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  1. 2nd transfer

    Hello to everyone, So excited to say that our beta levels today 21dpt was 9689!!! We are so happy at this time, our dr said they wanted to see it at least at 3000 or greater so they said it was very nice and strong implantation. We are now scheduling our first ultrasound for next 09/29 at 7 weeks to check for heartbeat and the second one at around 9 weeks So exciting weeks! That's our updates from now!!! d&j
  2. finally my turn!

    That sounds really good Beachalice!!! Congratulations and we look forward to hearing how is everything going! Fingers crossed for the tentative date. d&j
  3. 2nd transfer

    Thanks! What about you? How is everything going? She comes back to the clinic again on September, 21st If she had 247 at 11dpt, what would you expect for 21st? It will be about 21dpt. Thank you so much! Looking forward for the day to arrive. d&j
  4. 2nd transfer

    Hi to everyone, So happy to report that we got a positive pregnancy beta test!!! Her HGC level was 247, our dr told us they wanted st least 100 so great number. She is currently 11dpt and we transferred 1 5d pretty embryo. We are so excited and happy st this moment and looking forward to next beta test arrive, will be on Thursday 09/21. What do you think of the number? So happy and excited!!! d&j
  5. 2nd transfer

    Si excited, she did a HPT yesterday, and was positive! It was 7dpt Tomorrow she is doing another one... let's see what this says.... And fingers crossed for Monday! Any advise?, did anyone have had that test and got positive pregnancy? So excited!!! d&j
  6. 2nd transfer

    Hello to everyone, how are you doing? We are getting anxious day by day just looking forward for Monday to arrive!! Our GC said us she was feeling so good, way different than the first transfer so hope this time it sticks... fingers crossed. Do you know if that good feeling is something normal? I mean, I just don't know so much about that symptoms but don't know if that could be taken as a possible good news... (hope it is but I just don't know) Anytime, will see for sure on Monday. Have a very good weekend! Hugs d&j
  7. 2nd transfer

    Hello to everyone, how are you all doing? Hope everything fine. Mikey, is everything going fine? Think it is. We had our transfer on 31st August, we could see it in live and it was amazing, so easy and quick but we felt so happy and loved stay with our GC during that process. Due to we are from Spain, we saw it by Skype but all iur DR helped us and explained us everything while doing... Finally we transferred the hatched embryo, it survived to the thaw and our DR said it had a very good form and colour, she said it looked so nice. Our GC lining was fine and her hormones was also good so everything went good. Now we have to wait until September 11st for the pregnancy test and see if this time we got it! We are so excited!!! DR gave us 60/65% pregnancy and looked very positive. Now is tlwhen nature has to do its part and our little embryo needs to stick into the lining so fingers crossed. Our GC feels good, still taking it easy and getting relaxed and spending a good time with her family. Fingers crossed this time we get it. I will update you once I have more news. Big hugs d&j
  8. 2nd transfer

    Thanks Mikey, Hope your process is going fine and your dreams getting closer. Today she had her linning check and the clinic told us it was 14.5mm, thick and trilaminar!! At first we thought it was too thick but they told us it was a great number so we are so happy. let's see what happens this time, fingers crossed! Have a nice day, D&J
  9. 2nd transfer

    Thank you so much! Fingers crossed this time it sticks. Long waiting still for 31st but so happy.
  10. 2nd transfer

    Wow!! Let's wait until it will be thawed, hope it survives and yes that was what our DR said, we only knew it was a 5dHBBB Well fingers crossed until the transfer and hope we will be lucky this time. Hope this survive to the thaw! d&j
  11. 2nd transfer

    Really? Looking forward this sticks this time, fingers crossed. Does anyone know if we could have more possibilities as this embryo is HB? Thank you so much
  12. 2nd transfer

    Hi Tracy, Many thanks for your post and yay! 31st is so near now!, they confirmed us on Friday that finally we would keep the date so everything looked fine. They told our GC to start estradiol injection on Saturday just to let her old lining go out completely, so she started it yesterday. That was what our DR told us about the embryo: "HB means hatching blast- the embryo is starting to hatch out of its shell. XB stands for expanded blast. Both XB and HB are equally good" So we may were wrong when we posted that wasn't already expanded as our embryo was: 5dHBBB. If so, just apologize for the misunderstanding. So exciting that we restart with the process and keeping our fingers crossed this time it works and we this sticks. Have a very nice day. D&J
  13. 2nd transfer

    Hi everyone, How are you all doing? Hope you will be fine. Wanted to update that our GC is coming to the clinic today and will be doing an ultrasound and maybe a blood work, (this we are not sure yet), and we got her transfer calendar. If everything looks good today, we will go on with it and our second transfer will be on August, 31st. Regarding the next embryo, we have finally decided to transfer only one, we had a very good talk wit our DR and she encouraged us to go on with the plan so, we have planned to transfer 1 5dBB, this is not expanded, as it was that one on first attempt, but our DR says we have the same percentage than the first time, (about 65% pregnancy). So that are our exciting updates, we are so so excited and nervous to try it next but keeping as calm and taking it easy as much as possible. Does anyone know if there's something concerning about the fact that this embryo is nos "expanded"? Our doctor told us not to worry about and we need to trust her but we would be very thanked if someone could tell us their experience or knowledge about this. Many thanks and fingers crossed!! d&j
  14. List: Cycling, TTC & the 2WW

    Hi Mikey, what a wonderful news!!! Hope everything goes like is going and you get your dreams come true. we have just had our transfer, 1 hour ago and everything went well. we have the beta test in July, 31st, so fingers crossed and try to wait as calm as we can... any advice for the waiting?? thank you very much for being there, is very nice when you fell accompanied through that journey. Thank you very much to that wonderful forum! looking forward to know what happens. hugs
  15. List: Cycling, TTC & the 2WW

    Hi Mike! congratulations for the beta results! We are so happy to read that. we have our first embryo transfer on July, 19, and are already so excited and nervous. Hope everything goes fine!!. Our GC is also ready, and the results of the tests and US are coming great! I will let you know how it goes. once again, congratulations and good luck for the rest of the process. D&J