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  1. Skype Call with IPs

    We had our call last night! They were seriously the most adorable couple from China. We had a lovely conversation that turned emotional and I am getting more and more excited to be able to help complete their family! They only want one child (I was hoping for twins to be able to experience it but oh well!) At the end when they asked if I would like to work with them and if I liked them I almost cried. It's funny because the whole time I was hoping they liked ME and to see how nervous they were when they asked me, made me realize the nerves were on BOTH sides and they were probably scared of me not wanting to match with them, just as I was. I can't imagine starting this journey with a more loving, nice couple. They said they want to start ASAP because they have 3 high quality frozen embryos in Beverly Hills, so after enrolling me in an Obama care plan (I only have 3 days left!), we will get this party started. Can't believe it's beginning finally--wish me lucky for a smooth process! XOXO
  2. I was matched today !

    Alice57 thank you so much, I am trying to exercise patience for sure because I know there’s so many possible road blocks. I’m pretty much trying to not get my hopes up, stop checking my email a million times etc waiting for calls from my agency lol. I have my skype call Monday and really hope they like me. I’ve become so incredibly passionate about surrogacy after nonstop research that I hope to find an agency to actually work for as an intake specialist or coordinator. My coordinator said it’s about who you know, and being very involved in the surrogacy groups and community. I graduate school in June and hope to continue to educate myself because I have never been so sure about a career path. Thanks for being here for me ladies, I’m sure I’ll have a million more questions through this journey I’ll update my post Monday after our skype call
  3. I was matched today !

    Beachalice—such an informative reply. Thank you soooo much !
  4. I was matched today !

    Hi! Thank you so much. My family I prematched with is also from China ! Thank you for replying. After posting this I found a whole bunch of info on here that answered my questions. I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) of all the new info I’m learning and hearing everyone’s journeys. I can’t wait to move forward
  5. I was matched today !

    This is my first journey as a surrogate. I am so incredibly excited and got matched today. I applied and finished my profile with my agency last week and got a letter from an amazing family today. We are planning our Skype call for hopefully this week. What was the process like for you after meeting your IPs? One thing I keep seeing on this site is that there is a lot of waiting involved which is fine with me. (I definitely didn't expect to get matched in a week) What is the next step after meeting? I will be talking to my agency about all of my questions but just wanted to see how your experiences were. Has anyone met the IPs then they changed their minds? If the mother already has frozen eggs are they normally ready to start? Thanks everyone!