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  1. I'm approving this for just a couple of reasons. One, it's clear that you don't understand the type of website you are on. Surrogacy and adoption are very different things and this is a surrogacy website. 2nd is that a potential reason for #1 is because you actually are NOT from CO, but rather Camroon, so maybe it's a language thing. 3rd is that more likely, you are trolling, based on what you tried to post. If unfortunately the 3rd is the actual reason, it's a pretty disgusting thing to try and prey on those trying so hard for their families. My hope is that you do not continue to keep posting this from site to site and find a better outlet for your (lack) of creativity in trolling. ***I'll add a 4th to the did your baby go from being a "baby boy" on Oct. 29, 2017 to a "baby girl" today? That's a pretty amazing feat. It must be from all the scripture you keep trying to quote, so a miracle?