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  1. We did IVF in February of this year. My husband and I completed all the FDA blood testing that my clinic required. We have 3 frozen pgs tested embryos now and are looking to transfer in January. Yesterday, I get a call from my RE's new nurse saying that my husband needs to be seen by a urologist and that my RE needs to give me a physical. What the what? It is like why am I just now hearing about this months and months later. We were working with the old nurse until October and she never mentioned ANYTHING about physicals. I am completely upset and wondering if we will even have the correct embryos transferred to our GC. Advice?
  2. Gestational Carrier PSYCH Evaluation

    **UPDATE** SIL saw another psychologist referred to us by our lawyer and the new psychologist has said there is nothing wrong with SIL. He would be happy to recommend her to be a surrogate.
  3. Gestational Carrier PSYCH Evaluation

    This psychologist wasn’t referred from RE BC GC is in a different state. We did contact our lawyer in the state where gc is and she have us a good recommendation and has us set up for Sunday. It’s just annoying that we paid the first psychologist $800 and now we have to pay again to another psychologist. So annoying.
  4. Gestational Carrier PSYCH Evaluation

    I should’ve corrected. The psychologist at different parts said she didnt like family surrogacy at the beginning of the psych eval to praising her for wanting to be a surrogate at the end of the testing. Completely confusing. We are going to seek a second opinion. Thx!
  5. Gestational Carrier PSYCH Evaluation

    Hello. I have some questions about the psych evaluation phase. My husband and I are using my sister-in-law as our GC. She recently had a psych evaluation and some of the things she has told me seem a bit off about this psychologist. Maybe someone could clear these things up for me and her. Her and her husband went the the psychologist. Our GC was asked to take the MMPI and another test which requires you to put (yes, no, sometimes). Here are our concerns: 1. Psychologist sat and watched her take both tests 2. Psychologist told SIL that she can't pick "sometimes" that she has to pick yes or no 3. When my SIL selected an answer the psychologist would say "well now let's think about this one again. Maybe let's think a little harder" 4. The psychologist was against family surrogacy from the get go 5. She made SIL come back for a 2nd day. 6. SIL said that at the office the psychologist was very praising of her being a surrogate. Fast forward 3 weeks and the psychologist has sent a report to my RE and not in my SIL's favor. None of us know what the report says except my RE and he won't tell us anything. My SIL is perfectly sane and has taken the MMPI for her job not to long ago. Does any of this make sense? Our RE has said we can get a second opinion but we are livid that none of this seems to be protocol for a psych eval.