It really feels like a major loss. We were planning out our nursery, researching car seats, putting together our little suitcases for the night when we have to run out to get to the hospital lol. I know...super premature but I cant help myself. The excitement of it all was too much haha. Perhaps part of it also is because we only have one embryo left and it (according to the doctor) is the least likely to take of the 3 we had. I think we are going to attempt this last little one and then should things not turn out well....Im not really sure where we go from there. Im sure you all know the financial burdens on the IPs....to start fresh from step 1 again would be a nightmare. Not to mention all the time and anxiety going into everything. Sorry for rambling but again, its really nice to have a forum like this where I can chat with people who may understand a bit of how I feel and where Im coming from. Our GC just sent us the most beautiful text and it sent me over the edge. Aside from being sad for ourselves....I am absolutely heart broken for her. I know she was just as invested in this as we were and she genuinely cared about us being able to start a family. Not to mention all of the emotions and hormonal craziness her poor body has to go through. Heartbroken all around. In any event.... lots of love to you all and I hope everyone has a great weekend! xoxo
  12. HCG was down to 2000 :-(
  13. We lost the pregnancy .
  14. HELP. Our GC was having some bleeding over the last day so they sent her in for an early ultrasound and blood work: We just got this news: She is 5 wks and 4 days today. At this point, we can usually see a sac, something called a yolk sac and maybe the fetal pole. He did see a small sac and yolk sac today. No fetal pole seen yet. She does have a large blood clot under the sac. This shows there was bleeding under the placenta and it looks like it has clotted off now. This can happen in early pregnancy but in her case the area of bleeding looks like it was large and the gestational sac is a bit hard to see because of this. FREAKING OUT OVER HERE waiting for blood work to come back around 3pm. Anyone experienced anything like this?
  15. EEEK. So progesterone dropped from 22 last week to 6.5 this week. Looks like they are going to be putting her on shots once a day. Ouch! Have any of you experienced progesterone level drops early on? Think I should be concerned? Our NP doesnt seem overly concerned as long as we start shots tomorrow but it makes me nervous.