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  1. Looking to become a surrogate

    Hello! I am looking to become a surrogate but I have been having trouble with being accepted into an agency because of my past with depression. I am 23 now and was diagnosed with depression in the 8th grade after losing my father unexpectedly. I have since graduated high school, started college, I’ve had the same job since I got out of high school and I now have a daughter of my own who is 6 months! I have been off of anti depressants since becoming pregnant Aug 2016 and have been just fine! But because of my past I have been denied. Becoming a surrogate is something I’m passionate about and I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. Will I ever be able to be a surrogate or is my past always going to be in the way? I feel that I am blessed to have been able to carry my baby and I loved being pregnant and giving birth! I would love to be able to help someone build their family! Thanks I’m advance for any feedback!