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  1. Thanks so much for your responses! I really hope to have a similar experience. I work in law enforcement and had to take the psych test before being hired so I think it's prob going to be the same thing bc that took a couple hours. It was like the same 50 questions asked in 10 different ways. Lol i have not completed my medical. My agency did get all my records and they told me they have a family in mind for me. It's super exciting! I can't wait to keep in touch with you all along this journey.
  2. Hi ladies! I am new to this chat board. I have submitted all my paperwork and am going for my psych evaluation next week. Once that is completed (and I pass) then I will meet the family that the surrogate law firm thinks I am a good match with. But first things first. Once I am given the ok to move forward I need to have the convo with my kids (ages 9 & 11) about this and make sure they understand and are on board. I am single so I have no SO to get "approval" from. i think my kids will love the idea of mom helping a family. I am ready and excited and can't wait to meet my potential family. I just love being a mom and couldn't imagine not being able to make a family. I love being prego but in no way want more kids of my own so this is really a perfect situation for me. I have confided in a couple of my best friends about this and they fully support me. They did say they would worry about me growing attached to the baby and having trouble separating with it. I have signed up for this board so I can read and share experiences through this journey. I look forward to getting to *know* you all.