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  1. (Almost) 12 week update

    OMG "geriatric"??? That's outrageous
  2. I think one big consideration is that all pregnancy carries risk of loss of reproductive organs. What if something is to happen and you can never have kid of your own in the future? Would you be okay with taking that risk? Another consideration is the physical aspect of getting pregnant itself: the physical demands, hormonal changes, mood swing, morning sickness etc. There is a big difference between jumping into something irreversible for 9 months knowing what to expect (somewhat) and not knowing anything.
  3. I was matched today!

    Hello everyone! I've been a silent reader on this forum for months now and finally I decided to join for some good vibes and support. I'm a first time surro mom from Texas! I was matched today with an IP couple from CA. I signed up with an agency a month ago and have been patiently waiting for the coordinator to do her job of matching. Last week she sent me a couple profile and we had a Skype meeting. The IPs are so sweet and we immediately clicked! I am waiting for more instructions from the agency about the next steps, which I think is the medical screening -> contract. I really admire all of you surromoms because this process is so nerve-wrecking. There are so many steps and nuances involved and anything can go wrong at any point. I'm trying to keep my excitement in check!