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  1. Surrgoates outside the U.S.

    I have not made up my mind, and actually would prefer a surrogate in North America if I can find a way. You say the benefit is that your US state will have protections for the IPs, but there have been cases in the US where the surrogate moved to a different state which lets her keep the child, and not make her return any fees (Michigan among several other states). You mentioned Canada, but that seems out of the question as you can't pay a surrogate in Canada, so unless I want to go up to random women on the streets in Vancouver asking if they want to have my baby for free, I don't have many options there. What its coming down to is come up with another $80-$120k (perhaps $5k or so less if I bypass an agency), after these fertility clinics have already milked you for $100k with no results, by getting a 2nd mortgage on my house, clearing out my retirement accounts (and taking a huge tax penalty by doing so), selling anything I have of value, and not still getting any guarantees. Or paying $35-45k to an international agency, and being able to retire before I'm 85....
  2. Surrgoates outside the U.S.

    That's one side, how ever I consider the surrogate agencies in the US that want you to have $120k-$180k to even talk to them, taking advantage of vulnerable/desperate IPs. Same goes for the insurance companies that will deny any kind of fertility or surrogacy as 'elective' items yet fully cover in-patient drug treatment for junkies. And the same rules would apply in the US, ie a strongly Christian family not approving of their daughter becoming a surrogate in the US for financial reasons. From my research I see Ukraine has protections for IPs. An countries like Colombia have no current law prohibiting surrogacy. As far as the health of the baby, the WHO ranks Colombia 22 in the world, the US is only ranked 37. Trust me, we have our share of incompetent doctors here that have caused grave injury and death to newborns through gross negligence.
  3. How much would you pay a private TS?

    Thanks! I'll check out the classifieds section. Are there any cases where the surrogates own insurance policy would cover their medical expenses?
  4. Surrgoates outside the U.S.

    I meant country was less fortunate, not the women, sorry for the confusion. If someone in Central or South America is able to make 5+ years salary, for the same thing a surrogate in the US would only get 1 year's salary for, and could save the IP's 50% or more, that would be mutually beneficial rather than exploiting them, at least from my point of view.
  5. How much would you pay a private TS?

    I've seen TS's here ask anywhere from $20-35K, though I'm sure there are TS's above and below this range. >>How do you go about finding a TS in the US? Do you have to pay all the medical expenses in addition to the $35k? The way the hospitals charge here, that could easily double if not triple the cost.
  6. Surrgoates outside the U.S.

    Hi! What is the best country outside the U.S. to find a surrogate, for IP's in the U.S. that can't afford what U.S. based companies charge? Plus I'd like to reciprocate in helping someone from a less fortunate country. I don't mind traveling.