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  1. Hi Ladies, PLEASE READ THE BELOW AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS AGENCY! This agency is on another level of unorganized. I received this in the mail, and they want me to pay them? I put my journey on hold due to many personal family reasons and they still, up until today bug me to come in. They have no sense of understanding. My medical screening was done over a year ago and they never moved forward with my transfer. All of a sudden they found a donor and she is ready an entire year later!? If I am correct, I will need to come in again to do a screening and psych evaluation. My father passed away a couple of weeks ago, I put the process on hold and they send me this. They never even sent their condolences. I talk to a group of other girls too who decided to leave after seeing how bad of an agency and medical center it was and they are trying to cease and desist them. Seriously? I know of a group of girls who also stopped working for them because they were having serious anxiety problems working there and they tried to cease and desist them too ? Come on , if you are in this industry just to make money get out! This is special! Are these people going to try to shut down every agency ? It is so ridiculous the stuff all of us have seen gone out, out of their desperation to have surrogates. If anything, they are going to ruin the law on surrogacy in CA. You cant force people to stay with you! This is OUR body , we can do as we please!We sign up , yes. We have things happen in our life, yes. How does this agency feel so entitled to send me this. Without a letter head, without an attorney, with the signature of an employee. In any state, even If you are on that transfer bed you can walk away! If you change your mind you can walk away. This agency would rather see you suffer through your journey than care for you! Im so disgusted . Ladies please find an agency that will take care of you, YOU! All this agency does is pretend to like you, and treat you like an object. Be careful ladies! ALOT OF GIRLS WHO HAVE NOT EVEN GONE THROUGH THE PROCESS AND JUST SIGNED UP RECEIVED THIS ASWELL! YOU LADIES CAN SEARCH AND SEARCH UNTIL YOU FIND THE RIGHT AGENCY FOR YOU! https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/com/6063184022.html I hope you can all see the pics, if not email me so i can send to the administrator to publish!