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  1. On II Trimester

    Oh Yes. It's progressing very good and fast. Yesterday she said to us that the belly is growing fast and very soon she send to us a photo of it. During the NT scan the sex was hide from the body and the baby moving a lot (she wait for the exam about 1 1/2 hour) and maybe on January exam we see it. But the important thing is that the pg is going ahead.
  2. On II Trimester

    Not yet. Our baby is moving a lot and was laying on its side so was very difficult to see the sex. Maybe on the next U/S on January on 4 months. Merry Christmas to you all!!!!
  3. On II Trimester

    Oh Yes. The age of egg donor is 29 at the time of the donor. And the probability of down syndrome or Trisomy 18 is very little. We have programmed to make another U/S in the middle of January 2018. Jul
  4. On II Trimester

    We are now on II trimster. Yesterday our surrogate made the U/S and the exam was very good. We are very excited. The value is as follow: PAPP-A 0,66 HCG 1,21 NT 0,65 CRL 61,3mm Down Syndrom Risk Assesment: 1:4,300 Trisomy 18 Risk Assesment: 1:84,000 What do you think? Jul
  5. beachalice update

    Fantastic. All sound very good!
  6. Hy, if most American don't understand insurance, imagine not american... :-) Thanks a lot for useful information, I want to realize just a idea of fees. The insurance plan is the follow: http://tinyurl.com/yd9rwu6z Sems that change something, also is allowed to use a non partecipant provider/medic. For example for hospital we will pay 20% of fee. Maybe is better. But is better to use a partecipant network provider. And for this our GC is very collaborative because will search a OB and hospital on the network before. The agency tell to us that the premium is due for all pregnancy and not for all year. I asked for confirmation, but it's true or false? It's very a nightmare sometime :-) Jul
  7. Hy beachalice, thanks for the reply. In the fact for me is very difficult to understand how is working the insurance in USA because where I live the medical bills are free of charge when you go in hospital. Now I asked to my agency more information, expecially for co-pay and co-insurance specially in case of delivery by c-section. Also to be sure if the insurance covering in case of surrogacy. Maybe we will choice the NewLife insurance (despite of ArtRisk that is only a broker). Wait Tracy for more information. And now we wait on 20 November to know if there is a hearthbeat. Thanks Jul
  8. Hello all, in waiting for HB on next November 20, we are just to choice a insurance plan for us GC while the enrollement is opened (at this time our GC had a Kaiser Permanente insurance, but because in California Kaiser is not very good for surrogacy we must to change), and a new born insurance for the baby (we are international parent coming from Europe). Our agency proposed to us (for GC) a BluShields, in particular the "Gold 80 PPO". The main benefit is: - about $526 monthly premium, no deductible and out of pocket of 6,000$. exception listed in notes (I don't find for example for a C-Section, beacuse out GC had over the past two pregnancy both with C-Sec). Other question is for NewBorn insurance (we are not american citizen so after birth every fee and cost is under our responsibility). We surfed on the internet and we found essentially two: - newLife insurance (have a deductible to $12500, cover up to $100.000) - ArtRisk for NewBorn The first is a insurance, the second one is a coordination provider negotiation. Please could you give us some help to see if the option for GC is ok? We don't know where to start, we don't know how many visits or exams are needed on average during the pregnancy, if there are some exams that are mandatory or not, and so on. Please, every information is important to us Warmly, Jul
  9. Exam and report

    Hy All, we had a U/S last Tuesday and was positive. We tramsferred two enbvryous and the doctor see only one sac. Unfortunatly the doctor doesn't see the HB. For this check was planned another U/S next 20 Nov. We are very very very hapy and the surrogate too. We are on path.
  10. Exam and report

    Thanks you so much. Our MS it's very collaborative and like that us we want to be involved in all aspect of this journey. So her husband will take some photo and video before the report, waiting to have access in medical records.
  11. Exam and report

    Sure. With our surrogate we have a beautiful relationship and she appreciates that we, though far away, want to be involved throughout the journey. Of course, technology helps us with this, with Skype or the simple video or photo makes us look much near. But we would not want to invade a territory of privacy. We will ask you soon, and also our contact with the clinic that follows us if you can meet our requests. Who ask for HIPAA?
  12. Exam and report

    Hy, I'm a IP and next 6 Nov our MS (California) will be a first ultrasound for checing if all is going good with pregnancy. I will ask to doctors, and also MS, to have and send to us all records (and possibility to have a photo) of that U/S. Have you sound outthere if there is some impediments about this request?
  13. Transfer and Waiting

    Yes. So exciting. Now just waiting the following steps. Can't imagine our happiness!
  14. beachalice update

    Wonderful!!!! We got also a positive result!!!!
  15. Transfer and Waiting

    Hello! Transfer was 10/10 with a double embryo. Positive beta at 8dpt (53) and 10 dpt (153). Now the ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now (November 6). I'll be 6 weeks at that point so it should be a good one! Another step in this journey!!!!