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  1. Any February transfers?

    Super good luck tomorrow! Sending sticky, sticky vibes to you! Our beta is tomorrow too!
  2. Any February transfers?

    As a matter of fact, we just got a positive HPT today!! SOOOOOO excited! In just 7 days! The beta is on Friday still so just staying encouraged!!! Any news TS?
  3. Any February transfers?

    Thank you and early congrats to you - I am claiming it for you!
  4. Any February transfers?

    Thank you! Fingers crossed and stickies for all!
  5. Any February transfers?

    Yes I'm transferring tomorrow - lucky 13 is the charm!!
  6. For all new members

    Hi I'm new and my transfer is set for tomorrow. My husband and I don't have any children together yet and we couldn't be more excited!