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  1. Hi Mikey, what a wonderful news!!! Hope everything goes like is going and you get your dreams come true. we have just had our transfer, 1 hour ago and everything went well. we have the beta test in July, 31st, so fingers crossed and try to wait as calm as we can... any advice for the waiting?? thank you very much for being there, is very nice when you fell accompanied through that journey. Thank you very much to that wonderful forum! looking forward to know what happens. hugs
  2. Hi Mike! congratulations for the beta results! We are so happy to read that. we have our first embryo transfer on July, 19, and are already so excited and nervous. Hope everything goes fine!!. Our GC is also ready, and the results of the tests and US are coming great! I will let you know how it goes. once again, congratulations and good luck for the rest of the process. D&J
  3. Hi Daysha. We have been waiting for a long time, about 3 months until we finally found our GC. She is unbelievable. We were matched prior, last year with a women who also was wonderful but she didn't get medical clearance so we needed to start looking for another women from the beginning. Now we can say we are the luckiest couple in the world, as she is perfect, she got her medical clearance so quick and we did legal process so so quick also. Now we have the transfer scheduled by July, 19 and we are so excited and happy about this. I hope you will be matched soon as AHOP will work so hard to make this happen really soon. We wish you lot of luck!!! Please, let us know how your process is going. All the luck for you and everyone. D&J
  4. Hello! It looks fantastic!! We are working with AHOP also, we are International IPs and we are very happy of the good job they are doing with us. We are feeling very comfortable with Nicole and Mattie and they are helping us a lot and also our GC. It is being a very good experience. Hope you have the same luck like us. We are working with ICRM clinic and also they are doing a really great job!! We are so happy also. keep in touch. hugs D&J
  5. Hi there! @Mikey112 we are working with ICRM at Boise. We are very happy to work with them, they are really amazing. Hope we all have luck and will be able to get our dream really soon. D&J
  6. Hi Mike and everybody. We are working with an Idaho clinic and our transfer is scheduled by July 19th. It is our first time and hope everything will be good, our GC is wonderful 😊. We are very excited!!! Hope all will be lucky!!! Keep in touch.
  7. Hi there! We finally got medical clearance!!! So excited and happy. Looking forward to getting the next step, start meds and transfer date!!! Amazing Thank you very much to everyone for your support. So happy. D&J
  8. Hello to everyone! How are you all going? Hope you will be fine! Just to update that both parties have reviewed the contract and we are just waiting for the confirmation of our attorneys just to sign it!! Hopefully it will be signed by the beginning of next week so, finally we will be able to move forward so soon!! One question we have, when we sign the contract how lo g does it take from our attorney to sent legal clearance to the clinic more or less? So exciting all of this!!!! Many thanks for your help and for being there! Hugs D&J
  9. Hi there! How are you doing? Just wanted to update that we have reviewed the contract and everything looks fine!! 😊 We have given our OK to our attorney to let her send it back to our GC's attorney. We would like to ask you if someone could tell us how long do you think it will take from now until we have the contract reviewed from our GC. We expect no more than 2 weeks and be ready to sign it, but would be very helpful for us to know what do you think about this. She will be working with Dave Cole from TX. Thank you so much for your help! So exciting!!!!! D&J
  10. Hi Tracy, Thank you very much, we are working with Dave Cole. He is so nice. Hopefully we will move ahead in a week or so. Our attorney, just told last week it would last about 2 weeks or so to get the first draft. Hope this will be something standard and doesn't need to be changed so much. I will post explaining how is everything going. Many thanks to you all. D&J
  11. Hello to everyone. We got medical clearance last week and we are trough legal phase. We wanted to ask if there's anybody who could give us some details about how this will be as our GC is from TX. Our clinic is in ID and we will do the transfer there but she will deliver in TX. Also would be helpful to know how many phases does compose the legal process and how long does it take each one approx. Many thanks, once again, for your help. Looking forward to hear from someone who can help us. D&J
  12. Hello to everyone. Many thanks for your advices. Let's study everything. Thank yo once again. BR D
  13. Hello! Thank you for your responses. In fact our DR has already told us she has reviewed her history and she said she would not be worried about this. We don't know anything about medicine but if our DR has told us not to be worried about it, this make sens for us. Besides she has had her psyc evaluation done recently, and also was OK. Hope everything goes fine with her labs and finally we can move ahead! Many thanks for your help. 😊
  14. Hello to everyone Our GC is about to have her medical clearance, we are waiting still for her labs and we received an email from our DR and told us everything was fine during the visit, history, physical exam and ultrasound, (waiting for hers and her husband's labs), she also told us our GC was trying to wean off Zoloft and this could take a little hard time for her. Our DR says she has has many pregnancies whose mothers have been taking this med, Zoloft, during the preganáncy without any concern to the baby. Doy you know something about this? (Zoloft or if this could affect somewhere the little baby?) We don't know anything about this and would be very grateful if someone could explain us more about it. We are very happy as far as it looks we will move ahead soon with legal!!! Thank you D&J
  15. Thank you for the information. Hope she gets this soon done, and have a good results to move forward to legal part. We were told that the results would be ready about 1/2 weeks after doing the test, do you know if this is realistic? We thought the US results would be ready during the day. Let's have a little bit of patience... Thank you! D