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  1. Looking for an egg donor

    And where generally do most of the people find donors? I know that many people go overseas, considering cheaper and even faster. Any suggestions?
  2. Pregnant in 41

    I have a Caucasian origin. So even being born in the US we still have relatives in Armenia or Armenian-Americans, who rumor about us, staying without husband and children till this age. The social pressure in many countries is very strong. You are lucky if you have never experience that, living in the US. But it is also true that the situation is changing. I am glad that we do not have to get married in our 20th anymore, as my mom had to do. Actually, in her 23 she was already considered pretty old to get married. Life changes, thanks God
  3. Surrogacy Agency Selection Help for IP

    Hi Powerdgr19! I don't know if I am eligible to answer your question, as I am not going through all these stages myself. I just know that my sis has been searching for the donor egg for a while. And their final decision, as far as I know, was to turn to a private fertility clinic. Good luck for you in your search!
  4. Pregnant in 41

    Thank you, girlies! For the congratulations and for your support! I really haven't noticed the signatures before. Maybe because I was not that much attentive, as I am new to this kind of forum talks. So, you say that age is not the main indicator? I know it's been a taboo in many societies to give a birth after 30. And even with all those advanced technologies we still think the female body is too weak or not smart enough... Thanks for proving the opposite!
  5. Pregnant in 41

    Wow, ladies, thanks for your support so much! Your stories bring me hope. GSinIN, you were a surrogate mother yourself? What an experience and what a brave woman you are!
  6. Pregnant in 41

    Ladies, I am so glad to be posting here. I am new to this forum, but I hope for the warm welcome My sister is 41 and she decided to get pregnant (with a donor egg). What was the most difficult that you've experienced on your way to happiness? How is it to carry a child at this age? Or would it be better to find a surrogate mom? Can you share your success stories with me, please I am worried and excited to become an aunt (I am 36 and I don't have my kids either). It is very much possible that I might do the same procedure soon, as I am getting married next mouths... So I am double anxious now. Need your support! P.S. It's my first time using such forums, so hope that moderator approves my post