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  1. Advice wanted please

    Not quite sure how to reply to individual comments, so thank you to every one for the advice and answering the concerns I mentioned in my original post. Jess007 I am not concerned about if being a surrogate for friends is a good idea for me, as in my own opinion for my situation it is the only option for me if I am going to be a surrogate! Also I think listening to your sister considering going through the process and doing it yourself does not give you the same experience as someone considering to do it themselves. The same sex couple I am considering helping to have their own child which wouldn’t be possible with out this journey will 100% be the best parents I know and I will count myself lucky to see the child grow in such a loving home! we live in the UK which is supportive of such surrogacy, so legal advice will be taken as and when needed. I understand why you felt the need to post but I do feel your sisters worries are completely different to someone else and to say you don’t think it is a good idea for a person you don’t know is not required, in most cases their closest family and friends would have already raised any concern you could name.
  2. Advice wanted please

    Hi everyone! For a basic background I am considering being a surrogate for my friends who are in a (male) same sex marriage! They will both be fantastic parents and I have no concerns In their support towards me, if we were to go ahead with this. I am looking for experienced surrogates who have children of their own and their experiences in how their own children dealt with it. I have a very supportive husband and my children are 6,5 and 3.