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  1. New here: Here is my story

    Hello Traci ty for your answer. But if we consider the uk (as being the closest to me upon them all), do I need to have the british citizenship to get benefit from it? Would my "single status" + being transgender influence? Thank you for reading.
  2. New here: Here is my story

    Hello Alice! tysm for the reply. I was wondering whether all the information in the website were relative to the process only in the USA & Canada? or if there was other possibilities. Normally, I am going to have a correct job so the first "loan" I would do once I start working will be for this use but I doubt if I will be able to do this in the American continent. Thank you again!
  3. Hello friends! I am writing to you, in here to share my story with you. Well I m a 22 y.o trans woman. I have lost my parents support and I am living in a country where l know nobody. Though l have made lots of efforts to make my life sound the easiest through educatio (btw l am starting my final year to get a MSc degree). However, my biggest dream ever has always been to be a mother. I really insure you that's my biggest dream and l knew l was able to be a good one while caring of my younger siblings when my parents were not home. I am single and I don't think it is too glorious for me to be in a relationship just not to be single. So l prefered not to wait for someone to share this dream of founding a family with me and decided to start my family myself. I have much love to give and I think an innocent little being deserves an unconditionnal love and care. So I was wondering if anyone had any information about this topic. Thank you so much for reading. And I am particularly thanking all open-minded nice people for existing! Judy.