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  1. Thanks. It took a while for me , but just started the initial process, surrogate not pregnant yet, planning second transfer. But then the whole office thing stuck me, it is a very family oriented place and formal. Me being single seems to invite a lot of questions and now me having a baby through non conventional means I am sure will bring in all the folks. I will be quite, but then suddenly vacation, kid is sick will have to explain-though that is about a year away. Convincing my family was a gargantuan task in itself!
  2. As a single Intended parent and now firmly in process, was wondering how did some share at work. Do you share the whole story, why or just say you have kids? My work is rather formal and serious, so wondering if there are others in serious/very conservative jobs that had to share this unconventional way to reach our dreams?
  3. Single man looking for surrogacy?

    OP, Ukraine does not allow surrogacy for single people. It only allows surrogacy for married couples and I believe you have to produce a letter from a doctor saying you are suffering from infertility to be considered for surrogacy. I have no idea about quality, but the east Ukraine is practically a war zone.