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  1. This is such a delicate matter, for IPs and Surrogates. Isn't there an agency/company that helps with that process in Canada? or is that something that the law states that has to be handled just between IPs and Surrogates?
  2. I feel like crying out of joy, congrats! I so wish my story turns out like this one. Both babies in the pictures are waaaaayyyyyyy tooo adorable!
  3. Your reply was super helpful! Thank you! I will call those clinics to find out more information
  4. Hello!!! I'm new! So this is our story: We are a couple that has been married for 7 years , we are researching countries where surrogacy is legal and budget friendly. I lost my uterus in may, while having a myomectomy that turned out for the worst, there was a 50% chance that the outcome was going to be negative and well....... This was my second myomectomy, attempting to improve my chances of getting pregnant. So, this takes us to Canada, we have a couple of days reading about it after we lost hope with Ukraine (because after lots of consultation there was no workaround with the fact that our country doesn't have an embassy there). Reading about Canada has generated a couple of questions: 1rst How many implantation attempts does a clinic generally include in one payment? I saw on one webpage that IVF cycles range from 10,000 to 20,000, but how many attempts on average? 2nd I also read a line that said "Ontario has government funded IVF cycles", is that for everybody? 3rd Is it possible that you can recommend a good fertility clinic in Ontario? (if this forum allows it) That's it for now, we are still reading , Thank you!