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  1. Considering gestational surrogacy: My first birth was a vaginal induction of healthy 8.8 lb baby.... two hours later I had a hemorrhage and emergency D&C.i had a chemical pregnancy about 10 months later. my second pregnancy I had marginal placenta previa (no bleeding or complications in pregnancy or birth at all dr told me it was 50/50 whether I would hemorrhage from a vaginal birth so we did a planned c section which was completely uncomplicated and a healthy 7.9lb baby resulted. My third pregnancy was a planned vbac but ended up with a 2nd section because Obgyn suspected cholestasis. I ended up testing negative for cholestasis but my dr wanted to be safe rather than sorry and did the repeat section and then a tubal ligation as per my request. all 3 of my pregnancies were uneventful and went to 39 weeks and resulted in very healthy babies. does that disqualify me for surrogacy in a year or so when I'm done breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter? I have three healthy children ages 3.5, 22 months and 7 months and my family is complete. I would love to be a surrogate in a year or so when I have given my body time to heal and finish nursing. My life long dream was to be a mother since I was a little girl and I would love to bless another family with that dream. I have thought about surrogacy in the past but wanted to complete my own family first before taking that journey on.