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  1. @traci72: This was super informative and detailed. Definitely helped me clear the fog in my head. Must have been so difficult for your IP's to have lost so many embryos! I don't have any medical history or the like. However I have been irresponsible during my youth with my ex.girlfriend and she never came out pregnant! She does however now have a child with her new boyfriend, that itself makes me wonder and puzzles me. There are a lot of what if's because of it. With the first same sex couple you worked with, did you guys achieve pregnancy from the ICSI embryo that was implanted?
  2. I'm working as a single intended parent (male) with a clinic in Texas, and we are in the process of beginning to create embryos. However I'm unsure about all of the extra "protocols" I'm being asked to do. For one, I'm being told that we will do ICSI despite the fact that my sperm is good quality? I'm concerned as to why I need to do ICSI with good sperm quality, I'm also being told to do PGS, despite not having any medical issues. I don't know if this is meant to increase my chances of pregnancy or they're just added costs for no reason. The clinic reps tell me they will increase my chances of pregnancy but in my head I'm aware that's what they're suppose to tell me. I can't help to wonder if they just want more money, and all these extra protocols will be a waste of time/money. Thoughts? Advice?
  3. Almost transfer time

    I hope everything goes to your favor Jennifer. Hoping for positive outcomes for both families. I can't begin to imagine how daunting that must have been to set your hopes not once but twice in a row, only to be torn with negative outcomes! I am curious to know however, did the family use egg donor the first two times it failed?
  4. When To Start The Process?

    Thanks everyone for the advice and input, I went with everyone's advice and started the egg donation process. I choose my donor and now just have to wait for my agency to check their availability. My question now is how long does the process of an waiting for an egg donor to be available, approved and on board with the process take? I've been waiting for 5 days now and the anxiety is driving me crazy. I keep thinking of all the wrongs going in my favor. Does anyone have any insight on how long this process generally takes?
  5. When To Start The Process?

    That makes a lot of sense. Seems like your time line was fairly reasonable. How much did you pay to keep the embryo's frozen all of that time? Would I not have to pay for them to be stored and froze however? Suppose I started the egg donor program in late April and retrieved in June, signed up with an agency in July. I would like transfer to happen Oct-Nov. The eggs will have to be kept frozen no?
  6. Hi all, I am still in the research stage of gestational surrogacy/agencies. I will be a single-intended father when I am finally able to sign a contract. Ideally I would like to plan for the delivery of a child by 2019. With that in mind, when exactly should I begin the process of signing with an agency? I keep getting different time lines from different sources. My main concern is finding an egg donor and surrogate and however long that will take. I was intending on signing with an agency by October 2018, does that seem reasonable or too late in the game?
  7. Hello all, Single male here and currently budgeting my surrogacy journey to become a single father. I'm trying to get a realistic sense of how long this process will drag out. My greatest concern is how long it will take to be matched with a surrogate being that I'm a single male? I don't know how reluctant surrogates are to working with single parents, particularly of the male variety and whether or not that should get factored into the wait time. Ideally I would like to start the arrangements a year before any transferring of embryos takes place, due to anticipation that it will take a year to get matched?