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  1. When To Start The Process?

    Thanks you so much.
  2. When To Start The Process?

    Hy what I recommend, as has already been said, is to go immediately with the research of the egg donor and freeze embryos. It is an easy process downhill and does not take into account the many variables in surrogacy. The stipulation of the contract with the surrogate mother takes from two months to four months and not forgetting that pregnancy always takes 9 months. I believe it is necessary first to begin and finish fertilization, then start researching and defining the surrogate mother. For example: We started in January 2017, in mid-February we signed the contract with the agency for the egg donor. In March we signed for the surrogate mother. In June there was fertilization and confirmation of the surrogate mother after medical examinations. The contract was started in mid-June and signed at the beginning of September. The transfer is scheduled for mid-October 2017.