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  1. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Thanks a lot, beachalice!
  2. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Hi again! Thank you for your advice! We are making some progress! We've been doing more research and we would have some more questions. 1. Regarding the psychological evaluation, we don't manage to find a 'reproductive' psychologist. Would the psychologist need to have any specific qualification or can be done by any psychologist that says "yes, I can do that"? 2. California, and North California in particular, is really REALLY expensive. We knew that but we didn't know it was THAT expensive. For this reason, we are comsidering doing the whole process in another state. We talked to other IPs that did the paperwork in NV and the fertility treatment in Texas. We've been reading that Texas recently made progress on surrogacy law but we are not sure if we are missing something. Would you have any advice here? 3. We are on a tight budget. Other IPs recommended that we should share an egg donor with other IPs. We've also heard good experiences about this. Any warnings in this regard? Any other considerations that we could help us keep the budge under control? Thank you in advance!
  3. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Thank you very much, Traci! We already have quite a few options for the lawyer! Today, we started to ask about the egg donor and IVF cost and we are a bit shocked. Initial numbers (from Kaiser) are 40k for the egg donation and 20k for one IVF cycle. We've seen half of these numbers online in North California, but now we are not sure if numbers online include everything or will have extra fees. Could there be such a different depending on the clinic? Wow!
  4. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Thanks you both for your support and advice! I heard back from ArtRisk and ArtLight and they both told me that the enrollment period is until Jan 31st in California. That's interesting because we have some more time. We are going to investigate United Healthcare, Blue Shield, Anthem and Cigna. We also read that the agency and lawyers don't need to be close from home since everything can be done remotely. Is there any benefit from having them close? Of course, the lawyer should, at least, be from your state but other than that... We are also investigating fertility services. Let's see what we find. Thanks!
  5. New IPs with surrogate in North California

    Thanks, traci72! Truly useful information! We will take your advice into account. Two more questions: 1. The enrollment in the health insurance needs to happen before Dec 15? There is no way to enroll passed that date? (We are not extremely familiar with the US health system). 2. I contacted ArtRisk and ArtLight. Do you remember the insurance companies offering these two friendly policies in California? We are having some seminars these weeks at work with some insurance companies and maybe I could ask them directly. Thanks!
  6. Hi! We are IPs living in North California looking for information. We are new in the field although we have been reading about GS for a few months. We would be extremely glad if someone could give us advice because we are a bit lost and overwhelmed. This is our particular situation: - We have a surrogate (good friend). She is not low income, had a baby and is not looking for economic compensation. She would need health insurance covering GS. - We (IPs) have Kaiser permanente. They should cover our expenses at 50%, according to the information that they give us. We would need an egg donor. - Given that we have a surrogate, we would like to skip the agency. We don't have legal firm yet. - We are currently trying to figure out our (IPs) expenses to put some money in our FSA. Some questions that we have: - Would it be recommended to get a Kaiser insurance for the surrogate, explicitly saying that it's for GS, given that we have Kaiser? Is this even possible? We have read some issues with Kaiser but when the surrogate already had the insurance with them. Not sure if it's the same situation. - Would it be recommended to use Kaiser as a "fertility clinic" and do everything there? - We have read that some fertility clinics offer legal services and screenings needed for GS. Is it better to look for independent providers? We would really appreciate if someone can suggest some steps to follow and point to information that could be useful for us. Thanks in advance!