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  1. Hi ddngirl welcome to the surrogacy journey! We are working with A Host of Possibilities agency and are really happy with them. We are international gay IP and love the way they are helping us in everything, not only during the “matching” process but also in the rest of the journey. Regarding the payments, we had to make a first payment at the beginning of the process and paid for the rest when our GC was medically cleared and had the legal clearance, so this shouldn’t be a problem, because you will be matched for sure with a loving GC. Everything is looking good so far, we are currently 23th pregnancy and so excited, and they, Nicole and her staff, are in touch with us sometimes per week. We are doing our process in ID and waiting for a good delivery in Ontario OR which is quite near Boise ID where AHOP and our GC lives so we hopefully will be able to be both parents in the birth certificate, fingers crossed!! If there’s something else we can help, just let us know. D&J
  2. 2nd transfer

    Thank you so much. we have been told by our local agency here and by their broker. It looks that for international IP’s is no longer possible to set up a policy for the newborn because all the companies ask for a price of residence and that’s not possible of course for us. We have submitted that two options to our agency and they already know about Artrisk, so we will wait for hopefully good news because we just want to have the possibility of purchasing a good one in case of necessity. Let’s wait what happens to that and enjoy seeing our little baby’s pictures, we loooove her. Of course, our GC is the best in the world ahahah she is adorable. You all are! Making our dreams come true and real. Big hugs d&j
  3. 2nd transfer

    Hello to everyone How are you all doing? Hope your processes are being good. We wanted to update that we had our 20th week US last week and everything went great! We had a very nice pictures of our little baby girl and was so exciting!. We are really thanked also to our GC who sent them to us and recorded her heartbeat, was amazing to hear her again. Tomorrow we are reaching 22 week and our journey is going very quick, we are so happy for that. If everything goes as planned, our GC will have an induction on May, 12th so this will be one week prior to due date. We already booked our flights tickets and the apartment where to stay there so, exciting update!! What it made us a little sad is the fact that we were told that from 2018 it is not possible to enroll any health coverage for newborn if you aren’t living in the USA, so we just don’t know how we will manage that because we are not from USA. Hope everything goes fine and she gets it good and we just have to negotiate a little bit with the hospital financial service. Any advice for us regarding this? Big hugs to everyone d&j
  4. beachalice update

    Thank you! We are doing fine, today we are 18W3D and everything is looking good, the belly is starting bumping up but our GC is not gaining so much weight, (it looks all of her pregnancies have been like that so we are not concerned at all), but would love to see if someone else has had that. In fact she is still with morning sickness, nausea and so on so that’s why she is not gaining so much weight. We have our mid pregnancy US on January, 4th and we are so excited about that, fingers crossed everything goes fine. We had PGS to the embryos so hopefully everything will be good. What about you all? How are your process going? Hugs d&j
  5. beachalice update

    That sounds really good! looking forward to hearing for more good news!!! Merry Christmas to all. d&j
  6. 14th weeks update

    Thank you so much for your comments! Hope everything will be fine as we have our next appt on Thursday. This will be our 16w+5d and our GC is feeling out little baby girl a lot and her belly is starting to grow a little up. Fingers crossed and hoping for a good update by then. D&J
  7. 14th weeks update

    Hi to everyone! How is everybody doing? Hope all your process will be good and going ahead. We wanted to update how our process is going. This week we reached 14th week and our GC is feeling still a little bit sick and she is having some cravings ahaha, and she also started feeling our little baby inside, so exciting. She told us her belly is sometimes there but sometimes she doesn’t see it so maybe this will appear firmly soon. She is definitely so loving. Her first OB appt was 2 weeks ago, when she was 12w+5d and went great, they didn’t do her any US nor blood test but she heard the heartbeat of the little girl and sent it to us, simply amazing ahahaha Everything went simply fine and she has her next appt on December 7th, so we are looking forward to her next appt. She will be then 16w+5d. Even lots of people has told us everything looks normal, we are a little bit worried because we expected to have had an US in her first visit, our GC of course told that looks normal as she has been under lot of controls during the fertility clinic time. We did PGS to all embryos and are so happy because we see our GC is feeling quite good but, as we have not idea of that, due this is our first process. We just wanted to hear about some other people who could explain if that’s is normal or how their experience is going. Sorry for the extension of the text. hugs d&j
  8. D&J update

    Thank you for your comments. Ww spoke yesterday to our GC and told us the bleeding had stopped and the pain was sore but said normal, so we are so happy to see that both look like are in good conditions. Lets cross our fingers for a good rest of pregnancy. Thanks a lot for your help, always. d&j
  9. D&J update

    Hi to everyone. Just few lines to update our process, Yesterday our GC had some bleeding spots and some uncomfortable pain and came in to our fertility clinic, though she had been graduated last week, (she asked us if we wanted to first, and of course we agreed). They did her an ultrasound and our little baby was really good, we were 9w6d and she measured 3cm and her heartbeat was 178bpm. They didn’t find out any rest of blood inside her uterus and everything looked just normal. Our Dr told her just to take this weekend easy and, if the bleeding didn’t stop then come back to the progesterone injections, but they said everything was looking normal, just our baby was starting moving a lot and also told us that movements were just good signal and normal. We were so worried about this, as most of you know, we are international IP and we are so far from where our GC lives, but we want to thank her not only for all her accurate care of our little baby but also because she is really involved and giving us all the information, thanks to God we found her because is the best mate ever wanted. Now we will try to keep calm and breath deep and take it easy but would like to ask you if someone has had that situation along their process. Today we are starting 10week. Thank you so much for your help always. Take care, d&j
  10. 2nd transfer

    Hi! How are you doing? We had our 9th week US today and went perfect! Our little baby girl is growing a lot, she measures now 2.2cm and her heartbeat is 185bpm, so the DR told us everything looked great. At this point they “graduated” us from the clinic and our GC is going to find her OB/GYN for prenatal care. We are so happy and excited at this time! Just wanted to update, how are you all doing? d&j
  11. Hello to everyone, I would need your help once again this time the question is about health plans. Our GC is actually living in ID and our plan is that the delivery will be in Ontario, OR just because is quite near from where she lives now, Boise. We are setting her up a new health plan, due to she has moved from another state and now she is able to purchase a new health plan but we would like to ask if someone know if PacificSource’s plans there (ID/OR), have allowed the surrogacy or if, on the contrary it is considered as an exclusion. We have been looking for information but didn’t find anything so, any help will be already welcomed. Also if someone knew about some other plans in which both states would be in the same network, that would be very helpful for us. Thank you so much in advance for all your help, any information will be very useful for sure. d&j
  12. feeling very full

    STICky thoughts beachalice!!! and positive energy for a positive!!! d&j
  13. 2nd transfer

    Hi Mikey. Thanks! Yes we are so happy as it looked so good. Our approx due date is 05/19/2018 What about you? How is everything going? Looking forward to hearing happy news from you soon d&j
  14. 2nd transfer

    Hi to everyone!! Just had our first ultrasound one hour ago and everything looked great, our little girl measured 9.9mm and her heartbate was 131lpm. Our RE said everything looked great and are doing another US in 2 weeks to check the grown and the viability and then will graduate us to her OB!! So excited and happy at this time, we are now at 7Weeks+1d more or less. What do you think about it? So happy!!! Big hugs d&j
  15. Almost transfer time

    Good luck!!! This time you will get it!!