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  1. Thank you for your response Traci. Do you know where I might find an altruistic surrogate? Thanks again. Erin
  2. Has anyone here been a traditional surrogate who used donor sperm? Or has anyone been blessed with a traditional surrogate who used donor sperm? We could not afford to use an agency. I don't think I'd want a family member or close friend to be our surrogate. (Though I know if we found a surrogate we would love her like family.) Is it possible for us to find a woman who would be a traditional surrogate using donor sperm without paying expensive agency fees? Are there women out there who do this out of the kindness of their hearts? Of course we would pay for the insemination and medical bills. And compensation for doing this for us. But we could never afford what I see traditional surrogacy usually costs. It hurts so badly to think I'll never be a mother. Thank you for reading and for any responses.