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  1. So my honey and I decided about a year ago that I was going to be a surrogate. When I told him I really wanted to do this, he asked me why. I reminded him of the moment our son was born..remember how our whole life was changed, that in the moment we felt a new amazing kind of love...what if we couldn’t have that. He agreed and is 100% supportive in my choice to help a family. Since then, I’ve been matched with a family, went through medical and psychological screening, signed legal contracts and now have a transfer date made for next month. I decided it was time to tell my parents. I thought for sure that they would be 100% supportive, but to be honest, I’m disappointed with their reaction. It doesn’t change my mind that this is what I feel led to do. I guess I expected more of an “oh my gosh, that’s amazing” type of reaction. Since then, I’ve given them space to process it all. I received a message asking to talk more because they have questions. I would love to hear some of your responses and how you handled them when telling family and friends of your choice to be a surrogate.