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  1. Single man looking for surrogacy?

    I met a couple a few weeks ago. It was a little get-together party at my friend's home. He introduced me to them, and we had a long conversation at that night. The lady advised me that if I'm looking for the most economical but best destination for surrogacy, I should definitely consider Ukraine. Next day, I talked about this with my doctor and some experts. The experts running some fertility clinics here, are not liking this idea. But my doctor liked it very much. He said there's no harm in going to Ukraine for surrogacy. Also, he advised me that the legal paperwork should be filed appropriately in order to avoid any chance of legal battles or complications.
  2. Single man looking for surrogacy?

    Oh, I see. Frankly speaking, $80-100 k is quite a big amount for me. I knew surrogacy would be expensive, but I never thought it can really cost this much. The fertility expert was also telling me that the cost of gestational surrogacy starts at $80,000 in America. And the cost of traditional surrogacy will cost more than that. Is she right? According to you, the TS will cost less than the GS. She also said that overseas program for surrogacy will start from $40,000. Will it be a good idea if I would consider such overseas program?
  3. Single man looking for surrogacy?

    Dear DragonDad, I really appreciate your words. And thanks for such a priceless advice you gave here. As far as I've researched about IVF, it's good for a couple who is infertile. I have no woman, I'm single. The embryo, an egg fertilized through IVF treatment, needs a womb to be placed. From where can I get a womb? Instead, why surrogacy is not a better option for me? I've consulted a few fertility experts last week. They told me about IVF and how expensive it can be in real. Look dear, I'm not saying I don't like your advice. Please don't mind! I just want to know how IVF can help me here and why it's better than surrogacy. Some are saying that surrogacy may cost me more than the IVF treatment. But my question is still the same, from where can I get the womb?
  4. I'm a single man who had a beautiful wife. I married her two years ago, on August 2015. We had a great time together. I still remember that day when I came back from the office. She came to me and whispered into my ears, "honey you're going to be a daddy soon". After hearing those unforgettable words, I was the happiest man on this planet. I started taking care of her, extra care actually. I started doing household, kitchen, almost everything. She was in her sixth month of pregnancy when we both met with an accident. We were coming back to home from the hospital (we went there for routine check). I was driving the car, she was sitting next to me on the front seat. Suddenly, somebody hit our car from behind by an accident and the car bumped into the tree. I was hurt a little, but my wife was crying in pain. I called the ambulance and it took us to the hospital right away. The doctor informed me that she had a miscarriage. Nothing could be done to save the child. Even the life of my wife was in danger since she was in her sixth month. Doctors tried their best, but they failed to save my wife. I'm just 29, my parents are asking me to get married again. They just don't want me to spend my life all alone. But I can't even think about that. The person who I lost, was my life. I still love her, miss her, think about her. I can't go to any another girl just like that. Her only dream was to make me a daddy. Since I don't want to get married again, how about if I go for surrogacy? I just want one child, with whom I can spend rest of my life. I really need some serious advice or suggestion. How and from where shall I start?