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  1. Low in Vitamin D

    Thank you for the added tip of orange juice I will try this!!
  2. Low in Vitamin D

    I did my screening at the fertility clinic and have been found to be low in Vitamin D. The prescription is 50'000 of Vitamin D once a week for 4 weeks. I took 50'000 last night and man, my stomach did not like this at all. Anyone have any advice on keeping Vitamin D levels Higher and to make sure my next blood test in a month will show a Vitamin D level that is acceptable?
  3. Polyps

    Thank you MammaBri <3
  4. Polyps

    I'll be soon going for my initial screening at SDFC, and because the IPs have signed up on the Guaranteed program, if the clinic finds any polyps in my uetrus they will have to be removed. How often will polyps be found? How is the operation to remove them, has anyone ever had this done? Thanks
  5. I am new.

    Hi there! I am Maggie from Calgary. I have 4 children of my own with my husband of 23 years. I recently decided to be a surrogate for a wonderful gay male couple who live in France. I will be doing all the testing/screening/transfer in San Diego at the San Diego Fertility Centre. Does anyone have anything to share any advice as I have never done this before Thanks Maggie