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  1. New here! Psych eval next week

    Hi Traci72, I have definitely been upfront with each agency. I have actually narrowed the agencies down to 3 agencies. I told one of the agencies that's i already completed the Psychological Rxam and she told me that didn't matter and she wanted me to give her the opportunity to see if her agency is just as good. I really dont understand the differences with the agencies. I am really just excited about being a surrogate. But now understanding that there is money being invested initially I am going to ask each agency why do they want me to continue with he psych exams, and medical exam with there agency as I have already done it with one already. Also being that I work at Children Protective Services (CPS), and see so many stories I believe it has made me even more eager to begin this journey. Also Traci72, I have been seeing all your answers to people's questions and I want to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
  2. New here! Psych eval next week

    Do you know if it is best to work with one agency or more? I have heard that it can take a lot of time to be matched with intended parents and that some people actually won't get matched with some agencies. How true is this maybe an Admin can chime in. I actually just stopped breast feeding two weeks ago and one of the agencies asked me to go to my doctor and ask for Desogen Birth Control to get my AF back. All of the 3 agencies who accepted me had my medical record and have completed my background check.
  3. New here! Psych eval next week

    We are on the same stage. I just completed Psych today and passed Yay, now waiting on the agency to send me through medical. Have you done medical how was that if so?