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  1. 26 week update!

    Omg, guess what happened. I just came back from the doctor. I’ll have twins. I know it’s not unusual when you’re doing surrogacy, but I am so excited. I want to share this with everyone. And I want to scream. Aaaaaaa!!!!
  2. I am back!! 16 weeks!

    Who did not survive thinks like these cannot talk about that. So I understand all persons here. I really wanted a child. I have everything in my life…good job, money, I travel too much. It didn’t happen. I felt like some puzzles in my life are not completed. Some pages of your story miss. I was watching some documentary on tv about surrogacy and I started to think about that option. I didn’t afraid because I trusted the doctors. I was the happiest person when my results matched with one of the surrogate mothers. That means that my wish was possible. And now is soon to be realized. I really can’t wait when one little human holds my hand and say mommy. That’s the biggest prize woman can get. So don’t give up.