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  1. Potential IPs - where to start?

    Thanks! I did sign up for that Facebook group and read their reviews. I guess I still feel lost though. Every agency seems to have about the same ratio of good and bad reviews. I guess it should give me confidence that they're at least legit! i guess part of the problem is we don't know what we want because we don't know too much about what the services are or what the differences are. I mean I know they do matching and refer you to clinics and lawyers and deal with the money/escrow etc. But I don't know what's different from one to the next. I feel a bit like a person who has never driven a car, or seen a car, or has any idea what a car really does to be asked to pick what make of car is right for them! i guess I'm leaning towards just picking a few near the top of the lists, contacting them, having a discussion, asking questions and learning and going from there? Is there anything we should be doing first? Also, I find myself wanting to talk primarily to ones who are at least in our part of the country because 1) I like the idea of it being possible to drive there in person if necessary and 2) maybe they'll have more local surrogates where we could maybe be more involved in milestones and not have to take a plane ride for the delivery. Is #1 really any value? Does it matter if you use an agency on the other coast? Is #2 true at all?
  2. Hi, we're considering surrogacy as IPs but I'm not sure how to even start finding an agency. When I search online I get plenty of ads. If I search Google Maps I can find some local agencies. But who is legit? Who is any good? How do I know? Theres no Amazon star reviews here. There's no consumer reports of surrogacy agencies (is there? :-) ). How do we know which ones to consider? Which to avoid? Where do we even start??