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  1. 26 week update!

    Wow, yay. Congrats to you If you don't mind my asking, did they implant two embryos or did your embryo split?
  2. So everything has been going swimmingly We loved our surrogate; she's completely amazing. We text every couple days already and it seems like her whole community (family, friends, work) are all super excited. So we're moving forward and just waiting to schedule her medical clearance screen in early Sept likely. I'm also scheduled to start IVF to make some baby embryos. My right ovary is beautiful but the left is a little shy unfortunately. Doc thinks that after stimulation it may be easier to find. Either way, we're definitely moving along. Hope everyone else is doing well on their respective journeys.
  3. First SKYPE with potential IPs

    ChocolatierKT glad things went well for you... good luck on your new journey
  4. First SKYPE with potential IPs

    Traci, thanks for your thoughts on the key questions above. Those are actually going to be helpful for us as we get ready to chat with our potential GS in a few days.
  5. Sooooooooooooo excited!!!! We have our first surrogate 'interview' on Monday via Skype. Woohoo. On paper she seems completely amazing, and we're halfway to saying she's the one and we haven't even met yet. And by the way, can I say how weird that is? I never thought I'd be talking to people who might be interested in having a baby for me. Whew, what a crazy concept that I'm super thankful for at the moment. Anyway, will keep you posted on how it goes. Happy Friday
  6. Beachalice and Sunrise, thanks for that perspective. I suspected it was more like a gut feeling, but it's good to think about it the way you've getting asked on a prom date Can't wait to share that example with the hubs LOL. @@Sunrise if it's not too personal, would you mind sharing what you mean by the 'after time'? In our case, as part of the application we had to think through whether or not we'd want to remain in contact - is that what you mean or something else? (In our case, we're thinking that the ideal case would be that our surrogate's family becomes like our extended family). We're still in the process of waiting for her records to be transferred to my clinic and then waiting for medical clearance so it'll be a while before we have our first skype introduction but I'm being positive that it'll work out. I'm super glad this option is available to us but it seems like such a BIG ask...will you carry my baby. But I can't tell you how appreciative we are that there are women (and their families really) willing to give so much. D&J congrats on having your transfer scheduled... I can't imagine how exciting that must be. We're still so early that I think we probably won't have our transfer until some time in the fall (trying to be realistic). Right now, we're just watching the calendar go by and practicing being patient.
  7. Thanks all. D&J how exciting to hear you're using AHOP as well and that you're having a good experience with Nicole and Mattie. Everyone that we've talked with that works with them speaks so highly of them. We're planning to work with a clinic in Seattle (where we live) so we hope we have a good experience with them too. Can I ask how long it took you to be matched? We actually looked at a profile from AHOP that we really (really) like and they're going to request her med records to be transferred to our clinic for approval, but I'm super curious about how the initial conversation goes. Did you like the first person you spoke with? And beachalice, from your perspective how did you know when you were matched with the *right* couple? Was it mostly gut or something you were looking for specifically?
  8. Hello All, I couldn't add to the first version of this thread for some reason so thought I'd start a new one. I wanted to thank everyone for the info in my last thread and close the loop and let everyone know that the hubs and I 'interviewed' four agencies (two in OR and two in ID) and we selected Host of Possibilities as our agency. Super comfortable with the choice as everyone I spoke to had really wonderful things to say about them. As I mentioned in the last post I hadn't gone through IVF yet so after much back and forth and waiting for medical records to be transferred my first appt is July double thanks to everyone who has remarked that this process is mostly going to be one that requires me to "hurry up and wait" LOL. I know the first appt will likely be more of a consultation than anything else but the hubs and I are super excited to get started.
  9. Oh and separately, the hubby and I took a look at the Gift of Surrogacy and more than any other site we've looked at so far that one really comes across as a very personal agency. We've definitely moved it to the Will Interview category. Reviewing so many options has really helped us start to identify what we think might be important. Although, I suspect that will continue to change and evolve the more we educate ourselves.
  10. LOL ladies. Love that you're both on the same page (which does give me confidence BeachAlice ). There's so much info swimming in my head that wasn't there a month ago that I'm not sure what's going on half the time And thank you, that's a great article. I also found a video yesterday of the IVF process which included a calendar of the process/timing that was super helpful in visualizing what exactly happens.
  11. Traci, thank you for that perspective. We're not rushing per se but also know that this could take longer just based on the dynamics of needing to find an agency and then a good match and then the medical side which may or may not happen right away. But good to know that the timeframe is somewhat reasonable. It's the unknown aspects that are driving us to move a little faster, at least for now. I haven't done anything in terms of looking into egg retrieval/fertilization yet. I think the master plan is to find a couple of agencies to speak with and then figure out what there process/recommendations go for the retrieval. I know that standard IVF can take some time in terms of collecting eggs and making sure embryos are viable etc. I'd just read (somewhere?) that fresh eggs had a higher success rate than frozen but maybe it's not that different.
  12. Thanks Surromom360. We'll add A Gift of Surrogacy to our list to consider, and I appreciate that you added that they're very focused on the relationship. That's something that is very important to us as it's a very personal decision and (for us) we don't want just a transactional relationship (although I'm sure that works well for some).
  13. Thanks Beachalice. I think you're absolutely right that each journey is different. It seems that you're very patient and understanding though. Do you think it's common for people to match before they have the embryos? In our case we're just starting so we haven't started the embryo retrieval/fertilization process but now that you've mentioned it I assumed that we'd start that process once we've selected an agency. Is that common? Is there a best time to start that process? Overall, we're assuming the entire process (interviewing agencies, IVF, matching, pregnancy etc) will likely take around 16-18 months, does that sound about right?
  14. Thank you Traci. That's a fair correction.