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  1. Anemia

    Traci, please delete me from this group. I can't believe you are the administrator and as I see the comments you make on different posts, you are extremely negative and it's obvious that you believe you are better then everyone else. I don't need that bull shit in my life, so please delete me. Thank you.
  2. Anemia

    It may seam like I'm leaving a lot of info out but I'm on my smart phone, doing the best I can to explain the situation...But the update is that I'm waiting for them to get back with me on the last medical records I sent. There's no news as of yet. And if I get dq I'm ok with that.
  3. Anemia

    Well Traci with an i, there's no need get rude and insult me. The agency I'm with only asked for the most recent child's birth records (believe it or not, I don't really care). Now they are asking for the records of my 2nd to last born because well, apparently they are still worried I could have had GD. And I have NO PROBLEM cooperating with them. You do not need to get bitchy with me. I was never rude or insulting to you and I deserve to be treated with respect. I did not ever treat myself for GD, other then being told to watch my sugar intake and I was given a pamphlet of what to eat and not to eat. That was as far as it ever went. I have no idea if that was child 1,2,3....I just can't remember. Call me forgetful, I don't give a crap. I didn't expect to be scrutinized! Like I said and I think we can all agree - we are not doing this our own gain, so try to be a bit more encouraging. This is a gift we are giving. None of us are better then the other. No throwing stones, no judging. We don't even know each other.
  4. Anemia

    I'm at the point right now where if I get disqualified (again) then it's ok. I know the agency is just trying to do their best to protect the gs surrogate and the parents of the baby. It's only my loss because I wanted to do something amazing for another family. But if I can't, then it wasn't meant to be.
  5. Anemia

    Hi Tracy, I certainly have no reason to come onto this message board and lie or alter facts. I'm putting myself out there because I want to get to the bottom of this. I'm not doing any of this for my own gain or benefit. I have 4 children and I told the agency that I was possibly borderline diabetic because I honestly couldnt remember. My oldest after all is 13! If you do not believe in borderline diabetic, that's your opinion...but don't accuse me of lying when I'm putting myself and my life out there. Now i wasn't sure with my last baby and lab records show that I did not have gs diabeties but because I told them I may have with my previous children NOW I need records for them also. Obviously the situation is extremely complicated. And I'm blessed that they are still willing to work with me. Once again, I have no reason to lie or alter facts, I'm just trying to gain knowledge and insight.
  6. Anemia

    So I received a phone call from the agency and they said my records didn't say anything about gestational diabeties. But because I told them I "thought I was" they disqualified me. Ugh. So, I called my midwife up and asked if she would send something saying I was or wasn't diabetic. Turns out my test was normal! I was never diabetic with my last baby. So...She faxed it over to them and hopefully everything works out. We will see. They are willing to work with me.
  7. Anemia

    I was also borderline gestational diabetic. It was controlled with diet and exercise and wasn't ever a problem. Could it be the fact that I had a midwife and they didn't like that?
  8. Anemia

    What agencies could I go through where anemia would not be an immediate disqualification?
  9. Anemia

    I had anemia when I was pregnant with my last baby, would this have disqualified me? It was not serious, I was told to take iron supplements and it went away. I was going through Omega Family Global and they will not tell me why I was disqualified.
  10. Anemia

    Today my midwife faxed the records from my previous birth and I received a message from Omega Family Global surrogacy agency shortly afterwards telling me that they could not move forward with my application. They did not give me ANY explanation. I had a very smooth pregnancy and birth with my daughter and she was born at home in about 45 minutes. I'm really confused right now and not sure why they have chosen not to move forward. I tried to contact them but have not received any response. Is this typical?