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  1. Lotus Clinic

    Hi Everyone, I'm just looking for feedback from anyone who has used the Lotus Clinic in the Ukraine. Thanks so much :D X
  2. Your reasons

    Hi lovely people I hope you are having a nice day / night. We are in the very early stages of considering surrogacy as an option for us. Working through all of the many random thoughts I'm having about the daunting process, I can't help but be drawn to thinking about those surrogate mamas out there who were gracious enough to help people become parents, or help families expand their families. What was your reason for wanting to be a surrogate and was the journey how you thought it would be? Also, what were the things that you were looking for with the IP's you were considering. Were the people you chose to work with just families that struck a chord with you or were there certain things that you were looking for? Did you have a checklist per say? LOL does that sound odd? XX
  3. International IP's

    Thanks Traci I've found your post so far really informative and helpful and the link that was passed along above, is fabulous. Yes, it's knowing where to start. We have three of our own little ones who we just cherish so much. Unfortunately after our last one was born, I had lots of complications and can't carry children anymore. I would actually love to be a surrogate myself and help other families because I think it's just such a sacred and special thing to do. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to do that either and we are currently trying to work out if Adoption or what we call Fostering (In Australia) or surrogacy is the best way for us to expand our family. And yes hon, you are so right. Your best laid plans are sometimes left at the door aren't they. Pregnancy and bringing little ones into the world can sometimes be a complex business even if it is the most natural thing on the face of the earth. Much love to you and thanks for the warm welcome :D XX
  4. International IP's

    Thanks so much hon! I really do appreciate that The only reason I ask is because I think applying for visa's and having adoptions recognised in our country would be difficult purely because we don't currently have an agreement in place with the US. We have certain countries that we are able to liaise with and adopt with through our own government agencies and most of the countries that do have an agreement in place, have restrictions where you can't have your own biological child, which we have been so blessed with Thanks again lovely X
  5. What are your IPs like?

    Your post made me smile hon. How special is it that some of your IP's met by chance IRL. It also gave me hope that even though we have our own children and are looking into surrogacy that there are people open to being available surrogates for couples who do already have children. I've feared that perhaps we might get judged because we are already so blessed. So thank you :D
  6. 2nd transfer

    Everything crossed for you :D Hope the 31st comes around really quickly for you X
  7. International IP's

    Hi everyone I hope you are all having a really lovely day :D Firstly I just wanted to say that I think everyone on here is incredible and has such a beautiful heart. I take my hat off to everyone who has embarked on the journey to become a parent and especially those mamas out there who help other families bring babies into the world. My DH and I have just started discussing surrogacy options. We would be international IP's and we would be looking to use our own embryo's if I was able to under go harvesting etc. I'm unable to carry children because of a condition I have and procedures that I have undergone. We live in a country where surrogacy is legal however finding surrogates are a bit of a rare thing, so we are looking off shore for information at this stage. I've googled quite a few things and there just doesn't seem to be a solid "go to" website (other than this) which might be able to provide is with some good starting information. I also know that each state in the US has different laws that need to be abided by. Are there any states that currently allow the biological mother (I'm sorry I don't know the right term that is used in this instance in here :D) myself to be noted as the childs mother? I know my husband could be if he was the one who fertilised the embryo :D I'm just trying to get my head around possible scenarios etc and I guess just looking for a good starting point for someone looking to use their own embryo and travelling in from off shore :D Thanks so much for any advice and again, I take my hat off to you all XX