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  1. Question on escrow..... My agency asked for a $5,000 travel escrow 5 months ago at the beginning of our journey. They said that it is used to pay for our surrogate's travel expenses for the match meeting, medical clearance, transfer, etc. There was no "escrow agreement". They did not provide an estimate of costs prior to booking any travel and have not supplied a detailed invoice of what's been spent. I feel like they treat this as an open checkbook. At this point, 5 months later, I have no idea where this money is - or if it's even in "escrow" if that's a valid statement. Once we signed contracts, they asked for a second check to cover all the expenses and payments that are in our contract. This was handed over to TSEMCI, we signed an agreement and seems a lot more legit. Do other agencies operate this way? Does an escrow agent need to be licensed and a neutral 3rd party? Can that really be the agency? It's seems a bit shady to me but wondering if this is a common practice.